SEN 991 - 8 Jan 2006

SCAT Electronic news 8 January 2006 issue 991

Table of Contents
2006 Sympo Editor. - Stalick
Clock Work Timers - Simpson
On Board what ? - Coleman
SW regionals Food will be there - Nelson
1-cell lipo in cold? - Linkosalo


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DATE: Feb. 17-20, 2006
PLACE: Bissonette Mirage Field, Lost Hills, Ca. USA
SCHEDULE: F1 G, H, J Friday, Feb. 17th
5 rds., 45 mins each, starting at 11:00 am

F1A, B, C , P Feb. 18th & 19th
7 rds. each day, starting at 8:00 am
1st & 8th rds extended per rules
Reserve day Feb. 20th

*U S competitors can mail entry form, with fees, to CD(email
entries from US flyers will not be accepted)
*Non U S flyers may email entry form & pay upon arrival
*All non AMA flyers must pay $28 AMA affliation fee
*Entries are considered late if not received by Feb. 12th
*Fees is double for late entries
*Current Sporting Code will apply
*Aram Schlossberg will sponsor an F1Q event in conjunction with
the mini events. There will be no charge to fly this event.
Details to be announced.

F1G, H, J & P $10.00/event
F1A, B & C $25.00/event

2221 King St. #2,
San Luis Obispo, Ca. 93401 USA
Ph. 805-546-8231 FAX 805-546-0700
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lost Hills Motel 6 661-797-2346
Lost Hills Day Inn 661-797-2371


DATE: Feb. 18th
PLACE: Wasco Valley Rose Country Club
PROGRAM: Dinner and America's cup award presentation
COST: $20.00/person $10 if under 17


NAME: ______________________________
ADDRESS: ______________________________
CITY, ST. & ZIP: __________________________
COUNTRY: ______________________________
FAI LICENSE NO. _______________________

F1G ($10.00) _____________

FIH ($10.00) _____________

FIJP ($10.00) _____________

F1A ($25.00) _____________

F1B ($25.00) _____________

F1C ($25.00) _____________

BANQUET ($20.00) _____________

BANQUET < 17 ($10.00) _____________

TOTAL ENCLOSED _____________



2221 KING #2

More Maxmen

George asked me to point out that he had J
neglected to mention in the flyer that I sent out to US flyers that
Aram Schlossberg will be sponsoring an F1Q event to be held in
conjunction with the mini events. We will follow with details later. I
have included this announcement on the flyer you have here.

Also for those mailing George your entries note he has recently changed his
postal Address. His e-mail remains the same.

2006 Sympo Editor.
Author : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The editor for the 2006 Sympo is Harry Grogan, 4176 Reynard Ct., Oviedo, FL
32765. I do not have an email address for him, but his phone number is
407-365-1682, according to the listing in the NFFS directory.
Bob Stalick

Clock Work Timers
Author : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Have you contacted Hans Seelig about his "Timer Museum". In 1967 while
competing at Zell Am See in Austria, I met Hans. I was using a Seelig
timer that I had purchased from Doug Galbreath who had just started to
import the Seelig Timer. The timer in my model had a wind-up crank arm
to wind the spring rather than winding the spring by turning the scroll
as we now do. Hans said the timer was to 'old' to use in competition and
that he wanted to have it to put in his "Timer Museum". At the end of
the F1C flying that day he took out his screwdriver and retrieved his
"Museum" piece and then handed me his newer version.=20

Later that summer while Visiting Hans and family in his hometown of
Schwabmuchin in Southern Bavaria, he showed me what he "laughinly"
called his "Museum". It was a large wooden box in which he had kept each
variation of the F1C timer he had designed and built. Not all of them
had made it into a model. Several of the first timers were close to the
size of your fist. And in the midst of the "Museum" box was the timer he
had retrieved from my model.

Hans loved to update some "engineering" aspect of his F1C model each
year. He felt it was important to stay current or ahead of his
competitors. He said he felt sorry for competitors who only copied what
others did and who never had original ideas of their own. To Hans, these
new ideas was what kept the hobby of F1C flyng so interesting. His
continued innovations in his "Seelig" timers of all sizes was proof of
his love for the hobby.

