SEN 2760 MMM, record breaking list of stuff for sale plus stuff to read

SEN 2760
MMM, record breaking list of stuff for sale plus stuff to read

1 .Contest Report: 41st Annual MMM 14-Round Contest
2. Don Zink’s Model and flying support equipment and USA Jr Team Fund Raiser
3. Free Flight Quarterly #76 has appeared

Contest Report: 41st Annual MMM 14-Round Contest
July 11-12, 2020

By John McGrath, Jace Pivonka, and Pete McQuade, CDs

This is the year that COVID-19 hangs over everything like a thunderhead stalled above your house. For weeks, the MMM club leadership debated whether to hold the annual 14-Rounder. But eventually, we decided to go ahead, on the condition that we employ sensible, effective COVID-prevention measures. After careful consideration of other clubs’ COVID processes and a good deal of role-playing and exploring on our own, we felt we had a good set of procedures and went ahead with planning for the July 11-12 contest. Among our COVID processes was the distribution of a “goody bag” to each flier, containing the flier’s four score cards (which were only to be handled by the flier), two pencils, two face masks, two nitrile gloves, a small bottle of hand sanitizer, the flier’s framed awards photo, and a card outlining our COVID procedures. We cordoned off the CD’s sunshade and scoreboard to enforce social distancing in that area, and we sanitized our porta-potty every hour. The post-contest awards ceremony was designed to be foreshortened and “socially-distanced,” with each flier’s engraved award “tags” being given to them in a small zip-lock bag, rather than being presented one-by-one, in front of the crowd. Absent were the traditional handshakes and group photos.

Our 25 contestants hailed from Arizona, Colorado, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Washington. A special treat this year was a large turnout from the extended Menanno family, who held a family reunion a socially-distanced hundred yards from the main contest area. In addition, we were joined by the Donnelly family, including daughter-and-father flying duo, Skylar (a junior flier) and Robert, as well as Skylar’s mother, Jennifer. This complemented our own daughter/father team of Skilly DeLoach (also a junior) and her dad, Don.

The weather was generally cooperative, with light winds for most of Saturday, but Sunday’s first round had to be delayed two hours because of unexpected high winds. After five rounds that day, the winds returned again, preventing further flying.

A full slate of FAI, AMA, NFFS, and SAM events were flown both Saturday and Sunday. This report will cover only the FAI events. The FAI portion included two separate contests, Saturday’s Centennial Cup and Sunday’s Columbine Cup. Each of these contests featured seven rounds of F1A, B, C/P, and Q, as well as eight rounds of the mini-FAI events, F1G, H, J, and S. We also included our own “Legacy” FAI combo events. Special perpetual trophies were awarded for the top performers in each event over both days.
F1B was a young-fliers’ event, with Skylar Donnelly and Jace Pivonka flying well both days. Jace emerged the winner of both the Centennial Cup and Columbine Cup, and so took home the 14-Round trophy. On the other hand, F1A was contested by a couple of hearty guys who have four artificial knees between them: Mike Fedor and Pete McQuade. Bob Hanford and Mike Fedor were our only fliers in F1C/P. Jack Murphy flew F1Q consistently well.

In the mini-FAI events, Don DeLoach won F1G, Coupe d’Hiver. Our most hotly-contested event was F1S electric. Jack Murphy and Don both maxed out on Saturday. Then both maxed in the first fly-off round. Jack won on the second fly-off with another max (180 sec this time). Skylar Donnelly (a junior) took third place. On Sunday, both Don and Jack maxed out again in F1S, with Jack taking the fly-off. In F1J, Bob Hanford and Mike Fedor flew F1J on alternating days, with Bob emerging as the 2-day champion.
Mike Fedor won both of the Legacy FAI events, F1ABC (combined) and F1GHJ (combined).
The winners of the 14-round FAI and the 8-round mini-FAI competitions were as follow:
F1A Pete McQuade
F1B Jace Pivonka
F1C/P Bob Hanford
F1Q Jack Murphy
F1G Don DeLoach
F1H Not flown
F1S Jack Murphy
The 2020 14-Rounder was a great success, despite the looming shadow of the COVID pandemic. We’re looking forward to next year, when hopefully things will return to a more normal state. (Note: As of Aug 3, we haven’t heard of any fliers, family members, or guests having contracted COVID-19 from having attended the 14-Rounder.)

