SEN 2803 But falling over is not too bad

SEN 2803

But falling over is not too bad

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F1A proposal


This is SEN has some comments on the proposed no falling over F1A rule change. We have input from a regular SEM contributor and saw some items on FB that I wanted to include but could not find them anymore. But there is a FB comment from Jama Danier who invented this kind launch. His comments are very insightful as you would expect, what I find interesting is “the rest of the story” explaining that there is much more involved that just falling over when you launch.

It is perhaps misleading to say that this change does not change the model. While it does not change the model spec, it will probably change the way the model is launched. This could make models that rely on this launch style redundant or at a minimum significant retrimming.

While I don’t fly this event but I have an observation for the CD’s point of view. My understanding that a reason for this launch is that a very tall person (and strong ?) person can pull an outstretched arm from above their head to their ankle at the moment of launch to get that last bit of acceleration and it is harder for a shorter or even average height person to do that. Well, back to the tall guy if he does not fall but brings his arm from over head to ankle and his knuckles touch the ground would he get a zero ? Or if Stuart see below had a spotter running with him during tow to watch for obstacles etc and he stumbled but the friendly spotter caught him or just put an arm out to steady him, is that OK?

One of the other proposals about F1B proposes a change to do with winding in flyoffs and a reason for this change was to simplify the process and avoid confusion. So are we moving confusion from B to A. ??

From: Stuart Darmon  
I'm alarmed by the -not unexpected- suggestion that falling down while launching F1A should result in zero score. I understand that the issue of head trauma in sport is (quite rightly) a hot topic , but compared to other activities the risk is minor, and should be the competitor's to take. We don't require prop guards on F1C, for example, despite numerous injuries to participants, often requiring surgery.  I am an F1A flyer with a disability, which means I occasionally trip and fall inadvertantly when launching hard. This actually happened in round 7 of the 2010 European championships. Had the proposed rule been in force, the consequence would not only have punished me (which I could live with), but the whole team. If this is adopted I would have to seriously re- consider taking part at this level. I've never- and would never- want standards compromised to make any sport 'accessible' but this isn't about the sport, it's well- meaning but potentially discriminatory  nannying. If we really must do something, why not bite the bullet and prohibit letting go the towline? I'd hate that and so would everybody else, but it would be safe, and a level playing field (with or without rocks)                                   

Happy new year everyone, Stuart

From the inventor

Jama Danier on FB
Happy New Year to all my friends around the World!

I received lots of emails from my friends regarding banning to launch F1A models the way I do.
That’s true that I first invented this type of launching “Jama Launch” in 2011 when I started flying this wonderful hobby.

During these 9 years I made many thousands launches using this technique in many different continents and different field conditions and NEVER hurt myself. I broke many tow lines and folded multiple wings, stabilizers while launching the model.

I perfected my launch and every time I do it I take into consideration that the line or my model can break so I am always on alert and I do know how to handle that kind of situation.
This type of Launch is absolutely not for everyone.

It’s not as simple as it looks.

That’s why I am changing my towlines very frequently and they vary from 250- 850lb.
Models themselves Must be much stronger for this type of launch
Nobody forcing you guys to launch like that.
But if you decided to go that way then it has to be done properly and safely.
You can make mandatory head helmets like in f2d category.

IMO Complete banning is not the right approach.
As it stands now for F1A flyer “All Freedom of Action and Movement is permitted to allow the best use of the Cable except throwing of the launching device”
Changing that rule will mean changing this sport category completely

It hurts less

Lauri Malila on FB

I find it strange, as since I changed to falling style, I've had much less injuries. It's much more ergonomic.
Of course, some scratches in the back but no more bruised fingers or shoulder pain. But sure, you have to learn to fall down correctly and safely, which reminds me of old dogs and new tricks..

Also, I wonder why Switzerland is mentioned in the proposal, this subject has not been discussed in our Fachkomission, and it is not supported by our Fachkomission.