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  1. World Champs Flash
  2. Rabbits
  3. more rabbits
  4. Biggles wanders

World Champs Flash.

Monday dawned cold with ice on the cars.  When we arrived at the filed it was fogged in anf no flying was possible. It took to 10 am for the fog to burn off. At thatb point the organizers decided to postpone the F1B/C flyoff til later.

F1A started with very calm conditions. The second round was calm too. During the third round the wind speed increased and and remained up for the rest of the day. The average wind speed would have been 3- 4 m/s for the rest of the contest with gusts over 7. 

14 flyers made the flyoff and the results can be seen on the official web site.  The 5 min fly off round was done and it appears that 8 or so people made it :

1. Sergey MAKAROV (RUS), Flapper
2. Yury TITOV (RUS)
3. Per FINDAHL ( SWE), Balderick
4. Roland KOGLOT (SLO), LDA
5. Bojan BOZE (SLO), Roland's LDA
8. Ivan BEZAK (SVK)

the list is not offical as the organizers have not made this information available.  The flyoff will take place soon, this Tues AM.

One comment on that is the communications from the organizers is lacking and eventhough we are in a official hotel we do not always get the information.

The Russians were flying on the pole next to where I was helping my Team mates and I was most impressed with Yuri Titov. He is short stocky person who seemed to be in full control of his airplane, even in the high wind, directing it where needed with out any panic or need to hurry.

There were just under 100 particpants.  F1A is particularily strong in Argentina so therer were quite a number of local flysers making up for the reduced number of WC participants.

The increasing speeds of the models, in better physical fitness of the flyers  combined with the wind speed caused a few more structural failures than we have seen for some time. Phil Mitchell of Australia had 2 stabilizers blow apart in the air, the last in the 5 min Fly off round.

On the bragging front , I got a correction from Blake Jensen the USA Team manger, he was told that when the final count was made the size of American contingent did exceed Mongolia by one.  Still it was great to see the participation from central Asia.

The Oz Team were seen feeding a small but very obviously tom cat, probably as a counter rabbit ploy.

Rabbitting On

Prince SCAT,

Damn, the rabbit flapper thing wasn't supposed to be public just yet ! Now the Swedes will import hares (with those really long ears) in time for the Champs. We did look at elephants but couldn't get them shipped out in time.


PS Nice video showing the B+C World Cup (including shots of a confused Yank-Kiwi with a long pole and floppy hat) now on YouTube here :-

Carter's Rabbitt Bait

Easy answer, Roger.
No need to train said hare, as...get ready...
John had carrots dangling from his waistband!!!

So now, "inquiring minds" will want to know...

Did the rabbit catch John?
Did it get any reward for its helpful effort?
Did the Brits take it to the nearest pub, get sloshed,
and make up Celtic songs about the whole activity?

Hmmm? Leeper

Interesting Website:

Just read Victor's informative POV posting from Argentina in recent SEN, with comments on latest technology breakthroughs, with link to:

No wonder they use screw on caps for Vodka !   Bit it will only be a matter of time...

—  Biggles

Roger Morrell