Don Zink’s Model and flying support equipment and USA Jr Team Fund Raiser

From: James Parker
 Cathy and I went to Shirley Zink’s home and we gathered Don’s FF models and equipment.  Shirley’s request is that these items are to support Jr FF flyers. Many items have already been given to 2 new NorCal Jr flyers. All USA Jr flyers may request any of the remaining items for free but they will need to pay shipping if delivery can not be made at up coming contests.  Open flyers can buy any of the items as well for the suggested donation price (or for more!) and the proceeds will go to the Jr USA FF Team program. Open to bundled items discount, make offer. Paypal, check, cash.
Please contact me by email if you are interested.
Jim Parker, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
1.      Cox 15 glow head, 1102, In original plastic bag, Suggested donation, $15
2.      Cox 15 glow head, 1102, In original plastic bag, Suggested donation, $15
3.      Coverite Microlite Black + partial blue roll, Suggested donation, $5
4.      Coverite Microlite Black,Suggested donation, $5
5.      Coverite Microlite Black,Suggested donation, $5
6.      Coverite Microlite Yellow,Suggested donation, $5
7.      Coverite Microlite Yellow,Suggested donation, $5
8.      Micafilm, trans-red + partial roll,Suggested donation, $5
9.      White Monokote, open, ~54”, Suggested donation, $2
10.    Orange Monokote, open, ~50”,Suggested donation, $2
11.    .001 peel-stick silver Mylar, 50” x  10.5”,Suggested donation, $2
12.    6, used, tested, Dymond D60, 2 w/o connector, Suggested donation, $10
13.   Ikarus (or equiv.)  Rectangular pattern, Black, 55” w x 77” long, Suggested donation, $10
14.   Ikarus (or equiv.)  Rectangular pattern, Black, 41” w x 144” long, will sell part at 5$/yard
15.   Ikarus (or equiv.)  Rectangular pattern, Flourecent Yellow , 41” w x 96” long, Suggested donation, $15
16.  Monokote trim sheet, full black and red sheet with partial black, white yellow, Suggested donation, $2
17.  Vasily wing e-wigglers
a.       1, Futaba S3111 servo, 3 screw mount,Suggested donation, $15
b.      1, Cirrus CS101, 2 screw mount, Suggested donation, $10
c.       5, Dymond D-47, 3 screw moun, tSuggested donation, $10 each
18.  Assorted RC larger servos, no connectors, tested, Suggested donation, $5
a.       2, Airtronics 94141, comes with one  new lead A- type
b.      1, HiTec HS-85MG
c.       2, JR NES-341
d.      1, Cirrus CS18
19.  Assorted RC medium servo, no connectors, tested, Suggested donation, $5
a.       2, HiTec HS-55
b.      1, Cirrus CS21BB
c.       1. Futaba S3114
20.   Traxxas 6 amp Easy Peak Plus charger, AC and DC power input, no balance cord /sockets, no AC power cord, GONE to JR
21.  Onyx 150, Charger 1 to 3 LiPo, 12v?AC power input, 2 cell balance cord connector, used ebay-$30, GONE to JR
22.  HiTec Charger, X1 MF, 80 watt, 10 amp, full cable / balance cable, ebay- $55, Suggested donation $25
23.  RipMax ProPeak Power supply110v input, 13.8 v, 8.5 Suggested donation $5
24.  Assorted RC stuff, not tested, used unless noted new, Suggested donation $20
a.       ACE RC Thermal Sniffer Receiver and Transmitter, used, not tested
b.      Airtronics NB Receiver, 92765/72 FM, new
c.       Airtronics NB Receiver, 92765/72 FM
d.      Tow hook Airtronics NB Receiver, 92785/72 FM
e.       Airtronics NB Receiver, 92824/2.4 GHz, 8 CH
f.       4, trans blue plastic control wire fairing, 5”l x 1.2w x  .6” t
