SEN 97-33 - 4 Dec 1997

News and Reports - 1997 Issue 97-33

SCAT Electronic News 4 December


Bob Waterman responds to 1 December SCAT Electronic News

Palm Bay is a probable at this point. As an Oregonian, it gives me great
pleasure in being far ahead of Cal. F1C Flyers, Doug Joyce excepted.
Especially Ken Oliver.



P.S. - In addition to the last Finals at Palm Bay, I have attended 2 King
Orange meets. I wrestle gators, eat snakes and squash spiders. Last time I
waded in a canal for my F1C, I had to remove all my clothes. Greenpeace
arrived for the rescue.

F1A Off-season Cross Training

Reported from Whittier Narrows [ center of control line activity for the
L.A. Area] that F1A team members Martyn Cowley and Randy Weiler
were flying there last weekend. Martyn was flying combat, after watching
the mass launch at the World Champs flyoff I can see how this activity will
help him next time. F1A has to be getting too slow for Randy as he flew
Dale Kirn's Dyna jet speed plane at 120 mph. Randy took good care of the
plane that must be older than he is, or that's the reason he gave for those
laps higher than the speed 'cage'.

Electronic Timer News from Finland

I am currently developing a digital timer for F1A glider
to be used by me and couple of friends here in Finland.

Some details of my Digital Controller (I prefer to call it
controller rather than timer because it is more than timer.)

- size 25*25*10mm weight 10.5g
- interfaces to two servos, buzzer, hook and latch position swithes
- optional tracking transmitter power output
- 17 programmable commands of which 14 can be timer activated
- timer resolution is 10ms
- device contains a rotary switch that is used to select DT times
One programmable DT time 10 to 640 seconds in 10 econds intervals
and seven pre-programmed DT times. (3,5,7,9,11,13,15 minutes)
- user friendly Win95 SW to program the device
- optional built-in charger for batteries (in the RS232 cable)

From : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Change of Address for Hobby Club

Alberto Dona reports that Hobby club has moved to:

PHONE (714)498-5377
FAX 498-5340
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Web Site:

See the suppliers section of the SCAT Web site for more information.
Hobby Club stocks the German made VOLZ KOLIBRI Micro Servos, at
7.5 grs these are lighter than the FMA Direct S80 that people are using in
electronic timer airplanes. I have one and will try it in my next airplane.
They sell for $39.95. They come with 2mm connectors and very short
leads making them easy to fit in confined spaces. The slightly larger
VOLZ ZIP Mini Servo weighs 11 grs and sells for $35.95.

Roger Morrell