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This is SEN or SCAT Electronic news, where SCAT is the Southern California Aero Team, a free flight model airplane club. The Southern California Aero Team has been dedicated to FAI free flight for over 50 years.  The materiel presented is provided by our readers and is related to free flight model airplanes, in particular those conforming to the FAI rules.  There is no charge for SEN, although some some free flight industry people and other worthies make donations to help cover expenses.  SEN is read  world wide and is archived on-line and can be read online at

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This is a reminder of the Memorial Day Contest at Lost Hills, CA.

This is an AMA sanctioned contest, and is an opportunity to accrue time towards qualifying for the TeamFinals that will select the 2013 USA Team for the 2013 World Championships that will be held in France.

I have ordered an additional extra clean Toilet for the ladies to use, and would appreciate one of the ladies making up a sign signifying "Ladies Usage Only" to put on the toilet.  The toilet will be delivered Thursday May 26th.

Alex Andriukov, Dave Saks, and Randy Secor have indicated they will be at this contest and are willing to discuss their experiences at the World Championships in Argentina las week.  Hopefuly other team members and team managers will also attend and share their experiences.

Some of us will be at the field starting on the Tuesday to test fly and visit.......   come join us.



A Lost Hills California FAI Free Flight Contest
May 28-29 2011

Schedule of Events
Saturday May 28..... F1A   F1B   F1C
7 one hour rounds starting at 8:00 AM.  Fly Offs start will be posted after Round 7.   1st round max per FAI rules!!!!

Sunday May 29........F1G   F1H   F1J/F1P Combined
5 one hour rounds starting at 9:00 AM.    Fly offs to follow.
    NOTE:  1st round to be timed to the ground, total score of 1st round to be
                used to break ties if event not settled after 2 fly off rounds!!!

Fly offs beginning at 7:00 AM for any 10 minute flyoffs required in
      F1A  F1B  F1C

Contest Directors Roger Simpson  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   
                          Walt Ghio
                          Terry Kerger

Our goal is for this to be a highly competitive but relaxed competition!!

High quality equal Silverware trophies will be awarded for all events!!

Entry fees:             Single event..............  $20

                             Two events...............  $35

Roger Simpson

Looking for a F1G or even a coupe ?

 Hi Roger,

I was wondering if you would post this in the SEN?

A friend of mine is looking to buy a F1G/ Coupe in good flying condition. If you have one you would be willing to sell please contact me at Thanks!


The 6th BTV FABULOUS FUN FLY for 12 inch span Catapult Gliders will
be held on Tuesday evening, July 19, after the daily awards ceremony. 
Start will be soon after 6:00 PM, weather permitting.
Entry is FREE!!!
We call it:  "BEAT THE VARTANIAN!"

All those interested, sign up EARLY with me, anytime.
Now for the EASY RULES:
Any 12" span cat glider, weighing 10 grams min.
Launcher per AMA CLG rules[6" handle, 18" rubber, etc]
Flying will be MASS LAUNCH STYLE, probably in eliminator heats.
If any fliers in a heat score 120 sec, they will advance to next heat.
Time one, fly one, as usual!
So build one or two, they are easy!
Loaners may be available, as BOM rule is passe.
So bring your stopwatches & join the FUN!
'Luddite Dan' Berry's nice perpetual trophy will go to 'Beat the Vart' winner.
Other prizes are in the offing, I am told by a close, personal friend.
Stay tuned, & get to BUILDING some 12" Catapults!
See you at the NATS!
Lee Hines
aka Leeper, BTV Fun Meister

UPDATE Tustin Indoor May 14 and 15

A couple changes:

We will use a different gate to enter. It is still on Armstrong, but much closer to Valencia Ave. No more dirt road!

Initially, we were going to have to share our space with a blimp. We should have the same space as before (300' X 600').

Both days have room for more fliers! Bring a friend so we can keep the cost down!


- Norm

Roger Morrell