SEN 1523

Table of Contents - SEN 1523

  1. Instant C
  2. FAI Web site still broken
  3. Looking for ...
  4. Found at the SCAT Annual
  5. Americas Cup scoring
  6. 100 anniversary of first Wakefield event

Instant C

For sale by  Ron Young: 

Achterberg 104 New with New Geared Nelson,

new Verbitsky style FIC model with New Geared Nelson,

Verbitsky FIC model with New Geared Fora with 3 blade prop, Verbitsky FIC model No Engine,

3 Sets of new Achterberg prop blades for Nelson geared engines,

1 New Verbitsky stab mount,

1 New Verbitsky rear bunt  system. 

$5,000 for everything. 

Email contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., home phone916-988-3167

FAI Web site still broken

As noted in a previous issue the FAI web site is broken.  Ian Kaynes gave a ref his World Cup scoring and F1U.ORG has posted the competition calendar as captured before the site went do plus some modifications such as the demise of the Pustza Cup - You can find it on -

Looking for ...
This is an enquiry e-mail via from:
neil cliff This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I am looking for an article by B Carmichael about Dr Werner Pfenninger"s work on Low Reynolds number.

The article is entitled :-

"A significant increase in Lift to drag ratio of aerofoils at low Reynolds Numbers"

Can anyone help me on this?

neil cliff

Found at the SCAT Annual

The Leeper has a stop watch that was handed in and I have a hammer that I found ... if you lost them contact Leeper or SEN.  The good news from that event is that the carrot farmer found Charlie Jones F1B undamaged.  His tracker had failed

America's Cup scoring

A couple of errors have been detected and reported, corrections will be issued when Jim is back from Argentina.

100 year Anniversary of Wakefield Cup event:

•  Just came across an interesting link to website publicizing celebration of 100 year Anniversary of first Wakefield Cup event held in 1911:

—  Biggles

Roger Morrell