We all owe him a huge Thank You for what he contributed to all three
events, F1A, F1B, F1C and the Mini events where variations of his F1B
timer transformed us from Tatone, K-Mart, K&S timers with fuses.Now of
course there are other sources of timers and wonderful hi-tech
electronic marvels that perform a myriad of functions. But where would
we be were it not for the earlier timer pioneers like Hans and his fine
engineering mind.

Reid Simpson (still using Seeligs)

On Board what ?
Author : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You'll discover airfoils respond to all atmospheric conditions in
different ways.

This poses a diferent question....Is anyone working on an onboard sensor
that can take readings of the temp, humidity, wind velocity etc. and direct
an on board servo to change the air foil to meet the conditions at that moment?

I feel there is no perfect airfoil that covers all the conditions the model
is flown in. Isn't this why one can have 5 or 6 different models, all slightly
different ready to fly at an event which should cover most conditions
experienced at that event ?


Southwest Regionals
Author : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Southwest Regional Food Service

Food service will again be available on the field. Breakfast, lunch,
and evening items will be served on Saturday, Sunday and possibly
Monday. Service will be available all day long.

Elmer Nelson

1-cell lipo in cold?
Author : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

> Little Magic Timer
> October 2005
> F1A and F1B operation
> 2 servos [one standard connector, one micro connector]
> One Lithium Cell

How does the timer work in cold? What servos are recommended? Does your
timer have a voltage booster?

The reason I ask is that I used to run my F1B timer with a single cell
LiPo. Quite OK in the warm, but not so below freezing. First of I had used
Simprop servos in my F1H, and these were fine with 4*NiCad, but froze
totally with LiPo. I then found out that Hitec servos work with single
LiPos, and proceeded with those. Even then, the servos were rather
sluggish in freezing temperatures, but then again, slight slowness is not
that critical in F1B. However it turned out that I had to replace the
battery when the voltage dropped below 4V, so actually I could use only
about 25% of the capacity (145mAh).

Recently I've switched over to 2-cell operation (with built-in voltage
regulator in the timer). This way, even though smaller cells (I currently
use 60mAh) also tend to be somewhat marginal in cold, I still get better
response times for the servo. The slugginess seems to be due to the
internal resistance of the LiPo cell, as other guys using much larger
LiPos to power their F1A timer report satisfactory results even in cold.
It all seems to depend on the ratio of discharge current vs. battery
capacity (i.e. the "C" rating).

RE to the previous comments about the small actuators: I have recently
bought two new types of servos for testing. One is "BlueBird", 3.4 grams
"ordinary" servo. The other is "Falcon", 1.5 grams, quite open structure
(sensitive to dampness?) and also much flimsier drive. But if humidity is
not a problem this might turn out to be a good replacement for the
actuator, providing several timed functions instead of only one...



The timer goes not have a voltage booster.

It is supplied with one cell LiPoly. But can
be supplied with 2 cells and regulator if required.
The batteries weigh about 3 grams each. 2 cells
with a regluator makes charging more complicated,
but no problem to the serious sportsman.

While I don't live in your homeland
or even fly in Canada in the winter. I have flown
my Electronics in frezzing conditions, including
the first rounds in the Argentian events
last May. All of my airplanes
Lithium Cells, most are single LiPoly
I do have one with 2 Lithium primary cells
making 6 volts. However my fly off and
extended round airplane has one LiPoly.

The servos I use are Cirrius or GWS. I'm
also working with Blue Arrow and BlueBird.
I have considered the falcon for Coupe.

I have noticed a variation in the way LiPoly
batteries perform between the different makes.
Most of the ones I use are E-Tec.

On the Simple Magic timer we have noticed that while
the timer will run on the Kokam 20 MA batter, there is a 30
ma from the micro R/C E-flight guru Bob Selman
that is rectanglar rather than sausage shaped like the Kokam
andit runs much better because it can deliver more current.
I think this is why my 80/90 ma E-Tec run OK.

In Summary, so far for me It's worked OK - but
if you're worried you can use 2 cells. ]

Roger Morrell