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SEN 2781

1. Kool Kid and Koach Kached
2. Klaus on Weight of covering
3. No FAI Events at San Valeers this year - Konfusion

4. Korn


Kool Kid and Koach Kached

It was pointed out to me that I missed on mentioning Henry’s F1P performance at the Sierra Cup (because I wasn’t there). This his first season in F1P, only dropped one ound and almost maxed out. Henry is being coached by Randy Secor, as have been a couple of other aspiring F1P flyers . Randy started “P” coaching with his son Cody a while back, although I suspect by the time Cody became Junior World Champ in 2008 maybe he was coaching Randy? Whichever way Henry is benefitting! I like looking how our former Juniors are doing, total spectrum of occupations from theatre to flying a F16. Like a number of others Cody is an engineer and I suspect that he hopes his next assignment will be at place a further from an earthquake fault line and with a sea breeze rather than a desert wind.

Note that F1C and F1P were flown at the Sierra Cup but those flyer did not enter the Kotuku. The only “power” event that had participants was F1J , except of Rubber and Electric POWER


Klaus on Weight of covering

From: Klaus Salzer
After my last post I checked old building logs to find definite numbers. On my last F1B the uncovered wings weighed 18.5g less than the covered ones. At 16.8 dm2 wing area that makes the final covering weigh in at 1.1g per dm2 of wing area (top and bottom, open framework, about 1cm overlap at the nose). As always I used 20g polyspan with 2 cots of nitrate shrinking dope thinned 50%. The dope is about 60% of the final weight ...
  BTW: the weights given in my last post were perm2 of course, not per dm2, Sorry!

No FAI Events at San Valeers this year - Konfusion

From Jim Parker and Guy Mananno

Guy M asked me to provide this message wrt the up coming San Val contest.  There are two flyers out on the Internet. One with FAI events and one w/o FAI events. Due to covid and CD availability,  FAI events will NOT be flown this year.
Jim Parker




Apologies for all the K stuff, it is breaking the editorial rule about trying to have good plain English, Blame it on Kovid or maybe Kotuku