SEN 1015 - 7 Aug 2006

SEN issue 1015 7 August 2006

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Carbon D- box shells -Szura
Tangnet Near - Roberts
Bob White in AMA hall of Fame - Rex Hinson
Winged Shadow Systems Altimeter
SCAT FAI Qualifier
Thanks from Igor

Carbon D- box shells
From: "Michael Szura"
Carbon D- box shells

The cooperation of many SCAT members and CTS has produced some quality carbon and Kevlar D- box shells for F1A and F1B. The molds were provided by Peter Allnutt and Juan Livotto.

Matt Gewain and CTS staff provived technical support and materials. Gentle and thoughtful critical analysis from members at large guided the development.

Carbon shells: M&K style long main 740mm X 50mm .008 thick 20 grams each tips 445mm X 35mm .008 thick 7grams each

The short version is the Silver Hammer. Mains are 20mm shorter. This shell works well with the B-6356 airfoil.

Kevlar shells are also available made from some spec material produced for Northrop.

This is not as stiff enough for current F1A use, but is good for F1B or other applications. Standard shells : main 17 grams tips 5 grams.

For those who desire the gold Aramid, it is available upon request.

F1B shells are 30 mm wide on the main panel and 25 mm wide on the tips.

Pricing: F1A carbon shells set $60.00 Kevlar shells set $45.00
F1B carbon shells set $50.00 Kevlar shells set $35.00
$5.00 from the sale of each set will be contributed to the Senior or Junior F1A teams.
Contact Mike Szura for orders or information. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tangent Near
From: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Last Call you Maxamaniacs!!


Coming Soon to a Flying Field near you (If you are in Oregon at the time).
This is your final last call to have mega fun in beeeutiful Tangent, Oregon at the
Tangent Classic and Northwest FAI Challenge August 18th thru 21st. F1 ABC &P will
be flown on the 18th and 20th with the minis on jthe 19th and 21st. Hope you all
can make the trip as the Northwest Free Flight Champs will be flown as well on
August 19th and 20th so there will be airplanes all over the skies.
Questions .... ask me (Mike Roberts),
Ron McBurnett for the Tangent Classic and Pierre Brun for the
Northwest Free Flight Champs.

Hope we see you

Mike, Ron & Pierre

Bob White in AMA hall of Fame
From: Rex Hinson

Hi Roger,
I just received a copy of a letter from Norm Rosenstock, Chairman of the AMA Hall
of Fame committee to Charles Rushing announcing that Charles Rushings nominee,
Robert Preston White had been selected as a recipient of the 2006 AMA Model Aviation
Hall of Fame award.

Thought you might like this passed on.

Rex Hinson, NFFS President

Winged Shadow Systems Altimeter
Author : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I've used two of these altimeters a lot recently.

They are very small and easy to use. I don't have a great feel for their
accuracy... I did a little comparison of the two against each other and one
read about 1%-2% higher than the other consistantly. I also compared one to
a RAM2 and there was as much as 3% variation between the readings with them
trading back and forth on which read the highest.

I've seen a bit of glitchiness in getting them to read out... It takes me
2-3 tries typically, nottaprob, but worth noting. Also, the instructions say
they'll remember the previous altitude after being powered back up, but this
seems hit or miss with the two I've used.

Still, these are minor annoyances at worse. These devices make trimming to
get the best altitude a snap. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Greg Stewart

SCAT FAI Qualifier
Lost Hills, CA
Aug. 4-6, 2006

Aug. 4-- 5:00 pm no flights due to high winds

Aug 5-- 6:30 am, 8-10 mph East wind. We discussed moving to Taft but uncertainty of
the field availability weighed the decision to stay. We moved the launch line SW 1/4
mile and reduced the Max time to 2 minutes. Dallas Parker (RW jr)flew first,
straight towed an eBunt Bone. His model landed within 200 yards of Brown material
road. Dallas continued to straight tow and putting maxes. Fred and Doug started
flying at 7:30. At 8:00, the wind started to drop and swung slightly south and
thermals strengthen, the models were landing just short of the F1E hill so the
Max time was left at 2 minutes. By 9:30, the flyers had completed their offical
flights. Dallas was off to work in LA. Doug and Merian headed home as well.

Fred decided not to utilize the “7 consecutive best flights” ruled used at
this contest to improve his 6th round clunker flight. Per Doug’s pink FAT
team selection time card, he was qualified for the finals but the last Team Selection
newsletter had him 10 minutes short of qualifying. To avoid any possible problems,
he and Merian made the long drive from Shannon to guarantee his qualification.

The rest of day got continually better. Pierre Brun, Don Zink, Fred and myself
test flew through the rest of the day. Temperature maybe hit mid-90’s. Don
injected some excitement in a no-DT flight- 35 minute flight landing just short
highway 46. The next morning was again breezy in the early morning and calmed
for another great test session. We all packed up and left around 10:00 am.
Hopefully no one came to get qualification time after we left.

Thermals, Jim Parker, CO and Pierre Brun , CD

Dallas Parker AMA 795747
Rnd Max Time Flt Time Qual Time Model#
1 120 120 180 40
2 120 120 180 40
3 120 120 180 40
4 120 120 180 40
5 120 120 180 40
6 120 120 180 40
7 120 120 180 40
Total 1260

Fred Terzian AMA 137
Rnd Max Time Flt Time Qual Time Model#
1 120 120 180 57
2 120 120 180 57
3 120 120 180 57
4 120 120 180 57
5 120 120 180 57
6 120 attp / 42 63 57
7 120 120 180 57
Total 1143

Doug Joyce AMA 56139
Rnd Max Time Flt Time Qual Time Model#
1 120 120 180 3
2 120 120 180 3
3 120 120 180 3
4 120 120 180 3
Aug 6, 2006- no new entries

Thanks from Igor

With pleasure I wish to inform all my American friends that I’ve got American multi
visa for 5 years again!!! I’m grateful to everyone who helped me in decision of
this problem for 3 years and also to people who encourage me for all this time!
See you in October in Lost Hills,
my dear friends!

Sincerely yours,
Igor Vivchar


Because of business travel I have not been able to spend enough time on SEN. In addition
there have been some problems with the web server and network connection, which again
I have not been able to address. Hopefully in the near future we will get our act together!

Roger Morrell