SEN-473 Sept. 17 2000

News and Reports 2000 - second half
SCAT Electronic News 17 September 2000 issue 473

Table of Contents
Update on STONEHENGE CUP - Tribe
Sympo 2000 - Hidden Treasures - Schlosberg
Team Selections - Schrodter
Lost Hillls Lines or the start of yet another endless October

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Further to my recent note regarding shortage of auto fuel in the UK, I
am pleased to report that the petrol/gas and diesel are being delivered
to garages still, and are becoming available to motorists without too
much difficulty.
So, for those still suffering from shortages on the continent, you
should be OK for the Stonehenge Cup providing you can make it across the
channel (and bring a big bag of money with you).
Hope you all make it OK,
Regards Peter Tribe PRO BMFA FFTC

Sympo 2000 - Hidden Treasures
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The new Syplo 2000 has a few hidden treasures - hidden plans and
technical diagrams in its folds. Page 26 has the the Carbonator.98
facing "Ratio Beam Balances"; Page 46 has two Babe Bee 40 plans:
Tepid Cocoa and Bee 40 facing the "Millennium Free Flight Rules for
AMA"; Page 124 has the Polite 800 (structureless and sectionless)
facing the indoor winner. In addition Andiukov's front end on page 132
is facing the Mongel Timer, and the Mongel Timer on page 136 is
facing the Hall of Fame.

Maybe things should be backwards. The plan/diagnam should be
on the left even page, facing the article on the right and odd page.
In other words, plans and diagrams should lead and not trail the text.

Finally, I am surprised that Lee Hines substitutes for Don Zink and
Vasily Beschasny on the F1A award. Don told me that his picture
with a Bunt Bone and a car in the background was rejected. Finally,
the section sketch represents a Benedek 6356b.


Team Selections
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Ever since I returned from the '83 WC in Australia, where my total time
was a horrible 875 seconds, (the lowest I ever made in F1B) I have been
convinced that no one with as little experience flying F1B that I had,
should have made the team. I had flown only at Taft in very good
weather. I didn't even have a model box when I made the team and
absolutely no experience traveling to unfamiliar fields. My problems at
Golburn were overly fragile models and a total lack of experience flying
in wind at (or over) the limit and rain.

I, and a small handful of modelers have been urging the committee to
abandon our overly democratic team selection process and do what most
other countries do --- choose flyers who have done the best in the
previous year's competitions. Thanks to Al Hotard, we now have the
perfect way to select outstanding teams. Let the team be made up of the
top 3 F1ABC flyers in the AmCup! Until now, this suggestion has been
given zero consideration. Perhaps the F1B timer shortage at the coming
Finals will change some minds.

George Schroedter

Lost Hills Lines or the start of yet another endless October

Seen this weekend at Lost Hills were a number of sportsmen
preparig for the fall season. This starts with Livotto's
conest, then has the US Team Selection finals and is followed
by the Sierra Cup in Sacramento. Then for those with energy left
is the Las Vegas FAI event, the Veteren's day FF Champs and the
Patterson. Plus for those with excess airline miles to burn
a jaunt to vist the Red Baron in New York.

Among the F1A sportsmen were Don Zink working on the form that
got him on the Team in '97, Jim Parker,
Pierre Brun, Juan Livotto and Lee Hines.
As expected Doug Joyce was the lone F1Cer, if he keeps that form
it mid October he sould be in good shape.
The proffesional sportsmen have already started to arrive from
'Eastern Europe'. Here we have Vasily Beschasny and Ivan Malkinsky.
Malkinsky is a former deep cover Soviet mole living in New Zealand, whose
cover was blown the Omarama Pub a couple of years back. Verbitsky
is well accustomed to partying with Vodka let it slip after drinking
some of the local brew. When one thinks about one one their right
mind would collect all those airfoils over the years just to
publish them in a little orange book. Clearly they were also being
send back to the Advanced Aviation Research Institute in Kiev and
the book was just a cover.

There was a hint of a 3 letter agency hit when Unkrainan emigree
Tymchek went to fly with Malkinsky and yours truely. Unfortunately
there was a mid-air and my prop chopped the emigree's tail boom in to
3 sections. I guess in the F1B version of paper, stone, sissors a
carbon Vivchar prop beats a Gorban tailboom. As expected Malkinsky
proclaimed complete innocence and that he did not see a thing. Would
you really trust a guy who appears to have worked for one of the 3 letter

On a more down to earth note the weather was very nice. At the time
I let at 1pm the temperature hat not hit 30 C and the wind
had just started gusting to 4 m/s. Note the FAI speak. Very pleasant
flying conditions.


Roger Morrell