SEN 2727 - Watching and thinking

SEN 2727
Watching and thinking

1. Fab Feb F1A Video
2. AMA FF Rules potential changes

Fab Feb F1A Video

From:Ken Bauer     
Here's a video I created to learn some new software tools for video editing
and music creation.  Malcolm Campbell gave me permission to use photos from
his Fab Feb collection he recently shared.  I focused just on F1A (had to
limit is somehow) and came up with some original music.

Enjoy, Ken

Editor’s comment – I see what you have been when “not going out” ... great video and music, so the challenge for all of us is to list all the sportsmen that appear in the video in sequence. It starts with Victor Stamov, everyone should get that one then …


AMA FF Rules potential changes

From: Bob Stalick To SEN Readers
I did a brief summary of the AMA FF Rules proposals for our newsletter. I copied them below
:Bob Stalick

OFF21-01: Establishes 90 second max for OHLG Event. Counts all 6 flights as official.

OFF21-02: Establishes 90 second max for Catapult Glider event. Counts all 6 flights as official.

OFF21-03: Requires A & B electric to use 3 Lipo batteries. (Prevents crossover using E-36 models).

OFF21-4: Limits Lipo Battery capacity to 350 mah for E-36 Event.


OFF21-6: Changes first flyoff flight in E-36 to a 5 sec. motor run (Currently, it’s 10 sec.)

OFF21-7: Adds 30 seconds to each flyoff flight in E-36 (Currently, the max is a constant 2 minutes)

OFF21-8: Requires a minimum wingspan of 42” in A&B electric. Intent is to eliminate E-36 models from these events.

OFF21-9: Requires group flyoffs in E-36 if a tie still exists after the third flyoff flight.

OFF 21-10: Flyoffs after the third successful attempt in E-36 would be held at the last hour of the contest with increasing max times of one minute each.

Editor’s Comment … so seeing Bob researched it for you, no excuse for not looking at them.