SEN 960 - 31 Jul 2005

SCAT Electronic News 31 July 2005 issue 960

Table of Contents
DT for Liteweights - Sean in Melbourne
Begging for Parts - Roberts
Lost Hills Bike Status
MMM FAI Annual Report - Etherington
Bike suggestion - 1, 2, 3 and 4
Pre- Nats Junior Contest Report - Slobat

DT for Liteweights
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About six weeks back, I wondered if any SEN readers had, or knew of,
measured results on the DT decent rates for models of various size and wing
loading ?
It seems not.
I was interested because I'd done some tests which suggested that estimates
one can find in the lit. may be quite a bit out.
Read on.

Having lost many small rubber powered models over the years
I wondered if there might be a better DT system than the usual pop-up tail.
The fall off wing method, seemed a bit drastic - rate of descent 10
meter/sec or more.

I tried popping the wing up 90 deg - TE pivot.
This proved to be very effective.
The descent rate was high enough to bring the model down quickly from high
in a strong thermal.
The descent is vertical and very stable.
The pop-up angle is not critical.

I did some indoor tests to find out just how big the improvement was.
The model weighed 50 gm and had a wing area of 8.4 dm^2 (or 130 sq in)
With a conventional DT the descent rate is about 1.5 meter/sec.
With the new arrangement the descent rate is about 2.4 meter/sec.

This is quite a bit less than might be expected from the simple theoretical
estimates one can find in the aeromod lit., which are based on the idea that
the wing has a 'drag' coefficient of 1 to 1.2 broad side on.

Thinking that there might be an RE # effect, I did some more tests with the
model ballasted to 100 gm to bring the wing loading close to F1A,B level.
This gave a vertical descent rate of about 3.2 meter/sec indicating that the
drag coefficient is pretty well constant in the range of interest to us.

A more detailed account will appear somewhere in the future,
but in the mean time those of you who are tired of Hung's taste for your
delicate creations, might like to experiment.

Sean in

Sean O'Connor

Begging for Parts
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I need a 31mm front end/ tailboom conector for a Mike Achterberg F1 C model. H
oping someone out there will have a spare they are willing to part with in exch
ange for some green. As my Pop used to say "it doesn't hurt to ask, but no, yo
u can't have the car" so I have low expectations about this request.

Mike Roberts
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Lost Hills Bike Status
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Roger, I understand that you are out of town, and I really appreciate
you getting these messages on the air, as I am sure the bike owners do.
I am leaving for the Nats in the morning, but feel that I should put an
update out before I leave. I asked Bob Norton to meet me at the
containers this morning, and we in turn met with Alan Terry. Between us
we have come up with a plan that we think is feasible. Number 1, in an
effort to slow these guys up, Bob has purchased some "hockey puck"
locks from a friend of his that runs a lockshop. According to this guy
"there ain't nobody gettin through that SOB". Anyway, there pretty good
locks. Bob has gotten 3, with 15 keys for each. Number 2, Alan is
having security lights and cameras installed at their place, so he will
move our containers back to within 3 or 4 feet of their fence, so that
the lights and cameras will pick any movement up. Incidently, alarm
systems are next to no good out there, as it takes the sheriff anywhere
from 45 mins to an hour to get there. Number 3, Bob and I will meet
over there after I get back from the Nats, and we will make some
alterations to the metal plate lock boxes that will help. We feel that
these things should help considerably, but we feel we need some help
from the bike owners, if we are going to police them, which it sounds
like that is what it is going to take. What we want you guys to do is
to appoint one person from each bin to keep a complete, and up to date
list, of everyone who has anything in the bin, along with a list of the
items for each person. Bob and I will each keep all 3 lists, so that we
can contact the right person if something happens. Next, you probably
already caught to the fact the your key is no longer any good. We will
need to send new keys out to each guy when we get the names. And
lastly, of course this is costing us some money, and for now the Maxmen
is picking up the tap. When we have everything complete that we think
we can do, we will divide everything up equally and send each guy a
bill. GB

Subsequently George did confirm that 3 Bikes had been stolen.

MMM FAI Annual Report
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July 1/2/3, 2005
CDs Chuck Etherington & Bill Lovins

Thirty one flyers from the Western and Midwestern U.S. congregated at our
35 sq. mile field to compete in the "toughest FAI contest in America."
Despite breezy conditions off and on all three days, only F1E and one of
the 14 FAI rounds (round 7) were cancelled. The trophy ceremony was
interrupted by a rain shower but was concluded soon afterward. In
addition to the standard FAI events we flew Open Power, HLG/CLG combined,
Old Time Rubber and P-30. These "combined" AMA/SAM events have become
quite popular, drawing 17 competitors. In an ongoing commitment to
support the America's Cup and National Cup programs, this contest carried
America's and National Cup status.

