Fab Feb Online Entries

For the FAI events you pre-enter on line here and when you do this you are sent by email a summary of the events you have entered and the cost.  This pre-entry covers all 3 contests, the Kiwi Cup, the North American Cup and the Bob White Memorial MaxMen International, it also includes Lost Hills membership and the AMA associate membership that is required for non USA or Canadian sportsmen.  By doing the pre entry it will greatly reduce the time to enter for both visiting international sportsmen as well as USA and Canadian residents.  With a total of over 200 individual  participants and virtually all entering multiple events Fab Feb is one of the biggest free flight happenings on both the International and National calendar.  This information is used by the organizers to prepare for the event.  Before flying you must pay the entry fee and sign the safety sheet.  When you pre-enter  your safety sheet entry will be filled out for you, all you have to do is read the words and sign the sheet. This can be done on the Friday 9 February before the event at the Lost Hills Recreation Center in the town of Lost Hills or on the field for those who are not there on the Friday.

You should enter online if you are flying in any of the FAI events, this includes the Mini Events – F1H, F1G, F1J, and F1S.