SEN 2235 - 30 December 2016

Table of Contents – SEN 2235


  1. SEN – You changed how you send it
  2. Limiting F1A performance
  3. Nailed it
  4. Last 2 World Cup events – Live scoring

SEN – You changed how you send it

From: long-time-reader

Because I don’t get my SEN any more on my PC in my GMAIL inbox but I still get it on my phone. And when I send it from my phone it come out all skinny on my PC

Yes we did change how we send out SEN and have been rabbiting on about that since the beginning of December. SEN issue 2225 was the first in the new format.  If you get SEN in GMAIL it will end up in the promotions folder. So long-time-reader it is there you just did not see it.  This new provider will format the mail differently when you get it on your mobile device, making it easier to read on the smaller screen.  We think that about half our readers read SEN on a mobile device.  

Finally the provider that we use is Mail Chimp, this is the same provider used by the NFFS and Lost Hills Assoc to send out mailings so if you are a GMAIL user, and perhaps some others too that have a promotional mail folder you should probably look there from time to time.  Note that promotional mail is not the same as junk mail or spam.  It is mail that you have opted in to get it.  One of the reason that Mail Chimp is good at distributing mails such as SEN, NFFS etc is because they make sure that the recipients have opted in so it is not considered as spam.

Limiting F1A performance

From: Cenny Breeman  

There seems to be a discussion going on about the use of altimeters  to control the performance of F1A models with a penalty.
The far easiest way to reduce the performance is a rule change which forbids to let go the line.

Cenny Breeman

Nailed it 

Two interesting experiences over the Xmas holiday period.  

One young lady we met was getting compliments on her fancy nail job. She admitted that she was not good at doing her nails, they were done by her husband who is a military modeler who creates museum level items and can obviously handle a paint brush.

But a more interesting item was from another F1A flyer and free flight scale modeler who uses a device called a mm-25000. This is a lightweight Dremel like device that is used by manicure professionals. Just right for doing fine detail work.  Bit spins at up to 25K rpm. Flex shaft and option foot pedal control. To find one  put -  Electric Pro Nail File Acrylic Pedicure Drill Sand Machine Kit – in ebay, Amazon, google or wherever you look for such stuff.

Last 2 World Cup Events

The results for the last 2 World Cup Events is at :

with live updates
Roger Morrell