The most noteworthy performance was turned in by Jon Davis of Albuquerque,
NM by winning F1A and F1H with 16 maxes out of 19 total flights. The
performance of Peter Brocks of Scottsdale, AZ was no less noteworthy with
a second in F1A and a win in F1G with a max-out. This is the third time
in four years that Peter has maxed out in F1G. He also posted 16 maxes
out of 19 flights. Other max-out efforts were turned in by Herb Kothe
winning Old Time Rubber and Don DeLoach winning P30. F1B was won by Dick
Wood of Phoenix, AZ and F1J was won by Don DeLoach. Richard Nelson of
Tucson, AZ bested a field of 11 to win Open Power and Stan Huyge got the
best of a field of 9 in HLG/CLG combined. In all there were 202 flights
posted with 112 maxes.

Saturday night saw an enjoyable banquet at The Perfect Landing, a
restaurant that overlooks the ramp and runways at Centennial Airport. The
food and ambiance were very good.

I'd like to thank all who helped with the contest; especially co-CD Bill
Lovins for helping to run and prepare for the contest and Sue Etherington
for volunteering to serve as head scorekeeper.

1. Jon Davis 2152
2. Peter Brocks 2052
3. Pete McQuade 2033
4. Patrick Cadiux 1853
5. Willard Smitz 209

1. Dick Wood 1696
2. Jim O'Reilly 844
3. Darold Jones 588

1. Peter Brocks 720
2. Don DeLoach 710
3. Jerry Murphy 635
4. Jim O'Reilly 404
5. Allan Meecham 335

1. Jon Davis 646
2. Pete McQuade 381
3. Willard Smitz 222

1. Don DeLoach 714
2. Tony Robertson 697
3. Frank Menanno 672
4. Fred Carstens 125
5. Richard Nelson 120

Open Power
1. Dick Nelson A Classic 513
2. Chuck Etherington A Gas 505
3. Bill Lovins Slow Open Pwr 474
4. Art Hillis Slow Open Pwr 439
5. Cassidy Pangell 1/2A Classic 346
6. Jack Fatjo Slow Open Pwr 282
7. Tom Gould Slow OpenPwr 229
8. Don DeLoach C Gas 208
9. Don DeLoach C/D Classic 180
10. Dick Nelson C Nostalgia 180
11. Karl Morgan 1/2A Nostalgia 120

1. Stan Huyge CLG 262
2. Randy Reynolds CLG 220
3. Frank Menanno CLG 218
4. B.J. Zeiler CLG 140
5. Stan Huyge HLG 120
6. Randy Reynolds HLG 118
7. Don DeLoach CLG 75
8. Matt Huyge HLG 58
9. Don DeLoach HLG 40

Old Time Rubber
1. Herb Kothe 540
2. Jim O'Reilly 411
3. Art Hillis 180
4. Jerry Murphy 118

1. Don DeLoach 360
2. Mel Gray 295

Bike suggestion - 1
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It sounds like we need a sniper. Two quick flat tires and a leaky gas tank
should give the sherrif enough time to get there.
TAke care

Bike Suggestion - 2
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You guys might have to consider some alarm system that usually sounds a
siren. That is the only thing I could recommend.

Bike Suggestion - 3
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For right now park the Cat in front of the container doors to block them


Bike Suggestion - 4
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I suppose an alarm plus camera system has been discussed already?


Pre- Nats Junior Contest Report

Excellent weather. Loght drift that changed and cause the flight line to be
moved 4 times. Tricky thermals in the afternoon.

Brian Bauer 1214
Sam Farmer 1192
Kyle Jones 1110
Tyler Secor 1110
Tim Barron 897
Oliver Kai 790
Michelle Barron 784
Josh Revkin 771


Talyor Gunder 1235
Paul Shailor 1210
Evan Simon 1164

Cody Secor 1228
Anthony Ferrario 1211
Brian Pacelli 1075
Josh Engelskirger 251
Alan Ech 84

This event together with the regalar 7 rounf FAI event is called
a s a 14 round event for a major part of the USA Junior Team Selection

Roger Morrell