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  1. Aerodynamic help needed!
  2. Add Bong
  3. 3 rd US World cup eastern perspective
  4. Another entry in the LDA field

How does something that's upside down hold me up ?

Ian, Dennis, Hermann,

I've read a thousand explanations for ground inversions of 0 - 500 ft high and still don't grasp where the support for a model comes from. In early morning and late evenings it's said that a model is "locked into an inversion layer". Do any of you know a simple, forthright answer to this phenomenon?

Gil Morris


Add Bong Recreation Area to the list-
First, it has a cool name (right Jim P!!)
Next- most trees (of which there are quite a few) are fully developed and un climbable, there is substantial areas of water, there are ticks that will suck you dry, there are game preserve areas in which you cannot go, there are bike trails that raise big clouds of dust, the prevailing winds are the short direction of the field, the DNR is constantly watching for speeders an dmoto-flappers (and they carry guns), it costs you a fee to get onto the field, it can be windy, the roads (which were runways) are now very narrow, it needs a good burn (so, snuffer tubes will NOT be mandatory but DT fuses will be mandatory), hotels are few and far between, but it is OK for 30 second flights.
And finally, it has a cool name (right Jim P.)....With these few problems, why would it not be selected- Oh yeah, it is only an hour from my house!
John Lorbiecki

The Third US World Cup: an Eastern Perspective

CIAM has granted a 3rd world cup to countries outside Europe, to level the playing field. As scores are based on the three best contests, for an American to win the world cup it would require winning two world cup contests in the States and traveling to Europe to net another large win. So, we – the American fliers – are the real beneficiaries.

The largest concentration of FAI flier outside California is in the Mid-West and the East. The main fields in these regions are Muncie Indiana and Wawayanda New York. Both flied are constrained by surrounding crops to flying between May and mid August. Muncie has two large contests – the inter City and the Nationals. Wawayanda has two Skyscraper’s contests called the Challenge and the Annual. Late spring and summer contests dovetail nicely into the academic year, allowing local junior fliers to participate and learn.

Ideally, the 3rd world cup contest should be held at Muncie on the off-year of a world championship, and at Wawayanda on the alternate year.  Agree that these two fields have with many blemishes; flyoffs are not easy, but making them is not easy either due turbulence off the surrounding trees and structures up wind. Both have plenty of hotels and restaurants.

And finally, the body that decides on these matters is AMA’s FAI committee.


Aram, while not wanting to start a regional polmemic, I have seen a bunch of Texans and even people from Colorado that probably do not consider themsleves to be either Easterner or Mid-Westerners ... :-)


Another entry in the LDA field

Rene Limberger [now moved back to Germany - to get access to more World Cups ?] won SREM WCup today in Serbia!
Used new LDA short A2. Go to his FB site for more info.
Appears like it was a tough Wx contest, from listing of who missed.

Rene used a Mark Drela designed airfoil that had been evolving over a number of years in a cooperative effort between, Drela, Victor Stamov, Rene and encouraged by Biggles.

For those not aware Dr Drela is a thought leader in low speed airfoils, well known for his work in the R/C and man powered flight fields and is currently
the Terry J. Kohler Professor of Fluid Dynamics
Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Roger Morrell