SSEN 2742 Casino directions for Newton and others on Father’s day

SEN 2742

Casino directions for Newton and others on Father’s day

1.Directions to Casino Cup Flying Field

2. Ne wtonian Trivia for F1C Dad

Directions to Casino Cup Flying Field

From : Jack Murphy 

Brian has asked for directions to the flying field as he is maybe arriving before I get there. I am writing this for general distribution through SEN.
Nine miles south of the Wendover Strip (the main drag through the towns where the casinos are all located) on Highway 93A there is a hill on the west side of the road appropriately named 9mile Hill. The turn off to the field is just past the hill (south) heading west. The dirt road immediately forks- the right fork goes right to the hill. Take the left fork, which will head slightly southwest. There is soon another fork in the road. Take the right fork, which will head northwest. At about 1 mile from the highway on your odometer, there is a dip in the road and immediately past the dip there is a nice grassy area on the left of the road which shall be the site of the flight line. The right side of the road has more brush, so we will use this area for parking, porta potties etc.... again, reserving the grassy area for our flying activities. If you pull up the Wendover area on Google Maps and switch to the satellite picture view, 9mile Hill is labeled once you expand the view and you can see the dirt roads in the area if you squint hard enough....

Hope to see you there!!!

Kind Regards, -j

Editor’s Comment – The Casino Cup is this coming weekend, it is possible that some people who are camping on the site might arrive before, hence the request from Brian.


Newtonian Trivia for F1C Dad

From Gil Morris

Trivia Question: Newton's first law says " body in motion continues in straight line unless acted on by another body ......." The piston of a classic reciprocating engine (F1C) reverses twice each cycle. Do these reversals lesson the efficiency of the engine? A friend of mine said yes. I question it.

Happy Fathers Day.