2000 survey

News and Reports 2000 - First half
SCAT Electronic News Survey


This is a survey of our readers with reference to the proposed               
upcoming rules changes

E-mail your response back to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by March 15.

Your individual response will not be published, only the 
summarized results.

answer the following questions ..

1. The country you live in

2. The FAI FreeFlight Classes you fly and the level of participation

Levels of participation 

A - competes regularily in national and international contests
B - Competes socially
C - Used to compete and are still interested
F - Just getting started
E- Would like to compete
F- Follower or supporter

So Taking myself as an example I would put

F1B - A
F1G - was B now A ?!
F1A - B or maybe C

3. Remove limit on number of models [currently 4]


4. Radio DT for F1A and F1B


5. Remove attempt of 20 seconds for F1A, F1B and f1C


6. An flight of less that 20 seconds is considered a flight
not an attempt if the model d/ts


7. permit max to be longer than 3 minutes - with longer
to be used for resolving ties only.


[explanation follows]

The maximum duration to be taken for each flight in world
and continental championships is to be  four [for F1A -different
for other classes] minutes for
the first round and three minutes for subsequent rounds.
These maximum durations are to be used for other
international events unless different durations have been
announced in advance and approved by CIAM for specific
rounds. In the event of exceptional meteorological
conditions or model recovery problems the Jury may permit
the maximum for a round to be changed. Such a modified
maximum must be announced before the start of the round.
For any flights with a maximum duration greater than
three minutes the additional time over three minutes is
used only to resolve any tie.

8. permit longer maxes if weather and retrival permit


The standard maximum time for each round is three
minutes. The Jury may permit changes to the maximum time
for each round. The maximum time for each round must be
announced before the beginning of each round

9. Change in team scoring at world champs - this is acomplex change
and seeing it was not for an individual placing the eplanation
is ommitted.

for /against/abstain

10. addition of new classes f1A, B and C "sport" with more restricted

would fly/would not fly

11. "Italian" proposal  that makes the main classes much simpler by prohibiting
the use of automatic surfaces. In F1C controls motor run 
by fuel capacity.  Reduces rubber in F1B to 25 grams. Significantly changes
flying rules.


12. seeing this is a radical proposal that would mean that many
current models could no longer be used  and it changes
the technical orientation of FAI FF - if this was passed

I would continue with FAI FF/ I would stop FAI FF 

13 Reduce the size of the rubber motor in F1B [note that this proposal was
not included - it was submitted by the Danes but was or will be withdrawn]



End of survey - e-mail your reply to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.