SEN 2750 Help! and Update on MMM protocols

SEN 2750
Help! and Update on MMM protocols


1. MMM 14-Round Contest: Update and COVID-Prevention Guidelines

2. Help!

MMM 14-Round Contest: Update and COVID-Prevention Guidelines

From:Don DeLoach
Fellow FAI, AMA, NFFS, and SAM Fliers:

The annual MMM 14-Rounder contest is now just over one week away--July 11-12, in Denver, CO.

As the nation continues to grapple with the COVID pandemic, we're taking strong precautions to ensure a safe contest.  If you're planning to attend, please read our COVID Guidelines in the attached file.

Please note that our regular caterer for the past several years is no longer in business, so unfortunately we won't have lunch on the field this year.

However, we're looking forward to a safe, enjoyable weekend of flying.  We're hoping to see you!

John McGrath, Jace Pivonka, and Pete McQuade
CDs, MMM 14-Round Contest


From:Bernard Guest

Dear FF friends,

As many of you know I moved to the UK to take up a new job as a research geologist in Cambridge. Everything was going well up until a few weeks ago when my attempt to start a conversation on the difficult topic of contemporary outrage politics was seized upon by members of the outrage mob. These people who I have never met or spoken to personally, took it upon themselves to contact my employers and exert pressure to have me terminated. Within 24 hours I was sacked and my reputation as an outstanding field geologist and generally ok guy was in tatters. It is unlikely that I will ever work in academia again. Further, I now find myself stranded in the UK with no job, dwindling savings and no access to the facilities required to manufacture the products I sell on the side through Hummingbird Model Products because of the Covid 19 restrictions. It seems I have stumbled into a perfect storm.

So, what to do? I have decided that I will move myself back to Calgary to be close to my three kids and also to regain access to the equipment I need to resume production for Hummingbird Models (I have a backlog of orders waiting). Further, I hope to establish my business on a firmer footing by buying my own laser and 3D printer and establishing a workshop where I can manufacture kits, tools, and other products on a full time basis. The aim is to serve the local community with laser cutting/engraving, and 3D printing services and the global aeromodelling community with kits, plans, tools, and digital content via the web. I will also work to expand my product line into the RC side of the model airplane market and strengthen my links with my new manufacturing partner in India.

To achieve this plan, I need to invest my small nest egg and raise as much capital as I can. If you have the wherewithal and the inclination to support my new project, I have started a gofundme ( <>) where you can watch a video and read about some of my plans.

Other ways to help:

Do you know of a job that would be good for a talented positive guy such as myself? I am legal to work in Europe, the UK, Canada, South Africa and the USA but my age (48) and long residence in the academic world seem to prevent me from breaking through the HR filter. I have sent many application and never received an interview. Perhaps you have some good advice or know of a person who needs someone?

Any other ideas?

Thanks in advance for your support. I will work to get back on my feet and hope to see all of your at a FF contest next year when this madness is all behind us.

With much love and wishes for nice thermals,
Bernard Guest

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Mobile: +44 07939261340