SEN 1482

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  1. Northern Hemisphere  Weather
  2. Victor's World Cup Map
  3. Free Flight Holiday in the Ukraine
  4. Feedback for Fab Feb FAI Forum

Northern Hemisphere Weather

Looks miserable at this time, with snow and cold in Europe, cold on the USA East Coast and record rain in California. let's hope that everyone is either building or enjoying their holiday time partying. - except that Facebook reports from the Findahls that -

Could not resist........ Not perfect conditions, - 18 deg. C, 3 m/s north wind, 25 cm of snow + 5 cm water between the snow and the ice. But the new flapper had to fly ! All looked well, nice flights already after 4 flights, I'm tired and happy !

Victor's World Cup Map

from Facebook and F1U,13.359375&spn=160.807835,194.765625&z=1


FF Calendar 2011 is on the FAI web site already. As you can see - 6 World Cup competitions will run next year in Ukraine!

Thank you to guys from Baltic Republics - Yury ROOTS and Aavo KOPPEL from Estonia, Karlis PLOCINS and Victors ROSONOCS from Latvia as well as Rolandas MACKUS from Lithuania, who support us in the wish to make FREE FLIGHT HOLIDAY (3 World Cups during 2 Weekends: 2011 FREE FLIGHT HOLIDAY - LATVIA; 5th BLACK SEA CUP - ESTONIA and 2011 FREE FLIGHT HOLIDAY - LITHUANIA) and entered these events into Calendar 2011.
Everybody Welcome!

New web site, which joined all Free Flight Competitions in Ukraine and more, has full Information about new competitions. Read rules. Some new things. On-line Registration is opened. 3 languages support - Ukrainian, Russian and English.
Site still in the development process and our Web Master Alex KULAKOVSKY will make it more functional and beauty with a time.

In case of questions or proposals, please, contact me or Alex.

Feedback for Fabulous February FAI Forum

As a part of the February events at Lost Hills we are looking at running an evening session that will include a trade show from leading FAI Free Flight Supplier plus some presentations about new developments.  Some of you will remember successful E-Timer sympos we had a about 10 years ago.  This is planned to be bigger than that that.

We figure that with the early sunsets in the winter we will have time to so this in the evening.

One of the suggested dates is Thursday 17 February, After the Winter Classic and Pan Am and before the MaxMen. The only issue we have with that date is that local non-geezer may not make it to Lost Hills by the Thurs night. .. So what feed back from those who want to attend about the timing ? and what do you want to hear or see?

Roger Morrell