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Obituary Hans Seelig

It must have been back in 1967 during the only German "Hydro" championship
that has ever taken place at Immenstaad Dornier jetty (Lake Constance), when
I encountered Hans Seelig the first time, not knowing that he was the then
Class I (today called F1C) world championship winner.

About a decade later - Roger Simpson still lived in Germany and was entitled
to take part in German championships - I met him the second time. It was the
first time I participated in the German Free Flight championship and, all of
a sudden, somebody whispered into my ears with awe: "That's Hans Seelig over

A few years later I was a member of the young Ravensburg team at the
legendary international competition in Marigny (France) and Hans Seelig
asked us to join him at his table for the dinner party in the Cheval Gris

In the last couple of years we have got to know each other more closely at
competitions in Maniago and Thouars. He told me about the timers he had
developed with the help from his wife Herta, who used to accompany him at
competitions. He also talked about becoming a world champion and the Miebach
engine, which he had been given by Karl-Heinz Rieke.

However, amongst all those memories, I will never forget meeting Hans Seelig
the first time at Immenstaad Dornier jetty back in the sixties.

Dear Hans, champions come and go, but you will always be the only true
champion for us!

We will always remember you!

Aged 90 Hans Seelig died on 9 June.

Claus Gretter

Hello SEN Readers,
This is  an obiturary for Hans Seelig, written by Claus Gretter, German F1C-flyer.
Best regards
The German Free Flight Magazine

Bernhard Schwendemann



I want to purchase the new sympo but I would like to pay for it via 
paypal.  Can you let me know how I can do that please.  Is  there a link I can go
to that allows me to do it directly and  easily,  the way I pay for the FFQ
and the FFNews?
Best wishes
Peter King

Peter - the patron announcement was for those wanting to purchase ahead of time, give additional support to the NFFS  and get a mention in the Sympo's patron list, you can do this now by paypal . The 2012 Sympos itself is not ready yet   When it is published, later in the summer it will be for sale at the NFFS Store on their web site -, currently they take credit cards but not paypal directly. Maybe your inquiry will prompt them to do paypal on the NFFS Store?  It is also sold in the UK by the people who do the Free Flight Forum. Bob Stalick runs the NFFS Publications service and his email is below.

Used Sympo Info:

In SEN 1654, Walt Hodkinson asks about the availability of the 2009 and
2010 Sympos. I have several new copies of the 2009 in stock and for sale online
via credit card <> The 2010 edition has been out of stock for
a few months.
I hope this is helpful.
Bob Stalick, NFFS Publications Services <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

Roger Morrell