SEN 993 - 21 Jan 2006

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SCAT Electronic News 21 January 2006 issue 993

Table of Contents
Lipo warning - a close call - Linkosalo
Ike and the National Cup - Furutani
Mags for Sale
2006 Empire State Indoor Championships - Clemens
Eifelpokal - Hacken
Bob White Photos - Davis
(..what next...) - Brokenspar
The Stonehenge Cup 2006 - Watson

Lipo warning - a close call
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Had a close call last Sunday. No, I did not blow a Lipo, but the battery
died a sudden death - in flight! I use 2-in-series 60mAh Kokam cells to
power my F1B digital timer. Had flown some 5 flights previous weekend, so
I suspected there was sufficient power left in the battery. On Sunday, the
temperature was just slightly below freezing. Made one flight with no
problems. On the second flight, looking back, the servo was maybe a bit
sluggish in turning to the start position. After launch, the sequence of
trim settings was quite on time, so no sluggishness could be seen. The
model settled to glide, and glided, and glided, and glided.. The time to
DT came and went, but no DT. Took a proper position with my binoculars to
see the model down. Eventually disappeared behind the trees on the shore
(I was flying on a frozen lake). With tracker I found the model, got it
down from a tree, checked the battery. One cell showed 3.4 volts, the
other flat zero!

To this date I do not know why the cell went flat. I check the balance
every now and then with multimeter, so it was not unbalanced. I wonder if
the cold had drained it more than I expected, or is the brand just
unsuitable for timer use. I hace one previous battery of the same make,
where one cell died "peacefully in his sleep", that is, one cell went to
zero voltage unconnected...

This seems quite scary to me. If a battery can fail in flight just like
that, can you really trust your timers at all?



I have seen 3 types LiPo failure - All were caused by errors in the preparation.

One failed because the person who had soldered the leads on to a early LiPo,
I suspect used an acid flux or something forbidden for electric work
to solder to the +ve lead. This has been mitigated with the latest LiPos
because all new ones have a solderable metal welded to the positive terminal.

The second was a terminial breaking off the battery. This was caused by not
providing adequate strain relief on the leads and the terminal on the battery

The third was a failure in the battery connector caused by an incorrect assembly

So far LiPo has been a learning experience for all. there are significant advantages
and there are battery problems no matter what battery technology is used.]

Ike and the National Cup
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Hi Roger,
Looks like the Ike is also National Cup!

The Isaacson Winter Classic, February 11-13, 2006.
In addition to the America's Cup status for the FAI events, the
following events will be eligible for National Cup points.
1. Moffett
2. P-30
3. Nostalgia Wakefield (winner will receive the new perpetual trophy
"Bob White Nostalgia Wakefield Award"

We will also be flying, Gollywock One- design and FAI Style Catapult Glider

.... end ...

Mags for Sale
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I have the following magazines for sale:

Model Aircraft 1957-61 19 issues

Aeromodeller 1952-61 38 issues
Aeromodeller 1962-87 296 issues

Model Builder 1979-April 91 210 issues

Anyone interested please contact Jerry McGlashan at
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at


2006 Empire State Indoor Championships
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Empire State Indoor Championships 2006

Indoor free flight competition returns to upstate New York this spring with
the eighth renewal of the Empire State Indoor Championships on Sunday, May
21. As in the past seven ESIC contests, the event will be held at the Ralph.
C. Wilson Fieldhouse in Orchard Park, NY. The fieldhouse, indoor practice
facility of the NFL Buffalo Bills, has a floor area of 200 x 400 ft.
carpeted with artificial turf and an arched ceiling with an absolute height
of 128 ft. and qualifies as an AMA Category IV flying site. Co-sponsors of
the ESIC are the Western New York Free Flight Society and the national
Flying Aces Club based in Erie, PA.

An entry fee of $30 will cover all events plus a site use charge for open
class contestants. Non-competitive sport flying will be allowed, but the
entry fee still applies, and all fliers must register with the contest
director. Membership in the AMA or MAAC is required. AMA memberships,
including a special $1.00 membership for juniors, will be available from the
contest director. Students entering the special Science Olympiad Wright
Stuff event will be charged a fee of $5.00, part of which will pay for the
required AMA membership.

The building will open at 8 AM and the contest will run from 9 AM to 5 PM.
No food or beverages are allowed to be brought in, but both will be
available for sale in the building during the contest. Ample parking is
available directly in front of the fieldhouse. Helium for steering and
retrieval balloons will be provided.

NOTE: This contest qualifies as a NFFS Indoor National Cup event.

The contest events are as follows:


Mini Stick
Standard Class Catapult Glider
Intermediate Stick
Limited Penny Plane
Open Penny Plane
F1L Easy B
F1D indoor stick
AMA Electric Endurance
Bostonian Cabin (7 gram)


Dime Scale
Golden Age Scale
Golden Age Military Scale
FAC Rubber Scale
Peanut Scale
Hi Wing Peanut Scale
No-Cal Scale (6.2 grams min.)
WWII Combat


Phantom Horde, mass launch for Comet Phantom Flash ROG models.

