SEN 1196 - 22 March 2008

Table of Contents - SEN 1196

  1. Mike's Good Friday work
  2. A few RDT things
  3. F1G For sale
  4. San Valeeers Annual
  5. Welles on Wires?
  6. Attempt History and Comment

Mike's Good Friday work


I have added a few 2008 images to the web site. It's a wet, cold and windy Friday so no flying and nothing else useful to do!

Take a look at the links below

Michael Woodhouse
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A few RDT things

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First, I finally updated my website with all the details of my new stand alone RDT system, so rather than trying to answer all the inquires I've been getting about this, people can just go to:
Second, I would be completely in favor of eliminating the 20 second attempt rule, or in the worst case reducing it to 5 seconds.  As stated this would solve the issue and we could move on.
Third, until the rules are changed can we at least get a clarification on the present rules so that we can fly to these rules without worry?  For example if I was wrong in stating that an RDT inside 20 seconds is a loophole, then great, I am fine with this, but can an official body please state this?  Or if it really is a loophole then please address it!!  I just want to know one way or the other.
Thanks, Ken


With respect to point 3 I believe that terminating the flight with a RDT and counting it as an attempt is OK by the rules.  If the people who did not like it at the Maxmen believed that too they would have paid their money and lodged a protest according the correct procedure. In addition they would not have proposed a local rule for the contests that they CD.

But what do I know I'm just a simple sportsman ...

F1G For sale

Hi Roger,
I have two Bukin 130cm F1G models for sale. Both are 3 function timer, D box wings and simple Montreal stop front end. One is as new and the other has a very minor repair on one wing.
I'm asking $350.00 each for these.
Please contact Tom Vaccaro at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Best regards,

APRIL 12th & 13th, 2008 - LOST HILLS, CA.
Saturday 6:30 TO 8:00 AM

RULES: Any gas model. 7 second engine run. Time to the ground. Total of 2 best flights wins!!! $3.00 entry for unlimited number of flights.




SATURDAY 8 TO 5               SUNDAY 8 TO 3                 BOTH DAYS

1/2A GAS                   A GAS                          P-30

B GAS                      D GAS                    CATAPULT GLIDER

C GAS                     HL GLIDER             (all flights same day

1/2A Nostalgia**            ABC NOSTALGIA**                for each entry)

1/4A GAS(15sec VTO,12sec HL)  1/4A Flyoff 7:30 to 7:45     am  

SLOW GAS* (9 Sec)        

(Slow gas flyoff @ 5:30 PM)                            
Nostalgia Wakefield
SATURDAY 9 AM TO 3 PM (7 rounds)

1st Round at 9am, F1A 210 secs, F1B & F1C 240 secs. Flyoff begins at 4:15pm

Sunday 8:00 am to 1:00pm (5 rounds)

1st round at 8:00am, all flights 120 seconds. Flyoff begins at 1:00pm


BOB HUNTER MEMORIAL SUNDAY MORNING -     Sponsored by Mike Thompson

RULES: Any gas free flight airplane. 15 second VTO, 12 second H.L. Highest single flight time (no max) SUNDAY MORNING: Sunrise with 1 hr window (start time announced). Entry fee ($1.00 per flight)       

PERPETUAL AWARDSponsored by Ralph Prey

A perpetual award for the highest time in any AMA Gas event with an original design flown by the designer of the model. (Previous winning design, not eligible)


*SLOW GAS RULES: No builder of the model rule, no auto surfaces, single bypass stock engines only (except TD’s .049&.051), 15% Nitro max, three maxes and one flyoff to the ground.


**NOSTALGIAper latest rulebook except motor runs which shall be 10 sec HL, 13 sec VTO for 1st 3 flights, 7 & 9 secs on all flyoff flights. Classes scored separately for National cup but awards given for 1/2A Nostalgia and ABC Nostalgia combined.

BOM RULEenforced on AMA and Nostalgia events except as noted above.

MERCHANDISE AWARDS (engines, kits, fuel, wood, etc) TROPHIES FOR JRS


CD: John Patwell (661) 298-9372 CO-CD: Terry Kerger (626) 281-9731

Registration: $5.00, Entry fee: $5.00 per event, JRS FREE




Welles on wires ?

From: Klaus Salzer

It is absolutely true to go look at the RC Electric power equipment. It is,
however, too easy to underestimate the power!
I fell flat on my face thinking "simple" on converting an F1B:
replace 35g of prop assembly by 30g of outrunner + 5g controller
replace 30g of rubber with 30g of LiPo
elctronic timer is not heavier ....
You know what? Way too much power! Even without any optimizing of prop vs.
power consumption the climb speed was about 1/2 the (F1B)burst, and I could
not control it for 10s, no way of having 25s of motor run. I now use a 18g
motor, and this is workable. Gives a nice max on 20s.
Of course: a power flyer may have more experience handling (over)powered
planes. Still, watching overruns on F1C's I am not sure wether they are not
happy _not_ to have to trim for a longer run ... see also reports on F1P on
So the power available is not the problem, trimming for the high power
available is. Maybe converting F1C/J/P planes will work, if you can adapt
them to much larger props (I use a 9 inch folder on the small motor).
In Austria, no one else starts because everybody waits for the rules to
change ... nobody knows the direction, so nobody wants to invest time and
Let us see, what the contests this year bring (Baltic and Estonian, Puszta,
Klaus W. Salzer

Attempt History and Comment.

From: Hermann Andresen

When I started in this great sport in the late 40's the 10 min max had just been introduced.  Power motor run was 20 sec ROG.  Rubber Cabin models also ROGed.  It was felt that the flight time should be twice the motor run.  A number of flights came in under power due to gusts, inadequate structure or sportsman error. 

Think it was 1949 when Wakefield ran 5 min max, but 1953 before it resulted in a tie.  Thus a rule change with 80g rubber, 50M towline, 10 sec runs and 20 sec att.  5, 3min flights were run until technolog improved, then more restrictions and 7 flights.

Now that some classes have more than double max performance, I fail to see the point of an max lower than the performance of the best models.  Also, if the philosophy behind the attempt is to erase sub-par flights, why is the attempt not 3 min, or 5 min or ???

Would find 3X10min flights starting at dawn much more interesting.

Just an opinion,

The answer to the last question is no .. because amongst other reasons is that you cannot do 3 10 minute fights at dawn in one day- and streching a contest over a 3 day period  witj just one flight each day ...

Roger Morrell