SEN 1795

SEN 1795 - Table of Contents

  1. 2 Am Cup events at Denver
  2. Lsko blogs
  3. Tangent Info
  4. Vivchar fixed pitch hubs etc

TWO America's Cups at RMFFC/Denver
Fly with MMM on our incomparable 27,00 acre site and collect AC points in two contests on consecutive days, 8/31 and 9/1. Also, there's a third day of flying 9/2, and a full slate of 30-odd other AMA, Nos, SAM and FAC events to enjoy during our best weather of the year! With temperatures normally spanning the upper 50s to low 80s and our lightest winds, Labor Day is simply a delightful time to fly in Colorado.

NEW THIS YEAR: FREE RMFFC T-shirt with $40 pre-entry! But, you must act immediately Deadline is 8/22. T-shirts can also be purchased for $15 ppd.


Entry form below. For complete flyer go to <>.

Detach & Mail (or scan and email) to:  Don DeLoach   831 E. Willamette Ave. Colorado Springs, CO 80903, <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>.
Entry Fees: Open: $20 first event, $10 each event thereafter, $50 max. Juniors/Seniors: $10 flies unlimited events. Make checks payable to “MMM Club” or Paypal to <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>.  Make your contest directors happy…PLEASE PRE-ENTER!
Unlimited events $40, if rec'd by 8/23/13...INCLUDES FREE T-SHIRT! <<
Name ________________ Address __________________________________________
City, State, Zip ___________________________ AMA # _______  J    S     O
Banquet Saturday night. Hickory House BBQ. Cash bar at 6:30 p.m., dinner served at 7:30 p.m......... .# of attendees @ $20 each:  ____
T-Shirt FREE with $40 pre-entry, otherwise $15 each....Indicate quanitity,  size :   S ___   M ___   L ___  XL ___   XXL ___
Total enclosed................................................$_____________
Circle events you wish to enter. Star or highlight your five Grand Champion events (1 glider, 1 power, 1 rubber, plus 2 of any.) You must choose your Grand Champ events prior to flying any of them.

Saturday:  Dynasty Cup:  F1A,  F1B,  F1C/P,  F1Q, F1G,  F1H,  F1J; Vintage FAI Power;  1/2A Classic;  AB Classic Gas;  Classic Towline; P-30; ABC OT Gas combo , 020 Replica;  FAC WWI Combat;  FAC Combined Race; FAC Dime|Simplified Scale Combo, FAC 2-Bit OT|Embryo|Half Wake combo

Sunday:  Dawn ‘Wocks;  Centennial Cup:  F1A,  F1B,  F1C/P,  F1Q,  F1G, F1H,  F1J;  C|D Gas combo;  CD Classic Gas;  HLG;  Small Nos. Rubber/Small Mulvihill combo;  B/C Nos. combo;  Small OT Rubber;  A/B Electric combo;  FAC L.W. Trainer;  FAC WWII;  FAC Golden Age combo; FAC WWII Combat, HLG Mass Launch.

Monday:  Dawn Power;  A|B Gas Combo, Early 1/2A|1/2A|1/4A Nos.;  A Nos.;  AMA Mulvihill|Moffett combo; AMA Catapult Glider;  OT HLG|CLG; Large Nostalgia Rubber|Large OT Rubber combo;  MMM SLOP;  E-36, AMA 1/2A Gas.

Any day: FAC Peanut Scale, FAC Rubber Scale, FAC Power Scale, Junior P-30, Junior 1/2A, Junior HLG, Junior CLG.

Don DeLoach, co-CD

Croatia/Robert Lesko  World Champs Blog 91
99.8 training flapper launch by Robert Lesko watch?v=LTYDh3gSV6o (Preview)


Tangent Info


Here are the direction to the FAI in Tangent OR
From the south HWY 5 to exit 228 or HWY 34 make a right to flashing light .Turn right onto 7 miles road than followed the signed to Parker Field
If you have problem, I can be contacted on cell  # 971-239-9851 the field will be assessable Wednesday night and Thursday all day
Wee will see you on the field
Pierre Brun

Vivchar Fixed Pitch Hubs

Magic Modelsport have back in stock the popular  Vivchar fixed pitch non-feathering, auto locking F1B hubs.  There was a big run on these just before the World Champs. At $100 they are a great bargain.  Some people like these for LDA models.  Those who don't might like the new Vivchar low-high-low VP hub with limited availability at Magic Modelsport.  email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Roger Morrell