SEN 2513 - USA Team and who are the makers and shakers

Table of Contents – SEN 2513

USA Team and who are the makers and shakers

  1. USA Free Flight Team Official Announcement
  2. The Right Demographic?
  3. Wings for F1Q
  4. Get that space airborne

USA Free Flight Team Official Announcement

Randy Secor has been approved as the 2019 U. S. Team Manager with Tiffaney O’Dell serving as Assistant Team Manager. Thanks to both of you for stepping up and taking on these vital roles. Under the direction of these two very capable leaders, the team will be in position to do great things at the World Champs.
Chuck Etherington

The Right Demographic?

From: gliderbohm

John Lorbiecki was almost right when he said FF needs to go after 35-40 year old parents who will then bring their kids. This does not work. Parents are busy making a living and accomplishing all of the other tasks in life. FF would be a good choice for them if they could just drop off their kids for a day of free babysitting like they do with other organizations.If FF really wants kids then we need to interest grandparents. They might enjoy having something to teach grandchildren, something positive to pass on, etc.

Editor’s Comment: I don’t think John was aiming at those 35-40 necessarily bringing their kids but rather to bring themselves. In your 20s and early 30s you are getting started in life, with education, moving out from the family home, starting a career and family…..

Wings for F1Q

From: Klaus Salzer

Aram hits the nail on the head - but there are more to hit: Wakefield wings are also perfectly suitable for F1Q.
  But why wait for "commercially available" fuselages? I can remember times when we just went ahead and built them ourselves ...
  There goes the "innovation spirit", this is one of the nails in the coffin for our sport.


Get that space airborne

From: Mike Kirda

Maybe the right demographic are the millennials. Target local Maker spaces for folks who are interested in doing something with their hands. Seems like the ideal group.

Mike Kirda