SEN 2094

Table of Contents - SEN 2094

  1. USA Team Selection - Time accumulation
  2. H for sale
  3. S missing ?
  4. Some of the rules changes proposals

USA Team Selection Program - Time Accumulation Clarification

From: Charlie Jones

Time accumulation for advancement to the finals, a clarification:
Recently, the TSC has received questions from participants and contest directors regarding contests scheduled for five rounds instead of seven and the affect this will have on time accumulation. So, we felt a clarification was in order. Following the wording of the program time per contest is capped at 1260 seconds per contest and 180 seconds per flight. Also, flyoff rounds are specifically not allowed. In the past when a C.D. has canceled rounds or prematurely ended the meet at five rounds because of weather, delays for moving the line, allowance for extra retrieval time, etc, a competitor who is accumulating time has been allowed to make two additional flights for that purpose. This practice is not specifically addressed in the program but will be allowed to continue. Preferably, anyone who needs an opportunity to accumulate the full amount of time would secure their own timekeeper and make the additional flights before or after the scheduled five rounds (the two extra rounds must be on the same contest day). The max for these two additional flights may not be less then the prior rounds and no more then 180 seconds.

The two extra flights along with the rest of the contest scores should be reported to Aram Schlosberg by the CD to help in the administration of time accumulation. Participants should make sure the CD signs off on their Proof of Program Entry card that you received from AMA to record the qualification times.

Charlie Jones
TSC Chairman

F1H for Sale

From: Dean Clark

I wish to sell my Vasi F1H. It is New, never flown

Mechanical F1H six panel Mini (H) Al. This retails for approx $800.If you are interested, make me your best offer.
Dean Clark
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Re: SEN 2091 - F1S at the MM

From: Dick Ivers


Regarding the Lost Hills FabFeb Summary:
I did not see mini class F1S included on any of the Maxmen weekend days. Is this intentional?

Dick Ivers

Dick This was a clerical error. Thanks for pointing it out. A corrected summary has been posted that includes F1S along with the other Mini Events on the Sunday. It also corrected the error of the wrong day for F1Q. F1Q is on the Friday with F1A

Some of the proposed FAI FF related rules changes

(more in a future SEN)

The submitter in most cass was the Free Flight Sub Committee - FFSC

FFSC: Definition of an unsuccessful attempt

All classes – clarify the attempt rule for a detached part. Two
versions, one for towline gliders, another for all other classes
F1A Modify item 3.1.5.(c):

3.1.5.c) It is apparent to the timekeepers that a part of the
model becomes detached during the launch by the
helper, while the model is being towed, or during
the official flight time
Same change also to F1H at 3.H.5.d

F1B Modify 3.2.5 (a):
3.2.5.a) It is apparent to the timekeepers that a part of the
model becomes detached during the launch or during
the official flight time
Same change also to F1C 3.3.5.b, F1E 3.5.5.a, F1P 3.6.5.c,
F1G 3.G.5.b, F1J 3.J.5.c, F1K 3.K.5.b, F1Q 3.Q.5.b

This clarifies the need for the timekeepers to see the part that
becomes detached and the fact that this applies up to the end of
the official flight time.

FFSC F1A 3.1.7.Duration of Flights

Modify the text of the first paragraph :

The maximum duration to be taken for the official flights
in world and continental championships is four minutes for
the first round and, if conditions allow, for the last round
and three minutes for the other rounds. In other
international events a maximum of three minutes will be
used for all rounds unless different durations (not
exceeding five minutes) have been announced in advance
in the contest bulletin for specific rounds.
Change 3.2.7 and 3.3.7 to read “See 3.1.7”

A proposal to change the maximum in the first round of F1A
championships was presented to Plenary meeting 2015 which it
was intended would make 3.1.7 for F1A identical to the
existing rules 3.2.7for F1B and 3.3.7 for F1C. The proposal
was passed by the Plenary meeting but when being
implemented in the 2016 Sporting Code it was realised that
there was one word different in the proposal compared to the
existing text in 3.2.7 and 3.3.7. The rule 3.1.7 as presented to
Plenary 2015 has been implemented in the 2016 Sporting Code
but without the cross-reference from 3.2.7 and 3.3.7. This
proposal is presented to correct this difference – it applies only
to open internationals and allows flight time increase to five
minutes instead of four minutes.

FFSC F1A 3.1.8 Classification (applies to F1B, F1C)

Add new item (9) as a clarification to 3.1.8.f (the group flyoff

9) Competitors proceeding from group flyoffs to the
later flyoffs will be classified only by times achieved
in the later flyoffs after the group stages. The times
in group stages do not count in their classification.

