SEN 1186 - 25 February 2008

Table of Contents - SEN 1186

  1. SEN and ATT and Bell South
  2. F1Q Added to SCAT Annual
  3. Looking for a Rossi 15
  4. F1A Flapper - Allard
  5. F1A Flapper - Gerhard
  6. Lost Hills Re-zoning
  7. Still looking for Superior Propos

SEN and Bell South and ATT

Bell South and ATT rejected SEN, so SEN subscribers who use those ISPs will be missing some issues. Both providers now say that SEN is OK - you need to go to the Web Site to get the back number you missed

F1Q Added to SCAT Annual

[Roger: Please publish the following in SEN ASAP.]
For all you electricians, Dick Wood persuaded me to add F1Q
to our SCAT ANNUAL. 
It will be flown on Sunday, 16 March, with the mini events, as
an AM Cup points event, with certificate only for 1st place.
Tell all the electro gang [hear that John Oldencamp?]to come
spin 'em up!
El Leepero

Looking for a Rossi 15

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Please post on SEN:
I am in need of a head for a Rossi 15 engine that will accept a Nelson plug for my vintage F1C.
Tom Kerr

F1A Flapper Redux - Allard

From: Lee Hines

Some new info via Kiwi, aka Martin Gregory, is that Allard V.W.
may have built the first flapper in 2004 with first win spring '05.
[ref FFQ 1/08 issue]

Flap Follow up or rather prequelle - Gerhard

From: Gerhard Aringer

Hi there,

who can tell Aram that the "new development" he has recognized for the
first time in his life is a copy of what I already used in the last WC
Argentina 2005. After the first fly off, in Argentina , my model came
back with a broken boom, so that it did not fly well in last fly off.
The development is done in 2003-2004 and if he was in MaxMen 2004 he
could already see the prototype used by Jes Nyhegn.

Sorry, most of the ideas are already 4 years old.

The same construction of the wing is almost in my F1C models in use
since WC USA 2001. Thomas Koster was the first, as in my personal
memories, who build up a flapper wing geodetical.

With kind regards

Gerhard Aringer

From: Klaus Salzer

The first F1A Flapper?
Sorry to contradict Aram, but Austrian Gerhard Aringer used a flapped F1A
for the first flyoff at the 2005 WCh in Argentina. Sadly, the retrievers
found this plane with the boom broken by someone, so in the second flyoff it
could not be used to full effect. Per Findahl may have copied the design, as
the description sounds quite similar to Gerhard's design.
Klaus W. Salzer
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Aram wrote in SEN 1185:

"The first F1A flapper was developed by Per Findahl last year 2007, just
published in the February '08 FFn."

I remember that, during 2005 WC in Embalse, Gerd Aringer already had an F1A flapper;
built exactly as his F1C flappers.

He claimed 80+ meters on launch.


Also Lee Hines sent a lot of info but it needs editing so is in the hold folder...

Lost Hill’s Rezoning?

Aram Schlosberg


Are we using the Lost Hill’s site rationally – the answer is both yes and no.

Currently, all the cars are parked on top of the hill. There is a ridge running

towards the west-south west which is the permanent flying line. (One can

actually see the site on  Occasionally, at the Finals or

at a World Championship, another line, in the form of an “X” is run diagonally,

from the north-west to the south-east, crossing the line at about a third of

the way.


During the last Finals (2006), I happened to fly at one of the low poles of the

standard line – meaning that I was on the east side of the line. The wind/drift

was coming from the north-east, which meant that me and my neighbors

were the goats of everyone further down the line.  A formal protest could not

rotate the line.


This experience was repeated on Saturday during the ’08 Maxmen. Starting

at a low pole (2) with the drift from the north-east.  A lone streamer stood

upwind, and many smiling faces downwind/drift.  A formal protest was in vain.

The drift remained from the north east practically all day. By the 7-minute flyoff,

a new line, perpendicular to the regular line suddenly appeared, following a

suggestion by Buzz Avrill. The fliers had no problem walking over with their

models and flying from the new line. (This bodes well for the ‘08 Finals which

Buzz will manage).


The wind/drift at Lost Hills rotates over the day. In the absence of a major

weather system, the prevailing wind/drift tens to roughly be in the direction

of the sun. It is also obvious that more “standard” lines are needed.

The question is where?


The surprising answer is that a new north-south line should run exactly on

the west side of the parking lot. In other words, the parking area occupies

the most desirable part of the field!  If one comes to trim alone, the natural

choice would be to park on the highest point of the field and tow/launch in

any direction. It seems that parking at this spot has become a habit, and

consequently, the parking area in contest just takes up the best real estate. 

A proof is the large number of landings between or on the parked cars.


Essentially, I’m suggesting that, during a contest, that the parking area

be moved due south, just south of the east-west road. This would allow

contestants to easily reach the current west-south-west line and a new

north-south line on the western side of the current parking lot. And when

the wind blows from the west, to fly from a north-south line along the

western part of the field.


A new north-south line and relocating the parking would circumvent the

many smiling faces downwind/drift. Changing flight lines once or twice

during the day means that each of us is flying against mother nature –

which is the essence of a well run contest.


Looking for Superior Props Still

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Still nobody/nothing on Superior Props? Are they gone? Ed Mate

Roger Morrell