SEN 1678

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  1. Sierra Cup
  2. WCup and FFn Pages

Sierra Cup

It's getting to be that time of year when free flight sportsman turn their attention to 1-making the team for France and of course 2-getting their entries into Mike for the Sierra Cup just after they make the team.  I have attached another flyer and I can send you an individual copy if you send me an e-mail.  Looking forward to another Endless October and with the new finals format and field conditions, it will be one to remember!

see SEN 1679



World Cup and Free Flight News web pages


Apologies to people who could not access these web sites recently. When I
came back from Romania F1E Euro Champs I found that the threat by my ISP to
discontinue web hosting had been brought forward and come into effect much
quicker than they had said. That had been the home for the Free Flight News
pages and also, since the FAI website problems last year, also the current
World Cup results pages.


I have now established a new site for FFn and have currently also placed the
2012 World Cup results there. The address for FFn is now 


For the World Cup you can either go to the FAI web site

and follow the more information link at the bottom or go
direct to the detailed page


Ian Kaynes

Roger Morrell