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  1. Bill Hartill's Book
  2. Bear Cup 2009 + Iceman
  3. Aeris RDT
  4. Issue #30 of FFQ is Out

Bill Hartill's Book

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Bill Hartill passed away in December. He was one of the founders of SCAT and he also published a wonderful book "World Free Flight Review". This book documents in detail the FAI free flight period 1975 through 1977. It has 416 pages, 674 photos, 109 model drawings. It is hard bound and weighs close to 4 lbs. The format is 8.5"x11" (1.2" thick).
This great book cost $30.00 in 1978. I will be selling it (unused, 1978 print) for $16.00. I will have the books at the SWR in Eloy and in February in Lost Hills. I can ship Media Mail postage paid for a total of $20.00. Shipping to Australia, Europe is very expensive and postage alone costs close to $40 (1-2 books). Please contact me at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to reserve a copy of Bill Hartill's book.
Peter Brocks

Bear Cup 2009

Signing-up for Finnish World Cup contest has been opened. You can find registration form for contest at Contest takes place at Loma-Säkylä, Pyhäjärvi at 7-8. February 2009.,22.43494&sspn=0.045019,0.10643&ie=UTF8&ll=60.943691,22.418804&spn=0.04502,0.10643&z=13&iwloc=addr

Iceman Cup, the unofficial winter championships, is organised for second time by Finns, Norwegians and Swedes. Bear Cup contest fee contains Iceman contest fee. For more detailed information about Iceman Cup you can find from

At Sunday morning there is HOC contest which is more relaxed kind of contest. Please remember it when you schedule your trip.


Lennokkipojat ry. and FlyHigh ry.

Aeris RDT system update - new "Host Timer" version

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A new version of my "Aeris RDT" system is available. It is
named "Aeris RDT HT" (Host Timer) and makes it possible to
add RDT to any models of any class already provided with an
electronic timer having RDT input.

It is fully compatible with all the Black and Red Magic
timers and with most popular electronic timers.

Full details available at



Issue #30 of Free Flight Quarterly is out

This new edition has as a theme "Large Gliders", the  graceful 10 ft (3 m) span giant gliders of the era 1937-1957. These were the precursors of the A2 (now F1A) gliders, whose lines were initially a close copy of these giants. Their larger span and chord meant that many of them were superlative flyers even at higher wing loadings. The selection included here show also that the designers were extremely conscious of the harmonious lines and beauty of their creations. Designs such as Fillon's "Champion",  Zaic's "Thermic 100", Macera's "Turbine", Smit's "Thermik Kruiser"  will be classics for time to come. Another interesting aspect of these gliders was the extensive use of materials such as spruce and aircraft ply, even when balsa was available. As can be seen when studying their plans, these materials are highly suitable for their purpose in these large gliders and provide for an interesting challenge for  present day craftsmen.

    This new edition contains also a continuation of Erik Knudsen's history of the FAI World Championships for F1A, reaching the year 1961 and brings up the first part of Thierry's Bachellier article on a superb Buecker Bu 133 peanut scale model. Brian Eggleston has contributed further advances on his low drag airfoils for F1A gliders and Jean Wantzenriether  presents the first part of a four part series on stab design for outdoor models without VIT. There is a deep exploration of  the features and operation of the stab at all phases of flight.  Setting up properly a viscous timer is not an easy matter and Ed Lamb has  provided  very useful information in what concerns Ikara timers.

    The complete contents and cover of the magazine can be seen in our website :, and also the details of the Digital Edition.

Sergio Montes

Roger Morrell