SEN-406 April 22 2000

News and Reports 2000 - First half
SCAT Electronic News April 22 2000 Issue 406

Table of Contents
F1J Folders
Olympiad - Rozelle
San Valeer's 2000 Annual - Thorkildsen
Harlan Rubber Strippers- Clapp
A Reply to Paul - King
Maximov ? _ Rozelle

F1J folders
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Can someone advise me about a supplier of folding props for .061
engines. Thanks.

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Gary Baughman has produced an outstanding Science Olympiad
manual, "The Wright Stuf," with detailed instructions on
building and flying both a basic and an advanced model. The
manual includes numerous sketches that illustrate such tricks
as slicing ribs.
Information on this manual is available from Gary's e-mail,
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Walter Rozelle

San Valeer's 2000 Annual
by T. Thorkildsen

We were all looking forward to our annual and we had some great prizes to
give away and the weather forecast looked good with no storms on the horizon.
We weren't disappointed since this year we were blessed with good weather and a
great turnout at Taft. We had 61 contestants that flew 200 events.
The event was even published in the local Taft newspaper “Daily Midway
Driller” with a full-page picture layout showing pictures from Saturday’s events.
Gus Sunberg was instrumental in making this happen, thanks Gus.
Saturday we started off with the cannon ball run for the two longest flights on
a 7-sec motor run. Guy Mennano did the deed with 712 seconds flying one of his
Booh models winning $25 for his effort. Guy also won Ralph Prey’s award for the
highest time flown by the designer of the model with a Booh II in another event.
In the FAI events we had maxouts in both F1A and F1B with Bill Booth Jr.
winning F1B over Alexander Andriukov who stumbled on his last flight. Martyn
Cowley and Lee Hines tied in F1A being clean in all 7 rounds.
The regular events started at 8:00 am and after a long day of flying 1/2A gas
was won by Mike Ryan flying a new Cyclone .049 powered Orbiteer with 13+
maxes for a new Cat 2 record. He was one happy camper. Congratulations Mike,
it was really your weekend! His model was 370 sq inches and how many TD’s do
you know that can haul that size of an airframe up? With these motors you can
build a scaled down A job and do well with something that is easier to see then a
normal 1/2A. Bob Sundberg had good time in this event also dropping his 5th max
with Robert DeShields 3rd flying a TD powered Tornado. We had 2 Juniors flying
1/2A, and both Tyler Secor and Jared Jacobs had good times and in fact Tyler
dropped his 6th flight by only 10 seconds which would have put him in 2nd place in
the open event. He comes from a great modeling family and with Al Hotard being
his grandfather and Randy Secor being his father it is hard to miss and this kid has
the talent to go a long ways in the hobby.
For a change we had no maxouts in 1/2A Nostalgia since we were flying the
Cat 2 (ALT) rules with the shorter motor rules which most of us on the West Coast
prefer for cat 2 and cat 1. Norm Peterson won it winning a Top Banana short kit
and Cox medallion motor flying a Geef with a medallion. Gus Sunberg was 2nd
flying a Fox FAI .049 powered Green Hornet a great combo. It is good to see those
Fox motors since they are readily available from H & R motors and they make good
power with a large prop.
We had a good duel in B gas with Guy Menanno with a Nelson .21 powered
Booh edging out Terry Ellington with a ST.29 powered Duster when they both
dropped their 5th flights. Terry Ellington has improved his flying skills a lot over the
last couple of years.
In C gas Kerger’s Hoffield powered Archer satellite put up 4 maxes for the
win and he didn’t have to continue on. Ellington was 2nd dropping his 4th max flying
a Crusader. Roger Coleman was 3rd and was clean until his 3rd flight when it
appeared like he ran out of fuel a second or two after the launch, a tough break for
At noon on Saturday Lynn Pulley offered to spell me from the table and I got
to fly Slow gas for about an hour which was a nice break. Mike Ryan and myself
were the only ones to max out of the 7 flyers.
