Vartainian to Drones via the FAA - additional notes




Hi, This is the Ol' Leeper, announcing there will be $100 added to be split between the top 3 BTV WEST fliers, 2-11-2018! 

So the rules are same as prior years: 12" CLG of any design weighing a minimum of 10 grams & using AMA rule launcher/rubber.

Any flight that scores 2 minutes advances to the next round/heat, so I suggest you make several, or use DTs!


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FAA Requirement to Register Model Aircraft


The latest issue of the AMA’s magazine, Model Aviation clarified this situation.  The previous FAA requirement register model aircraft over 250 grams had been contested and suspended as the result of a court case.  This suspension has in turn been overturned so the requirement is back in place.

The requirement applies drones and model aircraft over 250 grams in weight.

BUT it is further clarifies that it applies to only to controllable  R/C aircraft and that Free Flight and Control Line aircraft are exempt, as are R/C aircraft that are flown exclusively indoors.  An RDT unit does not count as controllable for this purpose.

Model Aviation has a Q&A section that goes over a number of finer points and you should read this if you are concerned.



While on the subject of R/C model aircraft


We should point out that the Fab Feb is both a Free Flight contest and an AMA sanctioned event.  What this means with respect the Free Flight part is that R/C aircraft and that includes drones must never be flown over or near the flight lines. In general they must be flown with respect to the AMA safety rules which means that must not be flown over or near people, vehicles or camping areas.


We do understand that R/C aircraft, including drones with cameras have proved useful in finding lost Free Flight models.  But they still must be flown in manner in accordance with AMA Model Flying Safety Rules.