SEN 1652

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  1. Hans Seelig
  2. Pensacola Results
  3. Kev's F1C Quest

Hans Seelig

Dear modelers,

Today I learned from Peter Seelig that his father Hans passed away on June 9th 2012.

Hans Seelig successfully flew F1C and produced the ‘Seelig-timers’ used ubiquitously in generations of free flight models.

Paul Seren


                                                            TOM MCLAUGHLIN 2012 FIESTA OF FIVE FLAGS
                                                               FREE FLIGHT MODEL AIRPLANE CONTEST
                                                           PENSACOLA, FLORIDA  ---  JUNE  9 & 10,  2012
                                                                                    Sanction # 12 -1154   

EVENT    NAME                                  AMA#                          R#1   R#2   R#3   R#4   R#5           TOTAL SEC

F1B         Eddie Vanlandingham        664918                       120    120    120    120     20                   500

F1Q         Julie Parker                          347486                       120    120      96    120     90                   546

F1J          Faust Parker                           15980                       116   120    118    115   120                   589
F1J          Jean Pailet                                2222                          80   120       61   120     95                   476

F1H         Jean Pailet                                2222                          63     74       65     66      20                   288

F1P        Mark Troutman                       264864                         24    10       41        2         2                     79

The contest was conducted by the Pensacola Free Flight Team, Paul Grabski, Contest Director. Our contest was completely washed out on Saturday the 9th. The results shown here are for the hardy few who showed up on Sunday and fought through long rain delays to obtain their results. The rainfall was record setting.

Jack Coyle  251-967-1510

Kev's F1C Quest

That F1C looks very much like a Veterano derivative. If so, it was originally a Ray Monks design.
Stafford flew them when he came back to
FF around 1980, later developing the design to suit himself. If plans
are available, they'll most likely be in Free Flight News but will be
quite old, since neither Ray or Stafford have flown that design for a
quite a while. Your best shot would be to contact Simon directly for
details of his current version.

Martin (Gregorie)


F1C wanted by Kevin Moseley.

The model at the recent British Nats looks very much like Stafford’s F1C in Aeromodeller magazine, page 70 February 1985.

Regards, Howard Gostelow Australia.

Roger Morrell