g.      2, ZE, alum control arms (4 pcs per package)
h.      ZE, simple heat treated tow hook
i.        “Love” tow ring
j.        Goldberg nylon tip skids
k.      3, 4 pin Dean power plugs
25.  Covering iron, used 21st century, GONE to JR
26.  Covering iron, used Coverite, GONEto JR
27.  Weller, WES51 solder station, use, tested-heats and green temp light operates, ebay $80 to $125, Suggested donation $50
28.  Dremel, AC, Model 395 with assorted bag of bits, Suggested donation $5
29.  Dremel, Micro, Battery with charger, lightly used, with assorted bag of bits, GONE to JR
30.  Dremel, Minimite, battery with charger, with assorted bag of bits, GONE to JR
31.  Milwaukie hot air gun, well use but works, SOLD
32.  Indoor winder, all metal, Suggested donation $5
33.  Muchmore Voltage regulator, new plus free used, plus free RC receiver VR, Suggested donation $5
34.  Voltage Regulator, suitable for F1A, 1 new, 2 free used (no connectors), , Suggested donation $5
35.  5, 300 mA LiPo, 3 new, 2 used,Suggested donation $5
36.  60# A5 sleeve, ? amount, SOLD
37.  Power Pro 50 lb, ? amount SOLD
38.  Spectra, izorline, 100 lb, 100 yard, white, new, Suggested donation $2
39.  Spectra, Powerpro, 100 lb, 100 yard, white, new,  Suggested donation $2
40.  Spectra, Powerpro, 100 lb, 100 yard, white, new, Suggested donation $2
41.  MD electronic Level (6.5” x 2.0” x 1.3”) well used, , Suggested donation $5
42.  Metal case with assorted toold. GONE to JR
43.  Stanley bi fold plastic storage / tool case. Well worn.
44.  Newer Walston 3 channel receiver. New price from Wildlife Material, Inc is $390 trans and $175 ea transmitters total of $740. Suggested donation $250
a.       A, 220.020 - 220.030
b.      B, 220.060 - 220.070
c.       C, 220.100 - 220.110
d.      Two Transmitters: 4 batteries:  220.023 and 220.063. The transmitters have screwed on antenna that has a larger insulated wire antenna. 11 grs w/ batteries
45.  Older Walston, 16 channel, 220.000 , .010 increment to 220.160 GONE to JR
a.       The 3 transmitters are  4 battery: 220.075,  220.132 and 220.143.The transmitter  antenna are the  typical small wire. 6 gr w/ batteries
46.  Yagi Antenna, Walston folding, with cable and cloth bag. GONE to Jr
47.  Yagi Antenna, Walston black plastic center rod, with cable and cloth bag. Reserved for now for potential new JR flyer, Suggested donation $50
48.  9 pcs 36”long, Hypo Tube Stainless Steel 304-RW 6GA, .203” OD, .173” ID
49.  Servo Tester, Turney,  $18 new, Suggested donation $5
50.  Wilder alum. Towline reel with extra reel, Classic, Suggested donation $25
51.  Bauer altimeter with battery and charger, Not Tested, I lost palm software so can’t test, led blinks, make offer
52.  Palm Program, m125 with program cable, GONE to JR
53.  Black Magic Timers, 2 servo, F1A (dark green board), Version 4.92, Status 44BE. Used, tested all functions except Hal effect hook switch (likely good but I did not have equipment to test), following number I’ve labeled
a.       05, Suggested donation $35
b.      06, Suggested donation $2
c.       01, GONE to JR
d.      03, SOLD
e.       04, Version 523, set to Red Unlatch, non-stand pins (no servo 3 pins), GONE to JR
54.  Vasily  Mechanical wing wiggers
a.       2, 3 position, Suggested donation $5 ea
b.      2, 2 position, Suggested donation $5 ea
55.  Molex Crimper, EDP 11-01-0204, ENG3 cr60927a, $300 to $200 new, Suggested donation $50
