SEN issue 1122 - 15 Aug 2007

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  1. Beat the Vart
  2. Li-Poly, Li-Poly, alive, alive oh !

Beat the Vartanian 2007 Contest Report 
For those who were not present, on Tuesday, July 31, the
Second Annual Beat the Vartanian Fun Fly was held at AMA
Flying site.
After the scheduled Nats events were completed, after 6 PM,
Art Ellis, our esteemed Event Director took down the names of
24 stalwart folk who were there with 12 inch wingspan CLGs to
try to 'Beat the Vart'.
Priorly, I, had flown my two Vartanian gliders on a calm, liftless
morning at the AMA site.  I recorded flights of 62 & 64 seconds. 
The best one was the time to beat.
Anyone who did so was given a prize of an 18 inch piece of
good grey rubber, suitable for CLG launcher.
It was a very nice evening for the event, with only moderate
drift & no real lift observed.
This helped keep them in sight, as these little birds can grab
lots of height on climbs!
Art & I seeded the fliers into 4 groups of 5 & one of 4.
Each group then mass-launched, with the three longest
fliers going on to the next round.
The 15 semifinalists then flew in three heats of 5 fliers
with the top two flying in a six-up final heat.

My Red Mo glider was last one down, just pipping Stan Buddenbohm
& Tim Batiuk to win the prestigious 'Beat the Vart' perpetual trophy.
Several fliers had flights higher than the 'Beat the Vart' time.
They were: Gene Wicks, Stan B, Tim B, and myself.
It was a rollicking good time, with lots of laughing faces observed.
My thanks to all 24 fliers, and lets do it again, even more so next year!
Finals round results:
1. Lee Hines
2. Stan Buddenbohm
3. Tim Batiuk
4. Kenny Krempetz Sr
5. Dick Peterson
6. Gene Wicks
Presented by,
yr hmbl srvt,
Lee Hines

Li-Poly, Li-Poly, alive, alive oh !
From EoB

Dr SCAT of London,

I am interested in the views and experience of the readers of your organ in using Li-Poly batteries in F1As. I'm going to be using 3-servos running wiggler, tail and hook and think I need something around 250mAh, 2*3.5v cells with a regulator. Does this sound sensible, what regulators work well, what chargers (and balancers ?) are best, what is the smallest sized bettery that others have found out there etc ?

Lots of questions I know but I would welcome any thoughts/ideas/general mayhem.


PS My sources tell me that Lord SCAT has now developed webbed feet after prolonged exposure to the English climate. Is there a jot or scintilla of truth in this far-fetched allegation ?


Fortunately, I've been able to spend some time in sunny and dry CA - this causes the webs to flake off.

Lord SCAT of Blackfriars

Roger Morrell