The groups flyoff was approved by CIAM for application from
January 2016. In advance of that the system has been used in
two World Cup events during 2015. One of these indicated a
confusion about the scores to be used for classification. The
additional item is an explicit clarification of intent of the
original proposal, where it was stated in the reasons that “With
another flyoff guaranteed by (7) this ordering will not
determine the winners but just the lower places.” However, the
proposal did not include explicit words to mandate this effect.

Netherlands - F1C 3.3.2. Characteristics
Change fuel definition:

Fuel to a standard formula for glow plug and spark ignition
motors will be supplied by the organisers, and must be used for
every official flight. The composition shall be as follows: 80%
methanol, 20% oil. Oil can be castor oil or synthetic oil.
There is a free choice for the competitor.

Lots of competitors spread over the continents are using
Synthetic oil. There are lots of well-known brands.
An extra indication on the (preliminary) entry form for F1C
informs the organiser about the competitor needs.

If we remember the enormous number of crashes on the WC in
France 2013 mostly due to polluted Castor oil, we have to
categorise this clarification as a safety one.

Roger Morrellbr />
From: Stuart Darmon

great to read of the Zaic awards to be presented at the Isaacson & Kiwi Cup. I've finally persuaded the FF Technical Committee to try something almost identical at the British Nationals this year- let's hope more world cup organisers pick up this theme.

Regards, Stuart Darmon

More on the Lucky Rubber :-)

From:Don DeLoach

Hi Roger,

Good clarification about FAI rubber. Some additional information for SEN readers: The first batch of Tan Super Sport that contained the special additive was the "B" batch of January, 2009. And I believe the earliest production batch with that additive was labeled May, 2009. All the rubber since has had this same additive which makes it more consistent and more durable.

I bought and used a lot of the first generation of Super Sport from 2003-2008. During these years the rubber was significantly inferior to the post-2008 stuff with the additive.

Looking back even further, we haven't had any truly bad rubber in decades. Recall the sad days of the 1980s when we relied on the notoriously stiff FAI black and the explosive Pirelli. Thanks to Ed Dolby, John Clapp and now Charlie Jones FAI rubber strip is better (and much more consistent, batch to batch) than ever.