Cleveland Free Flight Society rules: Models must be built according to plan,
3.5 gram minimum weight less rubber, wheels must turn, plan decorations
pasted on.


Science Olympiad “Wright Stuff.” 2006 “C” rules will apply, except for no
time limit. Score is best single flight of five officials taken any time
during contest. Note: This event is open to both senior and junior high

Contest director for the 2006 ESIC is Vet Thomas. Contact him for more

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: (585) 392-5164

Author : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Info about one of the world's biggest free flight contest can be found

Arno Hacken

Bob White Photos
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Bob White Photos

Last year at the SCAT Annual / MaxMen banquet I brought 40 large
photos of various modelers and hung them on the walls in the banquet
room. I had them for sale and all sold and the proceeds went to the
junior team fund. This year I will be doing something similar but all
the photos this time will all be of Bob White. I would appreciate any
photos that any of you may have of Bob over the years. Several people
suggested I do this so the more photos I can get the better the
selection I will have to choose from. Time is getting short so if
you have any photos that you think are exceptional and capture the
spirt of Bob please send them to me as soon as possible. I will pick
the ones I feel are the best and a good mix of Bob's life. I would
prefer that you send me digital images via e-mail and the larger the
file size the better as the final photos will be 13" x 19" which is
quite large. Poor photos get fuzzy when blown up this large. If you
do not have any capacity for digital images you can send me an
original photo with a return stamped envelope and I will scan the
photo and send your original back to you. As with last year the
photos will be for sale and the proceeds will again go the junior
team fund.

You can send images to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or mail them to me
at : Jon Davis 9701 Glendale NE, Albuquerque, NM, 87122.

(..what next...)
Author : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

So, what is an F1Q !

( will I like it ? )



It's Electric FF power

Probably not enough noise for a
hard core F1C guy !

But with modern battery and motor technology
estimates are for a startling performance.


The Stonehenge Cup 2006

The Stonehenge Cup will be held on 13/14th May, on Salisbury Plain.

The flying site is situated off the B 390, between Shrewton, and
Chitterne, on the left-hand side. See map. For those unfamiliar with
the site, it is a large area of rolling grassland, normally used by
the Army, for training purposes. Retrieval is normally by foot, but
under certain wind directions, a mountain bike can be used to
advantage over the tracks which cross the area. Due to the location
of the area, the logistics involved and the lack of paved roadways,
it is unlikely that we will be able to provide on field catering.

The entry fees have been reduced for 2006. Please note that we are
unable to provide accommodation, or camping provision. However a list
of local facilities is attached as this is a holiday area there are
plenty of well appointed camp-sites and hostelries in the area.

All competitors will receive a treasured Stonehenge mug (fast
becoming a collectors item!), and sticker. Additional mugs and
stickers will be available at a small charge.

Overseas competitors may be interested to know that, 10 days later,
on 27/28/29th May The British Free Flight National Championships
takes place at R.A.F Barkston Heath, where their entries will be most
welcome. Also note that as the Stonehenge Cup is taking place in the
late spring in a very attractive part of the English countryside you
may wish to consider a short holiday before attending the Free Flight

Competitors will be sent details of pole positions, round times etc.,
shortly before the event.

The competition is a registered World Cup Championship Event, and
will be run in accordance with the relevant sections of the FAI
Sporting Code.

The organisers reserve the right to vary the programme if unforeseen
circumstances should arise.

Competitors must hold a valid FAI licence.

Classes: F1A, F1B, F1C and F1Q.

F1Q has been added as it is now a fully recognised class and will be
flown alongside F1B and F1C in its own right.

Programme: 13/5/06 Saturday F1B, F1C. F1Q 5 rounds plus fly offs.
14/5/06 Sunday F1A. 5 rounds plus fly offs.
0900 hrs. Start, subject to weather

Entry Fees: £18 for 1 class, and £5 per additional class.
Juniors (under 19 on 31/12/06) £5 per class.

Entry Forms: To arrive no later than 22nd April. Late entries will
incur a 50% surcharge, and field entries will be double on the day.

Prizes: Prizes will be awarded down to 5th place. The prize giving
will take place at Contest Control on Sunday evening.

Timekeepers: It is proposed to have 1 official timekeeper per pole,
but more than 1 person per pole can fly at any given time, if another
flyer is available to timekeep. Volunteer official timekeepers will
receive a Stonehenge mug, and contribution towards their travelling
expenses. Your help is appreciated.

Anyone who has entered this event in the last 3 years should receive
an entry form with Free Flight News, Non subscribers to Free Flight
News, will be sent this information plus an entry form separately.
Details and entry forms will be available on the Free Flight
Technical Committee web site, and at certain contests.

The majority of potential competitors will be familiar with the
location of the flying site, and make their own accommodation
For those unsure, maps of the area, details of local accommodation,
and camp sites are available.

Remember, statistically, we are due a good weather Stonehenge Cup.
This could be the year !.

E mail enquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Thanks to Bob van Nest for his donation in support of SEN.

Roger Morrell