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  1. IRed hot air? - maybe
  2. Fooled Again

Thermal detectors- infra red- not an April' fool dreams
Arik Donde This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Just some info for the IR believers.
In 1968 -70 time period, immediately after I read Xenakis description of his thermal recorded, I built my 2 channels , later 3 channels, recorder (2 thermistors and  one wind speed), and enjoyed some success in thermal hunting. This of course culminated in my loaning the instrument to the Israeli team for the 1979 WWC in Taft CA when Ben- Itzhak won the Wakefield Championship with the aid (in the fly off) of this device. At that time period I did some experiments with Humidity detectors as I surmised that the thermal  bubble -which is an adiabatic space, will have a higher concentration of liquid in it than the surroundings. These tests led to nowhere, but: at the time I got involved in Infra Red- detector development of the first  Israeli  Air- to Air missile that had its guidance based on IR detection.
Many times- I believed that I "see" thermals, distinctly different from the surroundings. There was definitely a thermal gradient involved.
I dropped this program as my other career put demands on my time.
In the early 80's I reconnected with George X and we discussed the IR as new venue to thermal detection.
Unfortunately we, again, did not pursue this more rigorously. In the last 20 years I bought (and returned) probably 10 different commercial IR temperature detectors and night vision goggles; but I regret to report that I could not "see" thermal. Nonetheless, I still believe that it is possible (also so do few of my PhD IR specialist friends) that IR is the "next big thing". 
So, to Allard and Rene, keep on trucking- you are on to a good start.

Drat these April Fools Day SENS!

I was nearly ready to buy a set of Liftglasses & equip myself with "a Long ", before I scrolled down to the one from 'Lucas', who was hoping for some "clear Micafilm".
That was when I looked at the date and realised it was all a big joke!
["I won't be fooled again", by 'The WHO', or is it 'CSI, Miami'?]

Editors comment

Lucas was really looking for Mica film and the IR may not be so far out ?