Tony Robertson who I grew up with, but hadn’t seen for at least 30 years,
won F1J over some tight competition from 7 other contestants with his own original
with an AME .061. We used to fly planes together in my back yard when we were
kids. We flew anything from 1/2A combat models to hand launch gliders to Jetex to
small gas models. If you tried that now you would be flying in the middle of an
asphalt parking lot with condos. Anyway his model was flying great with bunt and all
and he edged out Kerger to win an AME .049 and an Astrostar short kit.
Saturday it was a little windy later in the day at about 4 to 9 mph but certainly
flyable but Sunday we woke up to a classic Taft day with not much in the way of
wind at all, and it was great the rest of the day.
I started out with a flyoff in slow gas but Mike Ryan pulled 8 seconds ahead
of the time I had on my ST .19 powered Jupiter to win a CS .09 for his efforts.
The Bob Hunter memorial was going full blast at this point and I just had
enough time to put up one flight with my Astrostar 600. This event is for the longest
flight on a 15 second motor flown between sunrise to 1 hr after. I had an 11:31
flight for the win with Guy Menanno next at 9+ minutes. We had 7 flyers in this and
Steve Moffat also gave us a donation. This is for a good cause since all entry fees
in this event are given to the heart foundation.
After that I then put up 5 quick flights in A gas before I came back to work
the table but with 10 entries it didn’t take very long for 3 guys to shoot right on by
me with Wes Funk first with 6 maxes winning a ST 40 for his efforts. He was
closely followed by Mike Thompson and Guy Menanno who both dropped their 6th
We had 9 entries in Catapult with Martyn Cowley winning with 4+ maxes
winning a Big Mig .049 and a stop watch for his efforts edging out Moody,
DeShields and Hines who are all great glider fliers. We had 3 Junior fliers and
Tasha Duncan won 1st with 102 seconds closely followed by Jeffery Gannon at 99
seconds which certainly made him happy. In HLG the names were the same just in
a different order with DeShields winning it this time.
We had the most entries in P-30 with 13 contestants with Bob White scoring
the win with his Twin Fin II. Bill Booth Jr also maxed out but dropped his next flight
big time for 2nd. Jeffery Gannon one of our Juniors had a maxout also to sweep the
junior event. Good flying Jeff! We gave a pound of Tan II rubber that was donated
by FAI supply to a lot of the winning rubber flyers.
Coupe was won by a Bob Van Nest with 7 maxes with a minute added to
each flight after the 5th max. He was closely followed by Jeffrey’s father Bill
Gannon who stopped at the 6th max. Clarence Mather and Don Bartick both got up
to their 6th flight before dropping the max in Mulvihill and they are both really nice
guys to boot.
ABC Nostalgia had a good turn out with 9 contestants and Mike Thompson
won it with 5 Maxes closely followed by Jack Moreland who dropped his 5th flight.
They were both using a pair of good flying Ramrods.
After a great weekend of flying we handed out some great prizes and had a
free raffle for a K & B 3.5. Guess who won the raffle? You guess it Mike Ryan.
With the luck he had going I hope he bought some lottery tickets because I don’t
see how he could have missed.
I want to thank everyone that helped me run the table and/or donated prizes
like Bill Kuykendall, Steve Moffat, Lynn Pulley, Jim Hurst , Lee and Lois Hunt, Bob
DeShields, Mike Thompson, Ralph Prey, Lou Delia, Doc Faucett, Guy Menanno,
and Norm Peterson. A special thanks to Dick Zackman who donated a K & B 3.5
for the free Raffle. I apologize if I forgot anyone.
A special thanks to FAI supply who gave us all that great rubber and a
bunch of other stuff. Their web site is We also want to
thank MRL and Aerospace composite products. Be sure to support them since
they support us.
I hope everyone returns next year for our next annual where you can expect
a fun filled weekend with good competition and some great merchandise that you
can use. The results and some pictures will be in this issue but we will probably
carry some of the pictures to the next issue since we have a bunch of them.

