SEN 961 - 3 Aug 2005

SCAT Electronic News 3 August 2005 issue 961

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stolen bikes - Norton
News from Muncie - Bauer
Kibbie Dome 05 - Norvall
Helped Bikes
natz f1

stolen bikes
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I just got a telephone call from the deputy that is working the case of =
the storage container breakin. He said that CHP has recovered two =
stolen dirt bikes. As soon as we can come up with a description of our =
missing bikes that match, he can release them.

bob norton

News from Muncie
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Here's a quick report on the Nats in Muncie and the Jr Team selection
program from my view. First, the weather has been fantastic, as good as
I can imagine it could be with a big high pressure area parked here since
last Saturday when we arrived. Winds are light, but it is hot and humidity
has been increasing all week. Tomorrow and Friday thunderstorms are predicted
to move in however.

The juniors flew 7 rounds Sunday and the results were already posted. Brian
suffered losing an airplane because he forgot to turn on the power switch
in the heat of the day. The model maxed anyway despite the circle tow
trim but was out of sight overhead in the huge thermal after about 25
minutes. Tyler Secor flew very well but his model mechanism apparently failed
on one flight causing it to come down in 30 seconds. Still, he was tied
for 3rd after the first day.

Brian and Tyler both flew well in the 7 rounds on Monday during the Nats with
only small drops. At the end of 14 rounds Brian was the top Junior, with
Tyler second, and Kyle Jones 3rd, so those three should be the F1A team
assuming the America's cup contests work out.

In F1P Cody Secor maxed out yesterday completing his 14 rounds, so Team Chino
Hills is intact for another Jr World Champs. (Cody, Tyler, and Brian all
attend the same High School in Chino Hills, CA) I'm not sure of the other
F1P results, and the F1B kids fly today.

In F1A Monday 4 maxed out in conditions that were often tricky. It came
down to Steve Spence and Andrew Barron making a final flight at 7pm which
Steve won. There were about 5 in the F1C flyoff Tuesday evening. They went
for 7 minutes at 6pm in conditions that were near totally calm. Dave
Johanas won with a flight over 6 minutes. Unfortunately Craig Gunder ended
up in a tree and Norm Poti hit the side of a barn and wrecked his model.
All ended up over corn.

One personal comment on the site. This is my second time at Muncie, and
it is wonderful to fly over the beautiful green grass in calm and variable
conditions. Even with great weather it seems very hard at times to
predict the drift. I experienced one trip into a corn field and the corn
is really thick with stalk s planted about 8 inches apart. Yesterday even
in the light wind, there were many reports of tree climbing and dirty shirts
from corn battles. Most of the problem corn seems to be on AMA property and
owned by AMA, and if they were to give up the farming income the field
would be even much better, but of course I doubt they would do this for
free flight. Anyway, Muncie is still a fun place to fly when the weather is
good. Just need to watch and consider each small wind change.

