SEN 1706

SEN 1706 - Table of Contents

  1. ESFFC at Barron Field
  2. Looking for F1H
  3. Tom Smith
  4. One man's Magic

Eastern states freeflight champs at Barron Field November 10-11

Dear Free Flight Friends,

  Attached please find the notice from Gene Ulm and Dave Lacey with the schedule of events at the Eastern U.S. Free Flight Champs November 10-11. It is being held at our field in Wawayanda, New York (near Middletown, Goshen, and Pine Island).  This change in venue this year is due to crop issues at the usual sites in Maryland.  Meanwhile I have checked with the sod farmers and the Wawayanda field made it through the recent storm in good condition.

  This is a meet with a superb tradition, run for many decades by the late Tom Kerr.  All are welcome to attend. Recognize that it can be cold at this time of year so dress warmly.

Andrew Barron

NOVEMBER 10-11 2012
A Cat III America’s Cup event (AAA Contest)
Barron Field Wawayanda NY

EVENTS: The following events may be flown on either day or both. If you don’t like your results for Saturday, try again on Sunday. High score counts!
Cat glider
HL glider
Dakota: Target Time 40 Seconds – Total error of three flights
1/2A AMA,1/2A classic & 1/2A NosGas combined (different engine runs)
ABC AMA, classic &, Nos combined (different engine runs)
SAM OT small rubber combined
SAM OT large rubber combined
NFFS One Design

FAI events 5 rounds starting at 10:00 AM and each hour after, 1½ hour overlapping rounds.
F1Q; 7 rounds starting at 10:00 AM

FAI events 7 rounds starting at 8:00 AM and each hour after, 1 ½ hour overlapping rounds
F1C & F1P combined

Contest Directors: Dave Lacey 703-370-5708
Jim Coffin 703-256-3865
Open events: $25 dollars maximum to fly all events.

Looking for F1H
For French competitions participation, I am loking at a few price, in second hand (or not used) :
- a F1H bunt model (either e-MK bunter or mechanical bunter) ;
- a wings F1H for a bunt model ;
- tailboom F1A or F1H.
good thermals
please answer by SMS at +33661375036
Thierry Canler
<This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

Tom Smith


Another good guy gone.

He even made the obituaries in the paper. I knew that he was a development engineer in aerospace but hadn't appreciated the level that he worked at. Do take a look.

I knew him from his day of power flying. The early models such Fried Fritter and later the Nig Nog and Super Nog. It had to be powerful and fast for Tom to appreciate.

Michael Woodhouse


One man's Magic is another man's Engineering *


From the Magic Timers Customer Support Files...

A couple of Magic Timer F1A customers had problems with timers appearing to reset at launch with LDA models

Quoting Customer 1   

However I did discover what the problem was.  During the launch acceleration, the towhook body was pulled down and one side jammed into the slot for the hook in the bottom of the pod.  Then at launch the hook did not go back and the timer did not think the model was launched and just closed the hook.   Upon landing which was a stall in, the hook apparently dislodged and went to a rearward position that made it look like the hook had closed after launch.



Quoting Customer 2

I put a small piece of lead in the model's nose to move the C of G. I did not realize that the lead was moving backwards when the model launched and bunted. The lead fell on the timer, shorted the power and caused it to reset. When the model “landed” the weight fell forward off the timer and all looked normal. I finally found it when the lead stuck on the timer and saw it when I picked up the model. When I firmly attached the lead the problem went away.

*Robert Heinlein – not a MagicTimers Customer.


Roger Morrell