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SEN 2448 - World Cup reality Plus summary and suggestions then think about August in Canada 150
SEN 2447 - Looking for TET, hold the line, cut the line while protesting properly 107
SEN 2446- Follow the Sporting code to Constructive ideas finding the best model, best flyer, best flying conditions 111
SEN 2445 - Consensus – rule makers need to act. Not Consensus – how and what with 110
SEN 2444 - The Elephant in the corner adds up the numbers and agrees with Pierre and Leslie 111
SEN 2443 - Some Sporting Code Wisdom or a Rocket from both ends 109
SEN 2442 - Help the CD, control the DT, Keep it all modern & follow the rules while listening to the engine on the good radio 110
SEN 2441 - Follow the rules but the highest wins so clip the wings while Tracking with Baofeng 101
SEN 2440 - Long and Short flyoff, too local or not? 101
SEN 2439 - Deviant flyoff but not at Salonta and SCAT summer fun while not off elsewhere 153
SEN 2438 - Salonta speaks, Steve Switches and John is wired again 118
SEN 2437 - Where are : - the Romanian Numbers, the Battery, the Pylon 137
SSEN 2436 - Dealing with Mother Nature, Also known as the weather 136
SEN- Maybe the barron should go to Verona instead ? 133
SEN 2434 - The Barron Meets hot Druids on the way to the Casino without going over the Edge 153
SEN 2433 - Dual Club this weekend at LH see the AM Cup and the Brits get thier World Cup Weekend results to the Interweb first 159
SEN 2432 -EoB uses GPS to find the Lost Hills Bike Barn key while looking at Oz Photos 144
SEN 2431 - Get your J and Big Nelson so you don't forget the MMM14 on top of that the Balsa Bugs revised Brodersen and Inter-City 154
SEN 2430 - Remembering Frannie Masterman and Duelling FAI events schedule 158
SEN 2429 - Standard models win as F1B has a gym while many fly in Russia and CIAM photographs the World Cup 195
SEN 2428 - Ride your Fat Cat from Tui to Nartkala on the way to Southwest FAI Challenge 138
SEN 2427 - Russian results Q'd up ahead of Borut and Android Audio 192
SEN 2426 - Looking for a Nelson head and Audip Tach while reading about Russian Contest and the FFF Report before flying with Detroit in Muncie. 169
SEN 2424 - Charge! 182
SEN 2425 - Russia Reports, Oz Results Lost at Lost Hills - 24 April 224
SEN 2423 - 17 April - Lizard leaps Foremost 167
SEN 2422 - A battery charging from Fab Feb Photo to Spring at Wawayanda 167
SEN 2421- Ray Monks, the Nats and F1E 206
SEN 2420 - Social media flys to the ground while watching F1D videos and the altitude on a PC meanwhile USA rules change 178
SEN 2419 - Certified Social Media flys with the MMM 257
SEN 2418 - F1D links to F1S and looks for vintage electronics 266
SEN 2417 - GPS Tracking at the F1D World Champs while at the SCAT Annual 278
SEN 2416 - When my E-36 Looks up to the stars does it see a GPS Tracker? 224
SEN 2415- SCAT annual this weekend includes both E-36 and F1S with lots of other events while SEN goes over the edge 228
SEN 2414- riding an electric bike after a moose and a bear away from rule changers while readin about a young man from China 243
SEN 2413 - Flying Beijing to Lost Hills on a F1C 243
SEN 2412 -FF calendars ahoy, Gizmo getting better, Flying more electrifying than Talking 238
SEN 2411 - Pogo winds his gizmo with a Morrill side winder while talking on his TH-F6a about F1S 244
SEN 2409 - MM full results submitted a Sympo paper about a F1C fuselage not found at Lost Hills 241
SEN 2410 - MM plotted while talking on a Baofeng to a F1S 222
SEN 2408 27 Feb 2018 250
SEN 2407 - Don Leath 230
SEN 2406 more on Acceleration, San Valeers and SEN 238
SEN 2405 - Accelerating to the San Valeers Annual while looking at/for photos 235
SEN 2404 - Top Dudes revealed 246
SEN 2402 265
SEN 2403 - SCAT Ann, Links to fab feb spread sheets 358
SEN 2401 262
SEN 2399 255
SEN 2398 243