SEN 2214 8 Nov 2016

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  1. Dino's F1J
  2. CD's View on the Boulder City Contest
  3. More on Reserve day
  4. What are the other 2?
  5. Bob Parker's 3 Rules of Free Flight

Dino's F1J

From: Michael Achterberg
Vasily emailed me from Ukraine and said he has a few sets of my F1j 6 panel wings and stabs for sale. Anyone interested you can contact him.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Thermals, michael

(Maybe Dyno's J is more fitting for a Power model ?)

CD's View on the Boulder City Contest

From:Tom Ioerger 

Hi Roger
I would like to give my perspective on the Boulder City contest.  It was clearly advertised as an Americas Cup Contest with a reserve day.  Saturday was flown in light winds with one fly off easily completed on the day.  On Sunday, since there was a threat of high winds, it was announced that the 7:45 a.m. tie breaker flight would also be used as the first round flight and the subsequent rounds would be shortened to 45 minutes duration each.  We completed three rounds this way when the high winds suddenly arrived and stopped flying for the day.  Since the Americas Cup rules require five flights for the result to be valid and since there were contestants in competition for Americas Cup wins who wished to fly on the reserve day, It was announced that round four would commence at 0800 on Monday.  Unfortunately, some contestants had not planned on the possibility of Monday flying and did not stay to complete their flights.  Monday was breezy but flyable and the contest was completed.

More on Reserve day

From: Jim Parker  
I commend Dick Ivers for citing the AmCups purpose with his opinion on the use of reserve days. Interestingly enough we draw different opinions. Dick did not say how he thinks the contest should have been concluded.
Let me add a bit more of the reasoning for having the reserve day recommendation in the AmCup rules. In my previous explanation, I failed to explain one other AmCup rule that impacts the reserve day discussion: 5 rounds must be completed for the contest results to be counted for Am Cup results. This rule was established by the club from the very beginning.
So the Boulder City  contest having only completed 3 round before high winds came up resulted in the CD having to chose between two options. Too late to be be clairvoyant or  to hire Aram to provide a 100% accurate weather forecast and so rearrange the contest to insure that 5 rounds are completed.  I’m not sure if the CD attempted to accelerate rounds or not, but that is a CD option. The organizers in fact did discuss moving the Sunday events to Saturday but that has logistical problems of late communications to all, ie knowing if and notifying any flyers that planned to only come and fly on Sunday.
1. Call the contest on Sunday after the wind came up, hand out the trophies. No AmCup Points Awarded. 
[Note for future reference, this does not apply in the Boulder City contest with only 3 rounds completed. In the past with 5 rounds completed and no time to complete a Fly Off, as the AmCup Administer I have allowed, if all impacted flyers agree, to conclude the contest at a later time and different location. This works if the flyers will be able to fly together in the near future.]
2. Use the advertised reserve day in hopes of completing 5 rounds with sportsman like results.
All this likely sounds pedantic to those that have not “chased” AmCup points. The reality is very few flyers have started off the year to peruse an AmCup win. Many flyers, myself included, take stock of their AmCup position at the end of the summer or beginning of fall and determine if they are going to chase AmCup points for a win. During this time I get emails and calls from flyers wanting to understand their position and chances of winning the AmCup. I try to provide a feel for the different races in my AmCup Result reports on SEN.
In Summary:
- The reserve day is a recommendation in the AmCup Rules
- The reserve recommendation was enacted years ago for those competitors who invest time and money to go to contests to earn AmCup points to provide a higher probability of completing the contest.
- The Contest CD- Organizer has the final say on how their contest is run.

Jim Parker, SCAT Am Cup Administrator

What are the other 2?

From: Rocket Ron Hernandez

will you please ask JIm P to add the first two of his Fathers
three free flight truths he mentioned in an earlier  SEN.

Thank you,


Bob Parker's 3 Rules of Free Flight
For “Rocket” Ron Hernandez

Bob Parker’s Free Flight Rules to his 14 year old son who had just lost his Fubar in the Texas desert. .
1.      “You’ll wreck and lose models, if you can’t accept that, collect stamps for a hobby”.
2.      “You’ll drive all night to a contest only to sit in your car and watch the wind blow or the rain fall, if you can’t accept that, collect stamps for a hobby”.
3.      “The hardest rule to accept: the best model, the best flyer does not always win, if you can’t accept that, collect stamps for a hobby”.
From Cindy Parker, to her 14 year old son, “Only one trophy in the living room”.

Jim Parker


Roger Morrell