56.   4, Vasily Bunt bone F1As, SOLD
57.  2, Vasily Wishbones Standard airfoil F1As, #51 & 56, reserved of hopeful NorCal JR flyer
58.  1, Vasily  Wishbone F1A LDA, #42, complete but needs help, timer works but needs clean- refinement, 85” span, Suggested donation $75
59.  1, Vasily  Wishbone F1A LDA, #12, complete but needs help, timer works but needs clean- refinement, .31 dia wing pin, 85” span, Suggested donation $75
60.  1, Vasily, F1A Standard airfoil wings good condition, #52, 91 span, single .21 dia pin, Suggested donation $50
61.  1, F1A LDA LE Flapper wings, SOLD
62.  Mercedes series 200, 230,260,300 tire change tool kit, like new, Suggested donation $10
63.  1 Quart  Aircraft Finish Tautening Clear Dope, new, can sealed, Sig $25, Suggested donation $10
64.  Alum model box, painted white, well used but functional, 12”d 12”h x 48.5”l, Suggested donation $50
65.  New bare alum model box with mid-interior separator lid,12”d 14”h x 48”l, Suggested donation $75
66.  Wood- fiberglass model box , well used but functional, 14”d x 8”h x 51”l, Suggested donation $100
67.  Hot wire foam cutting system; Same system sold recently on RC forum for $250, Suggested donation $150
a.       Blue anodized alum bar with nylon tracking pulleys
b.      Blue anodized alum 30” Nicrom wire cutting bow
c.       Transformer, used- Thermal Generator +33, (Texoa), tested on white foam
68.  Vacuum Pump with gage, GAST MDA-V138-AE, used, pulls 20 in HG, New $400, Suggested donation $100
         69.  Vacuum Pump with gage, GAST MDA-V138-AE, like new, pulls 20 in HG, New $400, Suggested donation $150
Free Items, prefer to deliver at LH or upcoming Tangent Contest:
74. 1, LDA wings, #50. Cracked dihedral joint and TE, repairable. 92 span, single .31 dia pin,
75.  1, LDA wings, #50. completed repaired dihedral joint,  92 span, single .31 dia pin which at 10% cord
76.  3, Vasily F1A fuselage fiberglass pod / shell,  have hatches but they do not fit these pod , need modification
77. CF VasilyF1A fuselage CF pod / shell with Al-CF-AL boom, no rudder, no tail bunt assy
78. Black Magic Timer, 2 servo but servo #2 does not work—OK for single function model,  F1A (dark green board), Version 4.92, Status 44BE. Used, tested all functions except Hal effect hook switch (likely good but I did not have equipment to test)
79. I’ll take to LH contest , 25 Stabs, Vasily style bunt style and box of rudders
80. Walston TRX-16S, speaker not working, faint chirp with ear phone, LED indicates receiver is working, “Walston” products are now sold and serviced by Wildlife Materials Inc, (618) 687-3505, I called and the company will give a repair estimate to units sent to them)
81. KB 40, RC poor condition, GONE
82. 2, Mechanical timer parts, brass working (Russian-Ukrainian)
a.       M&K front plate with long run spring
b.      Black front plate, no spring
c.       M&K winding key
d.      Stamov winding key




Free Flight Quarterly #76 has appeared

The Table of Contents includes the following articles:

-Durand- Lesley    propeller experiments at Stanford U. 1917-1926
-The rubber-powered models of Rad Cizek
-Aerocorsa C.S. 15  Scale Model
-Grozebul 8 Nostalgia Wake
-F1E Scene,  part 5
-Airfoil theory and practice  by Gerald Ritz
-Reductor for  the F1C engines of Evgeny Verbitsky
-When was the Montreal Stop invented?

Summaries of the articles and the cover of the new issue in our website:

Sergio Montes
Ed. Free Flight Quarterly