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Kiwi Cup Results - almost

All Classes except F1A , Fly off tomorrow


Food and Whine


You are correct, Chris Edge and Mike Fantham along with Martin Gregorie were involved in defining the rules of competition food ordering. For those wanting to check how many Joules you can use during the event (or is that how much Jules can eat; no matter) or are new to the sport, please see the full rules here :-

With respect to the new FAI number, no font is specified, in fact only that the character height is at 25mm or more. I have (allegedly) checked and Braille is allowed, so those with 'pimpled surfaces' using the latest 3D printed shapes (NB: icosahedrons are so last year) can legally generate a pimpled surface that can be read by a Braille reader, thus avoiding the sticky-ness debacle. I tested this recently and it worked fine, although it turns out that my supplier had accidentally printed Shakespearean sonnets on my left wing panel rather than the intended 1970s Italian Prog lyrics which work better for Scottish thermals.

Your servant,


Off the Menu
From:Mike Fantham ?
Hello Roger, sorry I can't be there again this year.

I blame the Question-Free Denny's food ordering thing on EoB although I have helped with the rules.

You lose points if you are asked a clarification question.  For example, 'How do you want your eggs?' is minus three points.  (It's such a basic error).

You can get points if you manage to ask your server a question - try, “Is the vegetable soup off-the-bone?”.  That's one point for a simple “No” - or two points if they go out back to check.

The competition was suspended once when EoB played 'off-menu' by ordering 'jugged hare' - claiming it was a 'special' at Denny's in Buttonwillow - he also asked for his hare to be served on a yellow plate.  Chaos followed and we had to involve the international jury.

Please don't attempt to play this game for real it's just a kind of weird Scottish joke.

Thermals to all,