SEN 1255 - 22 Oct 2008

Table of Contents - SEN 1255 - 22 October 2008 


  1.  Looking for Verbitsky
  2. Anselmo speaks
  3. Looking for a F1A
  4. Bravo from Trego
  5. 2008 SW Challenge


 Looking for Verbitsy

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I´m trying to locate Eugenio´s address (e-mail or conventional). With my thanks in advance, Santiago.  

20 Seconds and RDT

From: Anselmo

Dear free flight colleagues,

first of all, relax, we are not approaching the 1st of April, so you don't need to search for the hidden twist in the text, no one this time.

Down to the subject, be sure that the CIAM free flight subcom is not deaf nor blind, we see what happens and what is written, we see where there is consensus and where not.
We see for instance that there is no consensus about modifying dramatically (or cancelling) the 20 sec. rule per se, we see as well that no one voice came to ask to keep open the possibility of tactical use of the 20 second rule using  RDT.
If you keep your collection of Free Flight News magazines, you can still check the issue of April 2001, page 34, CIAM Plenary Meeting report, by Ian Kaynes:
The CIAM subcommittee should monitor the complete use of the 20 second attempt rule (3.1.5 f) and the detached part rule (3.1.5 c) for F1A and the corresponding F1B and F1C rules.  If any tactical or unsporting use of these rules develops then immediate action should be proposed to delete these reasons for attempt.
The subcommitte members are actively exchanging their views on this subject, I'm convinced that a decision will come that will respect the statement of 7 years ago.
All the flyers can contact their national representative in the free flight subcommittee to express opinions or find the "state of the art" about the on going decision process, of course I mean a "decision process" about drafting the proposals to be presented to the Plenary Meeting next March '09.

Best regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Sincères salutations

Anselmo Zeri

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Looking for a F1A

Hi all....
I am looking to get an F1A model. It should be a bunter (could be either mechanical or electronic). If anyone has one too many in their fleet, email me. Thanks!
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John Lorbiecki



BRAVO!  Bill was a really great leader and an inspiration to all the rest of us. 
One of the boys,  Jim Trego   now in Orem Utah flying electric gliders.


 2008 Southwest FAI Challenge

 Hi All,

Here is the last report leading up to the 2008 Southwest FAI Challenge
at Boulder City this weekend.

The "Accuweather" forecast is sunny both days with winds at 4 mph with
"gusts" to 10 mph.  Temperature 81 degrees!

We are going to set up about where we set up last year which is a little
farther north of past locations, more toward the middle of the lake. 
Bob Beecroft & I will be there first thing Friday morning for some
testing, so if you need a last minute update, please feel free to call
me (760) 889-3201.  About noon, we have some minor business with the
Chamber of Commerce, so if we are not there when you arrive, look for
the "Beecroft Beacon", the white strobe which will be blinking at the
headquarters location.

The easiest access to the site from southbound Highway 95 is to turn off
the highway right at the north end of the wire tortoise fence and just
head directly across the lake.  This point is about 7 miles or so south
of Highway 93 and you can just edge gently off the roadway at that
point.  In the daylight, this is really easy to see.  If you are coming
in from the south from Searchlight on Highway 95 or want a more formal
exit off the highway from the north, look for the paved cross-over lane
between  the northbound and southbound lanes of the divided highway
This point is more or less right in the middle of three parallel and
very large overhead power lines.  From the north, this is just under 8
miles from Highway 93.  The landmark you will look for is the white gate
through the tortoise fence (like a cow catcher).  Go through the gate,
turn back and go north a hundred feet or so on the dirt road & turn left
onto the dirt road that leads out to the lakebed.  Once on the lakebed,
look for us off to the right (north) at about 45 degrees.  In the
daylight, you can see forever.  At night, it is VERY dark.  To help
those of you that arrive after dark, look for the "Beecroft Beacon", a
white blinking strobe light on the headquarters canopy.

Camping is permitted on site.

Hope you all have a safe trip & we'll see you there!

Bill Booth


Roger Morrell