SEN 1481

Table of Contents - SEN 1481

  1. F1C Models for sale
  2. North or South
  3. Or here
  4. Out of box?
  5. Team Selection Stuff - Editor
  6. Mac not Bigotted on this one
  7. Confused Biggles
  8. Even more confused
  9. Clarification
  10. Beat the Vart Results

FOR SALE!!!  F1C models.:

Classic model Verbitski, classic direct drive engine VE (+RCDT)             900 €
Classic geared model Verbitski -VE geared engine , (+RCDT)                1250 € 
Folder Babenko –VE geared engine , ( 6th place  WC-Croatia 2009) (+RCDT) 1750 €
Folder Babenko –VE geared engineu , place  MAX-MEN  2006 -1600 €
Transceiver  RCDT  (with two receivers)    200 €
Complet tools and accesories for starting (Starter, model box, tools, plugs (cca 20 pieces), fueltubes, tank tubes, props, accumulators) 250 €

Total:  5950 €


damjan Zulic  (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

North or South:

In reply to our esteemed Moderator’s recent question, the answer is quite simple. The
Laws of Physics dictate that if your model is in a thermal which rotates anti-clockwise
(or counter-clockwise as they call it in the Colonies) then without question you are in
the North.  Whereas, if the thermal rotates clockwise then clearly you must be in the
South.  Quite elementary.

—  Biggles

Or here ?

Oh wondrous & sage Magicman,

Whilst I applaud your dividing line list for the sectorizing of
North & South countries, I have this to add:

I would doubt MY waistline would be a wise choice as it is
currently going invisible, due to Holiday dinners EXPANSION...
Maybe Hadrian's Wall?

Cook Straight would essentially mean NO entrants in Southern
sector from anyplace other than Kiwiland South, Ushuaia, or
possibly Tiera Del Fuego!

[Hmmm...I see a chance here, if Ushuaia would become FAI member,
I could set up residence and be their Team Ushuaia entrant!]

Looking to emigrate for easier pickin's,
DIssing Leeper

Way out of the Box

Dear Mr. Biggles,
Thank you for your kind comments about thinking out of a box.  Having come out of the 60s, it's a wonder I can think at all.  Actually, location and number of contests is probably unimportant.  I,  personally,  have won a great many World Champs in my basement, with half-finished planes.

USA Team Selection Section

Editor's Note

In the previous SEN the USA Team Selection Committee gave us preliminary information on the new Team Selection program.  It was clear that there was still some work to be done and the formal document prepared with all the eyes dotted and tees crossed. I think it is perfectly reasonable that they have a little time to get the work done, after all it is some time before we need to get started with the program.

We have received a number of comment printed below which we are printing, these include detail points that the TSC know that have to cover and will no doubt do so.

There are some other comments that indicate some people may not have been aware of the nature of Jim's proposal, which a student of team selection processes might call a hybrid approach. It has 2 winner take all events to determine two of the team members and uses the same two events in a multi-contest format to determine  the third team member and alternate.

The TSC announcement did say that the multi-contest scoring would be based on place rather than sum of the flight times. As usual some people have started to study the format to dream up the optimum game strategy and have come up with a number or potential and bizzare cases. Not doubt the TSC will take this input into account when they write the final copy.

So I suggest that we give these guys a break and let then do their work and once the program is published review it and then plan the winning finals strategy.

Mac not Bigotted on this one

Bravo on the new team selection program.  Great job from all you have worked hard to get
this new format worked out. I am delighted to see how everyone got along and ended up
with what I think is very good program. If I were there right now I would give all of you
a big kiss --- NOT !!!!!!!!, barf!

Mac The Bigot

Confused Biggles

New Math:

I read with interest the new US Team Finals selection process adopted by the TS Committee
and applaud them for their efforts at wrestling with this very challenging task and
adopting a new approach.  However, I am rather puzzled about the apparent disparity in
the process described for selecting the top 3 Team members and Alternate, by using
results from two separate contests ?

