SEN 2511 - From Dinosaurs to Birds via, Argentina, Rome, STEM and AZ

Table of Contents – SEN 2511

From Dinosaurs to Birds via, Argentina, Rome, STEM and AZ

  1. Dinosaurs evolved into birds and can fly
  2. QUO  VADIS.
  3. Argentine team 2019
  4. Inside STEM
  5. AZ reminder


Dinosaurs evolved into birds and can fly

From: Adelaide machado ulm

I saw the correspondence going on in the SEN, and I had a quick contribution:

Free Flight is a tradition passed down by families to the next generations. “Old geezers” simply need to push for younger interest. It cannot just be a hobby grandpa likes to do. “That is not cool,” young people say, “it is for grandpas.”

New fliers still need mentoring, which is why people outside these experienced families cannot easily get into the sport. There is no soccer camp equivalent for free flight, however unfortunate that may be.

The intimidating issue of Free Flight is the complexity of the models. Even the simplest ones need Palm Pilots, elaborate mechanics, or knowledge of fuel mixtures. Those who are new to the sport are pushed into flying an expensive and elaborate machine they do not understand.

I started off with catapult gliders. Mine had a ten inch wingspan, and a length of twelve. My dad spray-painted it red (no, I am not colorblind), and I ran around launching it into the sky, then trying to race our dog to it as it landed. They are simple to use; I, as a seven year old, had done it. From there, I could “graduate” to F1A, thus making the transition easier.

The lack of the new generation coming into flying is also due to ignorance. When “Free Flight” is googled, free airline tickets and air traffic control are among the first things to appear under the search bar. Facebook has some better results, but millennials in particular are straying from this social media site.

Perhaps you have noticed the vast amount of enthusiasm pictures receive on Facebook, particularly during major contests (ie: World Champs or Nats). Pictures tell more than words can ever do, because humans have a visual nature. We rely more on sight than any other sense. Instagram and Snapchat are two platforms which are highly popular among young people for this reason. Instagram in particular deals solely with pictures and a limited number of characters for the caption. The idea is to capture interest fairly quickly, and at the time of the event, hence “INSTA-gram.” The internet is so widespread and could garner much for attention for Free Flighters; we just need to capture the attention of those fledglings.

Besides, dinosaurs, over the course of millions of years, eventually evolved into birds. Sometimes, they just need a little nudge to fly.


Adelaide Machado Ul

Editor’s Note : Adelaide was on the USA Junior Team this year flying F1A

Argentine team 2019

From: ramiro gonzalez    
Hi Roger, I saw in the SEN 2508 the names of the Argentine team for the next world championship in USA with some mistakes, here I send you the correct names.

Ramiro Gonzalez
Pablo Ysasi
Federico Neyra

Alejandro Marchese
Claudio Fabri
Juan Giol

Mario Palmieri
Mauricio Zito
Ricardo Palmieri

Many thanks, greetings to all and see you in USA!

Ramiro, González López Argentina F1A Blog site:


From: Adrian Bryant

Good  day.             


Some like to build some like  to fly and  some  like think.

The builder of  the  model  rule has  gone.

You can  buy, just  fuel  flip   and  fly.

If  you play   golf you   don’t  have  to   make  the  clubs

If  you are into riding buckjumpers you   don’t  have  to make  the horse.

Model flying  has progressed on the   earlier  work of others.

Propellers. First  fixed props, free wheelers, folding props, delayed action props

Variable pitch  props. What is  next?

The modeller who  gave us  The Creep is now a famous air foil designer.

You  don’t know  where this  hobby  will lead  you.


“A mans  pride in   his workmanship

Will never  be come obsolete

When  he   holds  up  his model and  say  to the  world

This I have   made  with  my own  hands.”


Adrian  Bryant.

Inside STEM

From: Jerry Murphy

Yes, free flight is a hard sell.  However, we do have another card to play that just might work, indoor.
Indoor can take advantage of those 50K basketball courts.  There is no long drive to a field out in the
boondocks, the event is never blown out or rained out.  There is a perfect event in the AMA rule book known as
P-18.  These are simple models that fly well.  Kits and plans are available.
Now here is the good news, indoor free flight is a perfect match for STEM.

Jerry Murphy

Eloy Arizona Champs Dec. 1, 2

From: Peter Brocks 

A reminder that this weekend we have the Arizona FF Champs in Eloy – see the attached flyer. I’ll be on the field Friday late morning.
Have safe trip!
Thermals,  Peter