Don DeLoach


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Fab Feb Entrants so far

 Family Name Given Name Country Kiwi CupIke MiniNorth AmerMaxMen Maxmen Mini 
Abad Javier             Esp     F1A              F1A       F1A
aberlenc frederic       France F1A F1A F1A
Achterberg Michael      USA  F1B F1B F1B
Ackerley Cameron        CAN F1B F1B F1B
Allen Carrol             USA F1B F1G F1B F1B F1G
Andrist Dominik         SUI39727 F1A, F1E F1A F1A
Andrist Christian       Sui F1A, F1E F1A F1A
Andriukov Alexander     United States F1B F1B F1B
Babenko Artem           Ukraine F1C F1C F1C
Bachmann Christoph      SUI F1A F1A F1A
Balassiano Aviv         Israel  F1A F1H F1A F1A F1H
Baños Alfredo Argentina F1A F1A F1A
Bardarov Borislav Bulgaria F1A F1A F1A
Barron Peter United States F1A
Baruch Abraham Israel F1A, F1B F1G F1B F1A, F1B F1G
Batiuk George GER F1B F1B F1B
Bauer Ken USA F1A F1H F1A F1A
Bezak Ivan SVK F1A F1A F1A
Bezchasnyy Vasyl UKR F1A F1H F1A F1A
Blazevich Iurii Ukraine F1B F1B F1B
BODIN Jean Luc France F1B F1B F1B
Bortne Tor Norway F1B F1B F1B
BRERE Gauthier France F1C F1C F1C
Broberg Håkan SWEDEN F1B F1B F1B
Brocks K. Peter USA F1A, F1E F1G F1A F1A F1G
Brun Pierre USA F1A F1A F1A
Burford Kathy AUSTRALIA F1H F1H
Cai Oliver USA F1A F1A
Campbell Malcolm AUSTRALIA F1A F1H F1A F1A F1H
Chesson Don USA F1C F1C F1C
Chevenard Didier FRA F1B F1G F1B F1B F1G
Clapp John United States F1B F1G F1B F1G
clark dean usa F1A
Cooper John Great Britain F1A F1A F1A
Crowley Paul USA F1B F1B F1B
Davis Mike USA F1B
Davis Troy USA F1B
Djandara Slobodan Nederland F1A F1A F1A
ECHIVARD Didier France F1A F1A F1A
Edge Chris GBR F1A F1H F1A F1A F1H
Emery Jack USA F1B
Fathers Albert Australia F1A F1A F1A
Faux Kenneth GBR F1C F1C F1C
Felix Ronald USA F1B F1B F1B
Findahl Per SWE F1A F1H F1A F1A F1H
Fradkin Igor USA F1A F1A
Gao yuan China F1C F1C
Gewain Matt USA F1C
Ghio Walter USA F1B F1B F1B
Hemsworth CRAIG Australia F1B F1B F1B
Herbst Paul usa
Hines Lee USA F1S F1Q F1Q F1S
Horak Ladislav Canada F1B F1G F1B F1B F1G
Issakov Saar Israel F1A F1H F1A F1A F1H
Jack Alan Great Britain F1C F1C F1A, F1C F1J
Jensen Steffen Denmark F1A F1A F1A
Jensen Blake USA F1B F1H, FF1B F1B F1H, F1G
Jones Charles USA F1B F1G F1B F1B F1G
Jones Geralyn USA F1E F1G F1G
Koerbin Antony NZL F1A F1H F1A F1A F1H
Koglot Roland SVK F1A F1A F1A
Kongstad Karsten Denmark F1A F1A F1A
Kosonozhkin Mikhail RUS F1A
Larsen Dag Edvard Norway F1B F1B F1B
Lavis Brian GBR F1H F1A F1H
Lesko Robert Croatia F1A F1A F1A
Limberger Rene USA F1A F1A F1A
Limberger Siegfried Germany F1A F1A F1A
Lu Hong China F1B F1B
MacCleery Richard USA F1B F1B
Madelin Gary GBR F1H
Madelin Gary GBR F1H
Makarov Sergey RUS F1A
Mathews Tony Canada F1B F1G F1B F1G
Mathis Richard USA F1C F1C F1C
McBurnett Ron USA F1C F1C F1C
McGuckin Derek United States F1B F1G, FF1B
McKeever Mike USA F1A F1H F1A F1A F1H
Mitchell Phil Australia F1A F1H F1A F1A F1H
Morgan Vin Australia F1B F1B F1B
Morrell Roger NZL F1B F1B
Morris Gil usa F1C F1C F1C
Murphy Jack USA F1Q F1S F1Q F1Q F1S
Myers Richard (DickUSA F1B F1B F1B
Nakata Mitsuyasu JPN F1B F1B F1B
Nyhegn Jes DEN F1A F1A F1A
ODell Tiffaney USA F1G F1G
Parker Jim USA F1A F1H F1A F1A F1H
Parker Julie USA F1Q F1S F1Q F1Q F1S
Parker Faust USA F1C F1J F1C F1C F1J
Pecenkovic Enes Bosnia and HerzeF1A F1A F1A
Pecenkovic Jasminka Bosnia and HerzeF1A F1A F1A
Peers Russell GBR F1B F1B
Persson Anders Sweden F1A F1A F1A
Richardson Michael USA F1B, F1E F1G F1B F1B F1G
Roberts Mike USA F1C F1J F1C F1C F1J
Rosenzweig Shlomi United States F1A F1A F1A
Rumpp Stefan GER F1A F1A F1A
Ruyter Pim Netherlands F1B F1S F1B F1S
Schneider Glenn United States F1P F1J
Seifert Michael GER1863 F1B F1B F1B
Shitrit Nir Israel F1A F1A F1A
Simpson Roger USA F1C F1C F1C
Sirkis Omri Israel F1B F1G F1B F1B F1G
Sitton Shmulik Israel F1A, F1Q F1H F1A, F1Q F1A, F1Q F1H
Son Sung Hwan Republic of Korea F1A F1A F1H
Stalick Alex Usa F1A
Stalick Ted Usa F1A
Stefanchuk Stepan UKR F1B F1G F1B F1B F1G
Summersby Roy Australia F1C F1C F1C
Terzian Fred USA F1E F1H
Truppe Reinhard AUT F1C F1C F1C
Ulm Anthony AllenUnited States F1B F1G F1B F1B F1G
Van Nest Brian USA F1A F1H F1A F1A F1H
Verbitsky Evgeny UKR F1C
Vivchar Anastasiya UKR F1B F1B
Vivchar Igor UKR F1B F1B F1B
Wallace Robert NZL F1A F1H F1A F1A F1H
Woolner Mike GBR F1B F1B
Zak Yehuda Israel F1A F1H F1A F1A F1H
Zichen Lui CHN F1A

If you see and error please notify us. If you are from outside of the USA or Canada and did not give your street address, email or sporting license number please notify us. You can notify just by replying to this email

Roger Morrell