Clearly the winner of Day 1 is by definition the top flyer, having beaten the entire
field.  But the winner of the second day is in reality only the second best — because,
once the top flyer from day 1 is already on the Team, he either will not bother (or
indeed may be prohibited from) flying again on the second day.  Therefore, just as the
runner-up on the first day has the distinction of beating everyone BUT the “winner” — so
too likewise, the first place on Day 2 can also only claim is to have beaten everyone
EXCEPT the day 1 “winner” !  Hence the Day 1 runner-up, and Day 2 winner, are on equal
footing as far as demonstrated performance.  So in reality, using the example given, a
competitor who placed second on day 1, and seventh on day 2, has demonstrated a higher
total capability than a competitor placing seventh on day 1 and second on day 2 !  In
this example simply adding 2 + 7 does not equal 7 + 2 !

Now how you pick an Alternate is anyone’s guess.  It would therefore seem most equitable
that, if such a process is to be adopted, that “placing” from day 2 results should have 1
added to their position number for comparison with day 1 scores, due to not having had to
compete head-to-head with the best competitor in the class ?

—  Biggles

Even more confused

PS:  This also raises the troubling dilemma, that the winner on day 2 might have already
placed last on day 1 !  Why therefore should not both of his day's scores be counted in
total, along with all the other competitors who are striving for the lowest combined
total placing Team position ?  Even more worrying, what if the day 1 winner was to also
fly on day 2, and he also placed last on the following day ?  The two supposed “winner’s”
total average would therefore be way less than, say the competitors who might have placed
second, third or fourth on both days, who would therefore have a much higher aggregate
placing !  I rest my case m’Lud.


At second TS contest, would the first days' winner/team member sit it out?
If he flew, his placing MIGHT skew the results of selecting third member.


End of Team Stuff

Beat the Vart Report

Hi all,
Better late than never, eh?

My Apologies are in order for this four month delay!
What can I say other than I forgot to make this report. I was nearly
continually on the road and attending contests all over until
November 12, when I took time to surgically have my right toes fixed.
During this healing process it finally hit me to get the 2010 BTV report
out for all the good folks who had so much fun flying in the best &
biggest ever BTV event!
There were 26 flyers of all ages eager to get going in round one at
7PM on August 3rd.  We[Thanks Dan B!] had some late comers so
it was spread into 7 heats. 
Several flyers of note were 'seeded' so they did not fly in same heats.
After the first round, Tony Mathews, Steve Spence, Stan Buddenbohm, Dan Berry,
this Scribe, Rocco Ferrario, Fran Masterman,

Dan Vucovich, John Watson, Trevor Papas, Dick Peterson,
Joe Mollendorf, Vicki Wicks, John Oliver & Kurt Krempetz qualified
for round two.
This quarterfinals round had 15 flyers, so there were three heats of five.
The competition was really heating up as Stan got 96s, Steve 90s &
Rocco got 50s in heat 1 to advance. 
Trevor, Dan B & Dick P made it thru heat 2, whilst Tmat, Joe M & The Leeper
skated by to join the others into semifinals.
With three per heat the Chosen [Lucky ones?]Nine would be
winnowed down to just three for the Finals.
Tmat and Joe had fine flights of 59s & 74s, whilst I squeaked by
with 47s[whew!] to join them.
At nearly 8PM with still good light, we lined up for the Finals...
Dan yelled GO! 
We blasted off with the three gliders showing good form. 
Who would win?
As they drifted north it was too close to call til the timers reported in.
Joe Mollendorf had 61s, Tmat 62s, while my good ol' Red Mo landed
at 67s for the repeat win!  Only five seconds between the three little birds!

Great flying by all, and thanks for joining in to fly in the 5th BTV!

The Leeper
[I have put Red Mo 12 back in its velvet-lined cage til next time!]

Leeper we will be greatly hurt if you do not bring the Red mo-chine out of the box for the BTV - West in Feb

Roger Morrell