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  1. Did you see
  2. Charge!!
  3. Sympo in the UK

Did you see ...

Great Free Flight coverage in the latest Model Aviation magazine. Kudos to Don Deloach for getting  this moving.  Cover picture by Brian Furutani shows the Fab Feb  F1B flight line with Jim Bradley launching with other F1B worthies in back ground. When was the last time a FAI free flight event was on the cover of a major model publication.


No matter whose electronic timers you use it is very important to charge the batteries before every flying session.  Most techniques for checking the battery voltage are questionable because they do not test the voltage under load.  Those Free Flighters with a questionable past i.e. they have flown R/C, will know that not charging the batteries the night before you fly is asking for trouble.  A key step to winning competition FF is not messing up.  Flying with an electronic timer where the battery has not been charged is messing up, so always charge before each session. the improved performance of modern LiPo batteries can lull one into a false sense of security.

Magic Modelsport

2012 NFFS Symposium Report in the UK


I confirm that later this year the 2012 NFFS Symposium Report will be
available in the UK from Free Flight News as  usual. When it stock can be
ordered on   Currently there is  only
the old 2003 Sympo there, but you can also subscribe to Free Flight News.
We accept Paypal (so that Peter King can order via FFn as usual) and will
mail Sympo to any country - but usually for countries outside Europe it is
cheaper to go direct to NFFS. 


Ian Kaynes