Ken Bauer

Kibbie Dome 05
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Roger, Just a short note on my recent trip to the Kibbie Dome contest July 23
through the 26. For those who have not experienceed this contest it is truly
an amazing venue and modeling experience. Myself I drove 17 hours and 900 mile
s to Moscow,Idaho. The drive in it self was amazing. I drove over 30 minutes
and never saw another vehicle. Hours of wheat as far as the eye can see. For a
California boy this was truly amazing.
As I arrived in Moscow the first site of the dome was cool. 150' ceiling and
a full football field plus long. Registration on Friday was done inside the
walkway into the dome. Because of a high school volleyball tornament flying was
delayed. This gave us all a chance to rub elbows with free flight greats and
originators Cezar Banks, Wally Miller, John Lenderman, Steve Brown, John Kagan
, Len Surtees and many more. Also alot of outdoor noteables were present John
Pratt, Chuch Dorsett, Herb Robbins, Lee Hines, Stan Budinbom, Jim Buxtom.
Andy Tagliafico was the CD and put on a fine show. 13 hours for 3 days of
non stop flying in a world class venue.
During dinner on one of the nights at Moscow I got to talk with Chuck Dorset
and Andy Tagliafico about their adventures in free flight back in the 1940's
traveling to the Chicago nats from San Fransico in a 1938 Studebaker.
This was also the FAI team selection for F1D. Amazing flights over 34 minutes
were seen. Imagine if you will, seeing the start of the flight then going to
get lunch returning and the flight was about to end. All of this on .6 grams
of May 99 Tan II and a 55cm model that wiegths 1.2 grams. Amazing . I know
my May 99 rubber goes along ways at .6 grams a motor.
I found this event much like an outdoor event. Waiting for the next round. At
times dozen airplanes in the air at a time. Everyone talking free flight. Very
cool. For those of you who have not experienced this venue you should.. All
the models are built by the flyer from the front end to the rear end. That 4 to
6 lb balsa goes along ways flying indoor.
When Mark Bennett went to the F1D venue I admit I didnt get it. But after
Kibbie Dome 2005 I see what the facsination is.
Kibbie Dome 2006 will move up a week earlier next year according to Andy
tagliafico. Check it out its amazing.

Larry Norvall

Helped Bikes
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Re: Bikes

Thank all of those people who offered their suggestions. I`ll deal
with the suggestions in order.

1) Good idea, any volunteers for sniper duty.

2) It takes the Sheriff 45 minutes to one hour to respond - - what could
one do in that amount of time ?

3) Holloway says no.

4) Alarm - see 2) above. Camera - who pays ?

Keep up the good work.

bob norton

natz f1

A2 Nordic Glider provided its usual splendor for the day. The midday
doldrums made thermal picking difficult, thereby thinned the field
considerably for the flyoffs. Steve Spence pushed Andy Barron to the
second flyoff round and won with 2,331 seconds to Andy's 2,247. The
Junior contingent drew eight fliers with Kyle Jones winning with 1,215

F1A, SO Last Name First Name AMA No. City State Time
1 Spence Steve 2331
2 Barron Andrew North Haven CT 2247
3 McKeeveer Mike Fair Oaks CA 1462
4 Ellis Art 1423
5 Sifleet Robert Glen Rock PA 1255
6 Bauer Brian 1239
7 Tzvetkov Tzvetan 1225
8 Van Nest Brian Bishop CA 1218
9 Secor Tyler Chino Hills CA 1217
10 Fedor Mike Arlington TX 1202
11 Markos Charles Deerfield IL 1194
12 Schlosberg Aram Bayside NY 1178
13 Bauer Ken 1153
14 Hines Lee Costa Mesa CA 1141
15 Edmonson Dave Eagan MN 1136
16 Barron Peter North Haven CT 1115
17 Farmer Jim 998
18 Basta Michael Lenexa KS 870

F1A, J Last Name First Name AMA No.City State Time
1 Jones Kyle Avon Lake OH 1215
2 Farmer Joey 1091
3 Barron Timothy North Haven CT 1071
4 Cai Oliver Orange CT 989
5 Johnson Miles 979
6 Farmer Sam 880
7 Revkin Josh 485

Junior 14 Round Totals

> F1A
> ---
> Brian Bauer 1214 + 1239 = 2453
> Tyler Secor 1110 + 1217 = 2327
> Kyle Jones 1110 + 1215 = 2325
> Sam Farmer 1192 + 880 = 2072
> Tim Barron 897 + 1071 = 1968
> Oliver Kai 790 + 989 = 1679
> Josh Revkin 771 + 485 = 1285
> Michelle Barron 784
> F1B
> ---
> Talyor Gunder 1235
> Paul Shailor 1210
> Evan Simon 1164
> F1P
> ---
> Cody Secor 1228
> Anthony Ferrario 1211
> Brian Pacelli 1075
> Josh Engelskirger 251
> Alan Ech 84

Roger Morrell