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This weekend W+O

Dear Free Flight Friends,

  First thanks for all the kind comments following the top level performance of the U.S. team at the World Champs. We finished first overall in F1A,B,C combined, and our Brian Pacelli finished 3rd in F1B.

  Now for some local free flight activity here in the NorthEast.  The Wilbur and Orville summer meet is this weekend in Wawayanda, NY.  Check for updated particulars about the events and schedule.  You can also find directions to the field there. reports an excellent forecast for this weekend with light winds
from 0 to 5mph.

  We will be flying from Barron Field (the sod farm), likely using the center road for parking.  So use the entrance road to go past the crops to our farm.  As an added attraction (or distraction) there will be a rodeo event on the Dean Ford field near the entrance road.  Our flying will be on the other side of the crops from the rodeo, so I don't think it will produce any problems for us.  Maybe we will get some interested spectators.


Andrew Barron

More World Champs Links

Interview with Gerard Marquois (Preview)

Opening Ceremony watch?v=mxbJoG2C-LA

Swedish Nats

Ronald Borg 

Visit website "" for some nice pictures OT Nationals in Sweden. In Swedish but nice

Euro F1D Link llTo=20540
Roger Morrell