SEN 1205 - 22 April 2008

Table of Contents - SEN 1205 - 22 April 2008

  1. USA Jnr Team/ CST reminder
  2. In the Press
  3. For sale

Remember Tomorrow is USA Junior Team Day at CST

Fund raising has been going along at a nice pace, but I think we just
got another jump start. Matt and Gail Gewain, renown free flighters
and owners of CST-The Composite Store, have very generously agreed to
donate 20% of their sales for one day to the Junior Free Flight Team.
This is a win-win for everyone! We can all stock up on needed supplies
(you can even buy stuff you don't need), help our Jr. Team, and get
some more free flighters familar with their store. What a great idea!
So here is what you need to know:
- the date - from 4:00 PM Tuesday, April 22nd and all day Wednesday,
April 23rd (all Pacific times)
- web site -
Just go onto the site and buy to your hearts content. It's so easy,
even I can do it!
All of the details on their web site.
Thanks Matt and Gail!
George Batiuk, Jr FF Team Manager

In the "press"

Or rather on the Web - great photo by Lyle Sunderland of the Barrons at King Orange on the NFFS web site.

For Sale
From: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
FOR SALE: Sherline 2000A Deluxe Mill Package with Digital Readout installed. Tube of lubricating grease; can of Spray Lubricant; Vinyl Dust Cover; Rotating Vise Base (vise is already included); table top machining book by Jim Martin. This is the top of the line next to the CNC version. It has 8 way capability, along with the rotating vice base gives great machining capability. Brand new still in shipping cartons, my original cost almost $1800, I will accept any offer close to $1500, and include shipping. 

Roger Morrell