SEN 2735 Queues and Schedules

SEN 2735

Queues and Schedules

1. Not enough Whizzzz?
2. I Like it - Besides....air is still air!!
3. Stability and Familarity
4. Casino Cupdate – moving ahead
5. 28th Annual Spring Cup – Texas weather update

Not enough Whizzzz?

From: The Dino or should it be the Dyno?
Just have a question. When the rules allowed 4 joules and a 40 sec motor run it was very obvious that the model performance was too high. Even a poorly trimmed model was getting a 150m. Well trimmed model getting 185m. Give or take.    So why did the rule changes take place in this manner?. Down to 3 joules and shorten motor run to 30 sec. The effect of this made most switch to bigger very slow climbing models. For a bunch of us this killed our interest in flying F1q.  My question is why didn't they just shorten the motor run??? Say from 40sec to 20 sec or 15 sec.By doing this the model performance would be cut in half and allowed the current models at that time to not be obsolete??  The current models lumber along like an old timer ignition model. Most people like at least a little speed in the climb to peek their curiousity to try a new event. Honestly, a bunch of us were going to make new models for this event. But Dave Lacey told us better wait to see what rule changes are coming. Thank God we did.. None of have or will try this event. I know of 10 to 12 of us in the US alone that were going to start, but after the 3 joule rule was passed none of us did!!   People are campaigning for more flyers in F1q, but dont see growth spurt simply because the models are so Slow. In current model configuration people Lost interest and the young flyers and juniors will never take this event seriously. This is the main reason why E36/F1S is becoming so popular.  Speed!! Now, I agree its advanced to the point of excessive performance. But in this event it's a simple fix down the road. They will just shorten the motor run time in rounds.Flyoff motor run is fine at 5 sec.  Easy fix!  Would have done the same for F1q.... Or even have gone to 3.5 joules and shorten motor run to 20sec would have still peaked many flyers interest in my and others opinion.   Like I asked why did they go to 3 joules and make everyone current model at that time, now obsolete????
Just curious??

Editor’s Comment : for the F1C type maybe not enough Brmmmmmmmmmmmmm a well as ot enough Whizzzzzzzzzzz?

I Like it - Besides....air is still air!!

From:Benjamin Tarcher
I agree completely with Dietrich. I fly Q because it is an event fun to fly and although I fly a relatively hi-tech model with a geared motor and a large prop, my other non-geared models seem to be just as competitive. Before the limiter, I flew E-36 models in Q, then I flew large balsa self built models in Q and now I fly Carbon models in Q. All have been fun and competitive. The rules are fine but for some fields the joules should be allowed to be lowered. Otherwise no change is necessary, in my opinion!! Just have fly and have fun doing it!! Besides....air is still air!!
Ben Tarcher....Q lover!

Stability and Familarity

From:Ross Jahnke Roger,

I have acquiesced to the 3 Joule/gram rule in F1Q and have my first Q on
the building board. Many projects moved ahead of the Q while the rules went
through multiple changes and debates about changes.

Now we again hear about reductions in Joule allotment to 2 or 2.5, or a two
tiered system for geared/direct drive systems. I hope none of these changes
occur. Stability and familiarity will pull people in.

But...if I was to propose a rule change it would be to return to 4 Joules.
It would be a lot more fun if these models climbed faster than a pennyplane.

Casino Cupdate – moving ahead

From:Murphy, Jack

It is official!!! I have received the signed, sealed and delivered BLM Permit for the Casino Cup Contest to be held outside of West Wendover NV over Fathers Day Weekend. We anticipate the casinos in the area to be at least partially open by June 1. In these times we must be flexible and accommodating relative to our newly acquired social habits- we'll have hand sanitizing gell etc on site but we all know the drill by now. We will also have the F1E event on Monday June 22 on or near 9mile Hill. Barring a bad turn in the Covid-19 situation, I will confirm on June 1 the contest date of June 20-22 subject to the town and accommodations being on the rebound as anticipated.

Kind Regards, -j

Jack Murphy

28th Annual Spring Cup – Texas weather update

From:Faust Parker
Roger, Please Post in SEN

     We are changing the dates of the Spring Cup in Hamilton, TX (Originally
16 - 17 May) due to a very rainy forecast starting Wednesday lasting through
Sunday the 17.

The new dates are 23-24 May. Social distancing and masks will be part of the
contest protocol.

Contest Director,

Faust Parker