San Valeers Annual Results

1st Martin Cowley - 1290
1st Lee Hines Al.Big.Lil&Baby 1290
3rd Brian Van Nest - 1178
4th Bill Watson 1121
5th Peter Alnut 1004
6th Jerry Krafnock 623

1st Bill Booth Jr 1320
2nd Alex Andriukov 1215
3rd Larry Norvall Smoothie 1194
4th Norm Furutani 1154
5th Tom Keppler 708

1st Tony Robertson AME.061 Original 861
2nd Terry Kerger Shurkin Maverick 823
3rd Bob Scully CS.049 Satellite 820
4th Bob DeShields HH.049 Frisco Kidde 720
5th Mike Thompson AME049Satellite320GLII 708
6th Bill Alnes Cyclon.049 Genie 701
7th Del Adam MP Jet.060 Ellipsy 677
8th Lynn Pulley Stels Blondie 43

A Gas(10)
1st Wes Funk Cox .15 Scrambler 1080
2nd Mike Thompson KB3.25 Satellite 450 1048
3rd Guy Menanno Nelson .19 Booh550 943
4th T.Thorkildsen KB3.25 Astrostar 600 853
5th R. DeShields TD.051 Tornado 720
5th John Keller KB3.25 Satellite 450 720
7th Jim Groove Conquest15Astrostar460 540
8th Bob Sunberg OS.10 Breeze 518
9th Mike Ryan Conquest15Sidewinder 473
10th John Sparling ST.19 Starduster600 455

D Gas (2)
1st Guy Menanno Rossi.61 Booh1150 720
2nd Tom Carmen Torp.41 Texan832 624

Mulvihill (4)
1st Don Bartick Tail High MV 1321
2nd Clarence Mather Mantis 1251
3rd Bob White 558
4th W.R.Gannon 419

Inter. PostCoupe(6)
1st Bob Van Nest 1020
2nd Bill Gannon 780
3rd Jack Emery 575
4th Larry Novall Smoothy 534
5th Randy Secor Beau Coupe 480
6th Don Bartick 235

1st Jared Jacobs 102
2nd Tyler Secor Drifter 56

Cannon Ball (5)
1st Guy Menanno Nelson .21 Booh 712
2nd Lynn Pulley Aero Y2KKB 512
3rd Bruce Augustus Stel.049Northern light 509
4th Steve Moffat ST.15 Max Hog 354
5th Terry Kerger Hoffelt .40 Sat 800 314

P-30 (15)
1st Bob White Twin Fin II 453
2nd Bill Booth Jr. 366
3rd Randy Secor Mini Twin Fin 355
4th Bob Van Nest Air Shark 350
4th Mike Thompson Air Shark 350
6th Ted Vernon 346
7th Lee Hunt Majestic 314
8th C. Mather 307
9th T. Kerger 302
10th Mike Keller 298
11th William Gannon 290
12th Don Bartick 267
13th Bob Thompson 174
14th Bill Burt 143
15th Jim Sprenger 81

Jr. P-30 (4)
1st Jeffrey Gannon 360
2nd Tyler Secor Sparrow Hawk 315
3rd Tasha Duncan Double Trouble 285
4th John Brown Double Trouble 171

Original High Time
Guy Menanno
1/2A GAS (8)
1st Mike Ryan Cyclon.049 Orbiteer 2442
2nd Bob Sunberg VA.049 Breeze 767
3rd Robert DeShields TD.049 Tornado 588
4th Wes Funk AME .049 StardusterX 341
5th Paul Herbst TD.010 UNK 258
6th Lynn Pulley Stels .049 Blondie 180
7th Bill Alnes Cyclon.049 Gemi 161
8th Tom Laird TD.049 Orbiteer 18

Junior 1/2A (2)
1st Tyler Secor TD.049 Country Boy 1070
2nd Jared Jacobs TD.049 Rambomtious 368

B GAS (6)
1st Guy Menanno Nelson.21 Booh 870
2nd Terry Ellington ST.19Starduster600 767
3rd Mike Thompson K&B3.25 Satellite450 703
4th Lynn Pulley OS.21 Sloppy 701
5th John Sparling KB4.9 Pearl Express 440
6th Fred Emmert - -

C Gas (4)
1st Terry Kerger Hoffield 40 Sat 800 720
2nd Terry Ellington KB6.5 Crusader911 626
3rd Roger Coleman Archer Satellite 363
4th Norm Peterson Nelson.36 Normalite 109

A-1Straight tow(4)
1st Martin Cowley 644
2nd Bob Norton Aiglet 527
3rd Mike Thompson Top Kick 249
4th Lee Hunt 180

