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  1. 2011 Sympo sold out
  2. Southern Cross Event
  3. Patterson Flash

2011 Symposium

Please inform your readers that copies of the 2011 NFFS Symposium may be purchased from Ian Kaynes in the UK. He has a limited number remaining in stock.

The NFFS has sold out its entire domestic stock, and no additional copies will be printed.  See the NFFS website < for specifics regarding costs, payment methods etc.


Bob Stalick <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

Southern Cross Events

So after you booked your trip to Lost Hills for the Fab Feb the next time you bring up Travelocity or Expedia it should be for the Southern Cross events.  This year the  New Zealand events will be first followed by those in Australia. The Australian events will be followed by their Nationals, this year in Perth.  Just be aware that from Narrandera, where the World Cup events are held  to Perth is very long way, much further than crossing all of Europe. This is the best time of the year to go "Down Under" and anyone who has done it always wants to go back.

New Zealand

The Omarama and Kotuku Cups will be held at Omarama from 17 to 24 March. Detailed schedule to be published "real soon now". The contact person is Rob Wallace at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The site Narrandera over Easter as usual and   schedule is
below, showing the World Cup Events as all the F1A,B C

Mon 2 April 2012 - SCC F1B, Open Power
Mon 2 April 2012 - SCC F1B, Open Power
3 April 2012 - SCC F1A, F1C, Open Rubber
4 April - SCC Fly offs, AFFS Scale, Open Rubber, O Power, HLG, CLG, AGM
5 April - AFFS F1G, F1H, F1J
6 April (Good Friday)- AFFS F1B, Comb Vintage
7 April - AFFS F1A, F1C
8 April (East. Sun)- AFFS Scramble, P30, Oz Diesel, Dinner
9 April - travel home

Patterson Flash

from FB

Tiffaney O'dell reports
Blake won Coupe at the Patterson. He got me by 11 seconds in this morning's flyoff. Blake did 4:19, I did 4:08 and Rich did 3:24. Alex beat Blake in the 11-minute flyoff to win Wakefield. Bill Booth took third. Great weather, great contest, thanks Hector and Jim. See you next year.

Mike Mc Keever cleaned up Glider   with ...F1A McKeever, Parker, Zink and F1H McKeever, Van Nest and Parker.....Sierra Cup H fly off McKeever then Parker

and I think that F1C guys don't do FB.

.. and before it is misconstrued, flying naked is a term amongst the hard core FAI sportsmen for flying without a tracker, to save weight and antenna drag

Roger Morrell