SEN 1438

Table of Contents - SEN 1438

  1. Endless October
  2. Youth and Vigour in Kyiv
  3. Stan's Stuff
  4. Chrono Tech on FB
  5. RR

Endless October

The California Endless October starts early with Team Selection Finals this weekend - best of luck to all, including Team Manager Charlie Jones [:-)]. To be followed by the Sierra Cup, Livotto's FAI inivational and the SD Orbiteer's Nevada Junket at the end of the month.

The endless flying will restrict SEN production but we will work at it!

Youth and Vigour is catching Age and Cunning in Kyiv

Reports from Ukraine say that Anastasiya Vivchar won the last selection contest for the year with Evgeny Gorban Jnr also on the podium.  This means that she makes the team for Argentina along with her Uncle Igor. It appears that the third place is up for grabs between Victor Starostenko, Oleg Kulakovskyy and Vladimir Vivchar, depending on the results of the World Cup. I hear that Oleg has to displace Bernard Sliz from number one spot in the World Cup overall standings to get a team place so we will see him at Lost Hills. In the Ukranian selection process the overall World Cup ranking can be counted as one qualifing contest.

The F1A was boring with the same team as the Euro Champs

Stan's Stuff

Hi there, all you folks awaiting the latest Stan's Stuff info!

I just received the following news from jAn Langelius:

Stan sent me some great new content for the DiscUSKid web site.
Go here to view:

Here are the new additions:
-The latest September 2010 "Stan Stuff" catalog.
-Stan's latest "Nostalgia TLG" designs. (Windenbox and Texas Bull Weevil")
These are provided with Stan's endorsement and encouragement for
this new idea in tip launch.
We had a blast flying these great flying little TLGs on Friday in Muncie after the Nats event. Just flying them for fun like we do! Mass launches! Head to head challenges! Just a great time as always!

-.003 carbon sheet available again! First come first served!
-Stan also provided some insight regarding using .003" carbon sheet!

There you have it boys & girls!
The Stuff you have been waiting for!


The Leeper

Chrono Tech on FB

See the latest on timing for F1 events .

The rest of the story next week?!


Road Runner aka Timer Warner cable had been blocking SEN  .. should be fixed now.

Roger Morrell