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Table of Contents - SEN 1547

  1. Summer flying program
  2. Tustin Encore
  3. F1 Masters Results
  4. Covering Corrections and More
  5. more Coverups
  6. MMM 14 reminder

Make you fit for the Outrageous October by flying in EUROPE

Make you fit for the Outrageous October in EUROPE Innovative Ilbesheim is waiting on you with the possibility of combining 5 World CUP's in 2 weeks or 8 in 4 weeks Walt Ghio wrote in SEN 1535: if the Fab Feb, Awesome Argentina, Innovative Ilbesheim, Crazy Crimea was not enough for you then you must attend the Outrageous October to finish off 2011.

To be fit for the Outrageous October in California you have the choice of follwing World-Cup contest events in Europe: starting with our 2 WC contests in Ilbesheim you can attend 5 World CUP contests in 2 weeks or if you take another 2 weeks 3 more: here the dates and info web sites: Ilbesheim/ Germany ( 50km west of Frankfurt) info and online registration on: 19.8. IKARUS CUP F1A, B, Q 20.8. SUNRISE 20.8. EUROPE COUPE Revival F1A, H, B Low Tec , F1G, F1H, F1H(N), P-30 21.8. DÄDALUS CUP of Switzerland F1A, B, Q Zülpich/ Germany 27.8. EIFELPOKAL 200km north of Ilbesheim fly Frankfurt to Göteborg/ Sweden Revinghe/ Sweden 2.9. SWEDISH CUP 4.9. NORDIC CUP and if you havn't enough, fly to Crimea in UKRAINE for another 3 World CUP contests at the same place. Berehove near Feodosia - Crimea Ukraine 10. - 12.9. FREE FLIGHT HOLIDAY Latvia 13 .- 15.9. BLACK SEA CUP 16. - 18.9. FREE FLIGHT HOLIDAY Lithuania If you fly all of them, then you are fit for the Outrageous October in California 2011 - make your travel plans now !!

Request: Due the time is running so quick and we like to be best prepared for the new Ilbesheim contests, we request all sportsman, who intend to come to our Ilbesheim contest series with 4 contests at one weekend, to make online registration asap or send me a short mail notice to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. thanks a lot for understanding and helping to prepare a fabolous contest

See you in Ilbesheim

Reminder to check in for the Tustin Blimp Hangar Indoor Session!

We added Friday, but because there is no sponsor it has to be $50. Saturday is $20 and Sunday is $10. We have a AMA record sanction for all three days.

Last month, we came up short on the $$$. Please encourage your buddies to attend!

NEW! On Saturday, we’re going to have a Build ‘N’ Fly contest for Stan’s Park Scout (cat glider). 5 bucks gets you a Stan kit and and entry in the contest, should take only a few minutes to assemble. Bring CA and sandpaper!

For more info, check the attached PDF or reply to this posting.

Norm Furutani

Tustin California Indoor Flying
Sponsored by: The Isaacson Winter Classic
Saturday, June 11 and Sunday, June 12, 2011
Both Days have limited attendance - Reserve your spot!

The Isaacson Winter Classic (Norm Furutani) is again sponsoring one of two days in the famous Tustin MCAS Blimp Hangar, Tustin, CA. Sponsorship means that instead of the normal $50 a day, YOU will be able to attend for only $20.

Black Sheep Squadron is sponsoring Sunday, June 12

Hangar is 1000’ long x 300’ wide x 150’ high. 600’ of the length will be available for model aircraft. Areas and if needed, times will be designated for different aircraft types.

Please read all the instructions!

Both days will be sanctioned for AMA record trials.
Inappropriate aircraft will not be allowed to fly! (example- high speed and/or heavy craft) At the discretion of the CD and organizers.

AMA membership is required of all fliers.

Event Dates: Saturday and Sunday, June 11 & 12, 2011

Saturday Is sponsored by Norm Furutani. Fee is $20, payable to Norm Furutani. We are limited to the number of participants, so let me know you are coming. You can pay on arrival. Contact Norm: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or leave a message on my cell 310.408.7046

Sunday is sponsored by the Blacksheep Squadron. Fee is $10. Contact Dave Gee. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Yeah, I know, Sunday is cheaper but Norm needs some help to break even.

Site access:

Access is restricted and the gate must remain locked. The gate will open briefly for entry or exit at the following times! 7, 9, and 11:30AM, 12:30, 2:30 and the end of the day. Please! No exceptions!

New entrance! The gate is located on Armstrong Ave about 100 yds. East of Valencia Ave. Armstrong is east of Redhill and Valencia Ave, Tustin CA. Contact Norm if you need further instructions.

There is NO electricity, lighting or water available. There will be a port a potty outside. NO smoking or alcohol.

 Please remove any trash.

Event organizers – Ralph Ray and Stan Buddenbohm. Contest Director – Norm Furutani

Okay, I left this out!
I failed to mention that the Park Scout contest is a special deal being offered by Stan to encourage you guys to come out on Saturday!
The Park Scout is an $8 kit. Stan will have it available at the hangar for $5! The winner will get a goodie plus free shipping on Stan's Stuff for a year!

Thanks, Stan!

Still plenty of room on the list.

