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Champs Chatter

The Champs is over, the prize giving past and the banquet done. It's Monday morning and people are paking on the way home. You all would have seen the results. The last award was for the overall team place. In spite of not getting anyone the F1A flyoff the Ukranian team came up on top. Good to see the youngest team member Anastasiya Vivchar on the podum holding the trophy next to Evgeny Verbitsky. That young lady flew well making the last F1B flyoff round.

Thanks to the timer keepers who were very good and those others in the contest managment team who did a great job in running the event.

King Deposed

No, not a palace coup but up until now the King of on field repairs for the US team has been Mike Achterberg, but at this champs Bill Booth did an even better job than Mike in the past. Very much appreciated by US team members. The only problem with Bill's work is that it is so good that it makes the rest of the model look bad. Funny thing is that Mike and Bill grew up together, maybe it's that Central California water or something.

Up the tree

Followers of the World Champs will note that Argentinian trees are tough on Alex Andriukov. In the previous champs here Al;ex land 8 feet up a tree in the last flyoff round. This time, again in the last flyoff round it was more than 20 feet up.

Yuri Titov's Models

We conformed that Yuri's models are his own construction. Not that of M&K or anyone else.

Proof Organizer's read SEN :-)

Embalse is closer to the EoB than we thought. included the final banquet entertainment was a gentlemen , the chief cook we think, who did a bagpipe solo marching through the banquet room. We were expecting to see Chris Edge appear behind him carrying the SEN Haggis. But the food was a great paella, maybe the Argentinian tradition has deviated from the Scottish?

Truppe Tango

Also on the banquet entertainment program was a great tango show, very well done and much appreciated by all. After the show Austrian speedster and F1C sportsman Reinhard Truppe was seen zipping around the floor.

Blake's Point of View

    I was totally taken by surprise when I heard about my "Quote" posted on SEN 1531. It was an unfortunate post, which I am sure offended the organizers of this world champs. The comment I made to Roger was in regards to processing the winning models, not the entire contest. I have only seen processing done correctly once. When I won a Silver medal in F1B in 2001 the CD sent an official along with each of the chasers in the final flyoff. The models were impounded immediately after they landed and were taken directly to processing. This is how it should always be done. I think I said to Roger, "When some of the little things that are easy to do and make the contest better for the competitors are missed it almost makes me think about volunteering to run one of these things(a big important contest) so everyone can see how it should be done." The timely drawing of the pole positions is something else that should have a standard procedure, such as assigning a person to fill out a flyoff time card for everyone who is maxed through the sixth round. When all of those people complete their seventh flight their card is either left in the pile or removed. Then the poles can be drawn at the conclusion of the round and everyone can know where they will need to go and can concentrate on the upcoming flight.

    I am very grateful to anyone who takes on the task of running a contest of this magnitude. I have been to every world champs since 1993, and I am completely aware of the enormity of work that goes into organizing logistics, lodging, and food for 30 plus teams from different countries speaking different languages. The organizers of this world championships went out of their way to help our team when we arrived. They helped us get Argentine SIM cards for our cell phones, gave each team some electrical converter plugs, and found us a motorcycle to use in the first round of F1B/C in the World Cup contest when our rented quads did not show up in time. Several teams were concerned with the quality of the timekeeping in the World Cup. There were several problems throughout the day. The CD and FAI Jury held a meeting with the timekeepers the day before the championships. They also brought in another group of experienced timekeepers, who were not able to be at the earlier contest. I must say the timekeeping at the world champs was much better. Our timekeepers for the final F1B flyoff had the same time as our chase crew on Alex Andriukov's flight, which landed in a tree. On F1C day, the timers were as accurate as any I have witnessed. Engine run times for the first five rounds of F1C varied by less than 0.15 of a second between both timekeepers and our own two watches. We were given one overrun in the contest, and it was clearly over by a couple of tenths. I would like to thank the organizers of this contest for all of their effort. Any criticism I have can be applied to many contests I have attended and is purely meant to be constructive.


Blake Jensen
USA Team Manager

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Roger Morrell