SEN 2738 LH, Wawaywanda and MMM

SEN 2738

LH, Wawaywanda and MMM

1. Lost Hills Update
2. Days Inn Oct 2020 Reservations
3. Hatscheck International Challenge
4. MMM 14-Round Contest, July 10-12

Lost Hills Update

Positive news – Highway construction finished and new El Toro Loco open

Special Congrats to Randy Secor who appears to be "THE" F1P Junior coach for the USA. At a recent "power" session at Lost Hills he got new junior Henry past his first F1P launch .. and a good launch it was. Randy learnt alot about flying F1P with his son Cody and is passing that on to others.

Days Inn Oct 2020 Reservations

From:Janna VanNest Info from Days Inn at Lost Hills for October Events

Good Morning, Janna VanNest!
     This is the front desk coordinator at Days Inn over in Lost Hills, CA. I am reaching out to give you an exclusive rate for the people participating in the model aviators in October 2020. Starting price of $59.99 for a single queen bed for 1 person 1 bed, and $64.99 for 2 people 1 bed. Our 2 bed rooms start at 2 people $69.99, 3 people $74.99, and 4 people $79.99. These prices are all NON-CANCELABLE, NON-CHANGEABLE, AND NON-REFUNDABLE. In order to book a room with 48 hour change/cancel access, the rates will be a follows: 1 bed 1 Person $69.99, 1 bed 2 people $74.99. 2 beds will be: 2 people $79.99, 3 people $84.99, and 4 people $89.99. Email us anytime for any further questions or concerns. We look forward to hearing from you!


14684 ALOMA ST.

PHONE: (661) 797-2371

FAX: (661) 797-2021

EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Hatscheck International Challenge, NY

CD's Report

The Hatscheck International Challenge was held on Sunday, May 17th. All flying was done on one day so that people would not have to stay over at a hotel. The Ulms drive from Virginia and camped overnight at the field. Participants wore masks and some had gloves. Entry fees were paid in full to avoid giving change. Score cards were handed in at the end of the contest. During the day there was an easterly drift and only one catapult glider ended up on a tall tree next to the river. Everyone had a chance to spend a day outdoors and hope to see even more at the Annual at the end of June.


Bob Hatschek International Challenge
Wawaywanda NY May 17, 2020
A 180 175 142 180 180 857 Peter Barron
A 180 180 165 180 149 854 Gene Ulm
A 137 100 180 180 180 777 Adelaide Ulm J
A 152dnf dnf 180 133 465  Tzvetan Tzvetkov

B 180 165 180 180 180 885 Aram Schlosberg CD

G 120 98 120 120 93 551      Don Rousseau
G 90 61dnf dnf dnf 151 Larry Pelatowski

S 120 120 120 120 120 600 Yuda Avla
S 120 87 120 120 68 515 Drake Hooke

E20 90 50 90 230 Malav Shah

Cat Glider 61 36 120 217 Larry Pelatowski

MMM 14-Round Contest, July 10-12

From: Pete McQuade
    As the nation begins to emerge from the COVID-19 restrictions, the MMM is still planning to hold our 41st Annual 14-Rounder, as originally planned, Fri-Sun, July 10-12, 2020 in Denver, CO.  It’s a great time of the year to get away from the summer heat and enjoy flying on a 22,000-acre field with a fabulous view of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains.  We’ll have a large slate of FAI, AMA, NFFS, and SAM events.  More details will be forthcoming shortly. 

    Pete McQuade and John McGrath   CDs, MMM 14-Rounder Contest