- Norm

F1 Masters Cup Results
The F1 Masters Cup was flown on May 28 and 29th.  Weather at the field had been in the mid 70's all week, with Saturday the 28th having light winds in the morning with light lift, then long calms starting around noon with large to super-large thermals.  High temperature on Saturday was 78 degrees.  These conditions lasted until 5:30 PM. 
Several of the super-large thermals took the models up until they were out of sight to the naked eyes, yet when the models DTed they landed just a short distance from the flight line.  George Batiuk's F1B flight in the 5th round was in the air for 10 minutes, it had thermaled straight up and could only be seen with binoculars....... then Ken Happersett's F1C thermaled up into the sun, going to the South.  When Ken's model DTed, the thermal just held him at altitude for probably 9 or 10 minutes, finally broke out of the thermal and landed to the North of the flight line.  Total time in the air was just over 16 minutes. 
The F1B fly-off was delayed until 5:15PM in order to reduce thermal activity effecting the result.  It worked!
The F1A fly-off was also delayed..... scheduled to be flown at 5:30 PM.  Just minutes before they were to fly a very, very, strong North wind came up...... seemingly appearing out of nowhere.  The flyoff was called off, and because both Fliers were going home that evening, the F1A event was declared a tie for first place, the the two of them will fly-off at a later date to settle the tie.
F1A   8 Competitors
1.  Ken Bauer            1260
1.  Jim Parter             1260
3.  Norm Smith          1050 
F1B  8 Competitors
1.  Rich Rohrke         1260 164
2.  Walt Ghio            1260 159
3.  Marty Schroedter  1210  
F1C  5 Competitors
1.  Ken Happersett     1254
2.  Ed Carroll             1242
3.  Roger Simpson     1106
On Sunday the 29th we woke to overcast skies, strong NW wind, and temperature in the low 50's.  Arriving at the field I thought there was a possibility that there would be no flying that day.......... but was pleasantly greeted by Norm Smith and Mike McKeever, eager to get with it in the F1H event.  These two fliers live about 30 miles from each other, in the Sacramento area, and are both members of the Sierra Eagles MAC.......... and are constantly doing battle with each other in the F1A and F1H events.  Both are flying electronic F1H models and the altitude the two of them get at launch is almost unimaginable.
On that day it Norm's turn to come out on top.  Both of them flew easily in the strong wind which only partially subsided throughout the morning.
F1H  2 Competitors
1.  Norm Smith          600
2.  Mike McKeever     589
Lastly, I want to publically thank Terry Kerger and Walt Ghio for their assisting me in putting on the F1 Masters Cup contest.  Logistically I could not of done it by myself.
Roger Simpson
Contest Director

Covering Corrections and more

G’ Day Roger,


Noted a typo in the “We have you covered”.  Text has Ultracote Lite at 3.4 grms/ but table is correct at 3.4 grms/sq.ft.  This is 36 grms/sq. mtr.


There are two lighter Oracover coverings available at 12 µm thickness and 17 gsm (grms/  This is their Oracover Air Indoor and Air Light.  Both have no adhesive layer and the adhesive has to be applied separately to the structure.  Their Oracover Air Outdoor is 23 µm thickness and 33 gsm.,  also with no adhesive.


For comparison the Esaki lightweight tissue in the 18” x 20” sheets is 14gsm.  Esaki heavy weight is 17 gsm.  Esaki silk #3 is also 14 gsm and their heavyweight #4 is 17 gsm.


Most durable lightweight covering I have found so far (over half a century of searching) is 14 gsm Esaki lightweight tissue over 5 µm polyester (Mylar, Melinex) film.  Tissue 50/50 doped over the tightened polyester film.  Did try 2 µm polyester but it is very fragile,  irradiating red/green colours as in microfilm for F1D props.  Could probably succeed with altered method.


Best regards,


Jon Fletcher


And  More Cover Ups

Roger:  Re Coverite Microlite : It is UK product sold elsewhere  under many different names just as is UltrCote Ultralite and is, as you suggest, a bit lighter at 1.9>1.89 grams/square foot.  It is very easy to apply, but re-wrinkles badly when ambient temps go above 75F on the surfaces, so stiff components are a must.  Also, Microlite is quite fragile compared to UltraCote Light.  Great stuff for Indoor R/C or small rubber ships that spend most of their time in boxes.

UltrCote  will also loosen up after longish heat exposure as well.  Best to keep gear shaded between rounds.

John Oldenkamp

32nd Annual MMM 14 Round FAI Contest Update

Hello everybody,
Here is an update on this year's MMM 14 R FAI Annual.  First the good news, gasoline prices in the Colorado front range have started to come down.  We saw a peak of about 3.69 here in the Colorado Springs area and now prices have started a slow decline.
This year's dinner is in a new location and a different menu.  We will be having a Pizza and pasta dinner with a cash bar (beer and wine) 
at a place near the hotel.  price will be $15 per head and there will be a special presentation at the dinner.
The Extended Stay hotel has a block of rooms for us at a or $55/night.  be sure to book early as there is a limited number of rooms available at this rate.
On the bad news front, we have not been able to talk the State Land Board out of the $25 camping fee for the weekend, so I am hopint the new lower cost banquet and gasoline prices will help to offset this fee.
Get your entry fee in to take advantage of the early flyer discount.

Info at web site

Jerry Murphy
9 Via Escondido Valle
Manitou Springs, CO 80829