1/4A Gas
1st Bob DeShields TD.020 Frisco Kidde 465
2nd Mike Thompson TD.020 Raunchy 426
3rd Gus Sunberg TD.020 Strato Streak 380

1/2A Nostalgia
1st Norm Peterson Medallion.049 Geef 527
2nd Gus Sunberg Fox FAI.049Green Hornet 506
3rd Bob DeShields HH.049 Frisco Kiddie 484
4th Bob Beecroft Cox.049 Top Banana240 456
5th Don Hjerlied ? 351
6th Tom Laird Medallion.049 Geef 22

Slow Gas (7)
1st Mike Ryan K&B40 Starduster 852
2nd Terry Thorkildsen ST .19 Jupiter 450 844
3rd Bill Alnes Super Tigre 524
3rd Steve Moffat ST .15 Max Hog 524
5th Tom Carmen Torp .40 Texan 832 523
6th Robert DeShields TD .049 Tornado 451
7th Guy Menanno Junk yard dog 272

H.L Glider(3)
1st Bob DeShields 287
2nd Martin Cowley Gold Rush 262
3rd Bill Moody Daddy “0” 163

ABC Nostalgia(9)
1st Mike Thompson Johnson35C Ramrod750 900
2nd Jack Moreland Veco.35 Ramrod750 805
3rd Bob DeShields Hornet.051 FriscoKidde 664
4th Randy Secor OS15HoosierHotshot 511
5th Bruce Augustus OS.29 Ramrod 750 501
6th Terry Ellington Greenhead.09 Crusader 455
7th Bob Beecroft Veco.19LuckyLindy 447
8th Del Adam Fox15X Ramrod450 402
9th Chris Christensen Atwood.49 Civy Boy 74 368

1st Martin Cowley 552
2nd Bill Moody Way Cool Jr. 305
3rd Bob DeShields 304
4th Lee Hines Sweepette & 300
5th Stan Buddenbohm 242
6th Robert DeShields Straight up 231
7th Bob Van Nest 169
8th Brian Van Nest 161

Jr. Cat. Glider (3)
1st Tasha Duncan 102
2nd Jeffrey Gannon 99
3rd John Brown 56

Bob Hunter Memorial(8)
1st Terry Thorkildsen K&B3.25Astrostar600 11:31
2nd Guy Menanno Rossi .61 Booh1150 9:39
3rd Mike Thompson Rossi .61 Satellite1300 7:46
4th Terry Kerger Hoffelt.41 Satellite800 7:32
5th John Sparling Satellite 788 7:23
6th Norm Peterson Nelson .36 Normalite 3:00
7th Bill Clem ? 2:34
8th Steve Moffat Donation

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Brian , North Dakota:
PO BOX 366
Sayre PA 18840-0366
sells Harlan strippers and a few other indoor items.



the harlan strippers let you make the rubber strip different widths. This
is how you tune the model for diffeent size [height] halls. By making
the rubber thinner it does not have so much power so the model will not
climb and hit the roof. If it is too thin in will just cruise at low altitude
and come down too soon.]

A Reply to Paul From Peter King
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<< Now my question.At what angle 8.5"[215mm] from center line should we start
with for the low end of a VP prop?>>

I do what Alex Andriukov suggested and I think most others do similar.
Take the Nominal pitch that you would normally use at that point and then
Add 6.0 degs for the start of the climb and subtract 6.0 degs for the low
pitch point. ie 12 degs from High to Low pitch. NB I still feel there
may be a case to be made for increasing the pitch again towards the end of
the run but that is a very personal and as yet, unproven theory based on some
simulation work I did with Ian Kaynes.


Normally it is but this may not be the full answer (??)


I guess the way to look at it is this. As the pitch is directly
determined by the torque, which should equally determine the climb speed and
angle, The VP should be set up the same for both. The prop will work out
what pitch it should be at, depending on what the torque is. However this
is not to say there are not other factors that may play a part, (Inertia of
the model etc.). We are forced to say we still do not understand
everything about the effects so, It is conceivable that things like the
setting up of VP for different motor configurations may still need to be
understood more fully.

I hope this helps a little or, at least will open up more debate on the

Your's respectfully

Peter King

Author : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Does anyone have an address-e-mail or otherwise-
for Maximov?

Walt Rozelle

Roger Morrell